Shingon Reiki and the 7 Medicine Buddhas

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How about going on a journey to another world today, combining the healing power of Medicine Buddha and the energy transmission of Reiki? 🤩 Shingon Reiki offers us the unique opportunity to use the benefits of both sources to transmit the effect of both forces through our hands. So why not go on a journey of discovery and explore the possibilities that Reiki offers together with Medicine Buddha? Let’s experience the power of healing! 💫

Who is the Medicine Buddha?

If you are interested in Shingon Reiki, you can’t help but learn about the Medicine Buddha. But who is he actually?

The Medicine Buddha, also called Bhaishajya Guru, is one of seven Medicine Buddhas in Buddhism. Its mission is to help all living beings to free themselves from physical and mental ailments.

A symbol of healing and compassion, the Medicine Buddha is often depicted as blue. He is considered an enlightened being and is therefore also a role model for spiritual growth and development.

In Shingon Reiki, the Medicine Buddha plays a major role. Through the Buddhist Reiki initiations, transmitting its power with your hands, not only you benefit from its spiritual energy, but others as well. The motto of Shingon Reiki is accordingly: spiritual practice with the Medicine Buddha.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to know the Medicine Buddha and let his healing effects flow into your life as well.

Meditation of the Lapis Lazuli Pyrite Light

 Medicine Buddha Meditation of Lapis Lazuli Light

Here is a step-by-step guide to meditating with the Medicine Buddha and his healing effect of lapis lazuli pyrite light:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can meditate. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. 3. imagine the Medicine Buddha floating in front of you. Focus on the breath and breathe deeply in and out. 5. imagine rays of light from the lapis lazuli pyrite moving out of the Medicine Buddha and surrounding you. 6. imagine the healing light entering your body and mind, flooding every cell with energy and vitality. Breathe in the healing light and let it flow deeper into you with each exhalation. Visualize how the healing light heals painful areas or blockages in your body or mind. Focus on how your body and mind relax more and more and feel the effect of the healing light. Continue the meditation for at least 10 minutes. End the meditation by slowly opening your eyes and breathing deeply in and out.

This meditation can help reduce stress and improve physical and mental well-being.

The Importance of the Medicine Buddha in Buddhism

Temple calligraphy

If you are interested in Shingon Reiki, you should also understand what the Medicine Buddha means in Buddhism. It is an important aspect of faith, as it is considered a manifestation of the Buddha of Compassion, who is supposed to help us heal all kinds of suffering.

The Medicine Buddha embodies the ideal of the healer who can cure both physical and mental ailments. In Buddhism, he is often referred to as the “physician of the gods” and his medical wisdom and power are said to cure all diseases that cause suffering.

In Shingon Reiki, the Medicine Buddha plays a crucial role in the transmission of healing energy through the hands. By practicing the meditation and techniques of Shingon Reiki, you can learn how to harness the power of the Medicine Buddha for your spiritual healing for body, mind and spirit.

As part of the Shingon Reiki system, the use of the Medicine Buddha power is taught in meditation and in the transmission of healing energy through the hands. This way you can use the healing powers of the Medicine Buddha yourself and deepen your connection to it.

Combined with the techniques of Shingon Reiki and knowledge of the Medicine Buddhas, you can see how to adjust your own life and the lives of others to the way of the heart. So if you are looking for a deep spiritual and healing practice, Shingon Reiki is a great way to tap into the power of the Medicine Buddha.

What is the connection between Reiki and the Medicine Buddha?

Reiki and the Medicine Buddha

In the Usui precepts, the Reiki power is also referred to as a spiritual healing herb. This is called rei-yaku in Japanese. And the Medicine Buddha is called Yakushi Nyorai. Do you recognize the yaku in both names? Yaku means medicinal herb. And since the Medicine Buddha is a spiritual being, his medicine is also about spiritual healing herbs. So these are not plants growing in nature, but forces or energies of spiritual beings. To enjoy these spiritual powers, spiritual practices are needed.

Therefore, Mikao Usui said that the Reiki healing method is primarily not about treating symptoms and diseases, but about spiritual exercises with the training of supersensible abilities of the natural gift for personal and spiritual development and for a life of abundance. And, of course, Reiki should be used to help those in need.

The union of these two practices has resulted in a unique healing approach called Shingon Reiki. Central to this practice are the 7 Medicine Buddhas, which represent different aspects of healing and have their own mantras and symbols. Each Buddha has his own spiritual powers, which include healing abilities.

Are you wondering how I know that? I have been researching Reiki, symbols and East Asian spirituality for over 30 years. I search Japanese and Chinese sources in their original language.

What is Shingon Reiki?

What is Shingon Reiki

If you are interested in spiritual healing methods, then you should get to know Shingon Reiki! This unique method combines the life energy of Reiki with the Buddhist spiritual healing Shingon.

The method was founded in 2005 by me (Dr. Mark Hosak) and continues the ideas of Mikao Usui. The focus of Shingon Reiki is on channeling the energy of the Medicine Buddha, which can lead to a quick and effective expansion of Reiki skills.

If you are wondering how Shingon Reiki works, think of a radio station. The energy flows through the body like the signal of a wave. The healer acts like an antenna to pick up the signal and pass it on to the receiver. Thus, the healing energy can flow directly to where it is needed. Shingon Reiki is a wonderful method of spiritual and physical healing.

How does the transmission of the Medicine Buddha power work?

Connection between Reiki and the Medicine Buddha

Now you may be wondering how exactly this power of the Medicine Buddhas is transmitted. It is very simple: during the initiation into the seven seals of the Medicine Buddha you receive a special connection to the 7 Medicine Buddhas to be able to use the energies. In the process, your body will also be energetically prepared. Then you have the ability to transfer that energy with your hands.

This ability to transmit the Medicine Buddha power through the hands is unique to Shingon Reiki. This is because in the Medicine Buddha meditations of the Buddhist schools, his healing power is never transmitted through the hands. The power remains there within the meditator, can only be applied through wishes in general but not specifically and if one needs healing for others, one can only make good wishes of healing with the Medicine Buddha.

This is not to say that I just made it up about the Medicine Buddha and healing. In the Buddhist secret trainings of the Japanese Shingon school there is the possibility of healing with the hands. This came about because the Shingon School combines tantric Buddhism, shamanic Daoism and folk magic. At the same time, these are the same sources from which Mikao Usui developed the Reiki healing method.

With the power of the three secrets, you can transfer the power of the Medicine Buddhas to yourself and others with Reiki at any time. If needed, you can choose to transfer only Reiki or also the Medicine Buddha Reiki power.

What is special about the transmission of Medicine Buddha power is that it goes directly to the root of the problem. It can help to release deep blockages that hinder healing.

By connecting with the Medicine Buddha power, a state of deep peace and clarity is achieved. Therefore, each Medicine Buddha Reiki application becomes a meditation for you and the recipients.

Just give it a try and be inspired by the healing power of the Medicine Buddha. You will be surprised how much good you can do through Shingon Reiki and the Medicine Buddha! Just come to the 1. and level 2 Shingon Reiki. At level 1 you get the initiation into the Medicine Buddha that you can meditate with him and transmit his power through the hands. At level 2, the others are then added to complete the 7 Medicine Buddhas and to go into the deep levels of spiritual healing.

How did I get the idea of Reiki and the Medicine Buddha? Meeting with the Medicine Buddha on my pilgrimage

In Japan, during my Buddhist pilgrimage “The 88 Temples of Shikoku”, I had established a special connection with the Medicine Buddha. This trip consists of a 1500km walk from temple to temple. Even with good footwear and fitness, sooner or later you get severe fatigue and blisters on your feet in 40 degree heat and 100 percent humidity. It was the same for me and my companion.

In a temple where the Medicine Buddha is worshipped, there was a sign with his mantra. As with any temple, I sent Reiki to the Buddha as an offering without asking for anything. In return for my devotion, I was allowed to have many miraculous experiences.

Because of the poor condition of my feet, I knew that I would abandon the pilgrimage due to exhaustion and wear and tear unless there was a special miracle. I was already used to miracles of all kinds, but healing blisters was not one of them.

I decided to recite the medicine Buddha’s mantra to the nearest temple (about 35km away). I shared my plan with my companion and invited him to repeat with me. However, he showed no interest in it. Consequently, I recited the Medicine Buddha’s mantra alone, “Om koro koro sendari matogi sowaka.”

After about two hours, I noticed that my feet and legs no longer hurt and that I felt much more energetic. I was totally thrilled. Shortly thereafter, I noticed another positive effect, the scope of which, however, did not reveal itself until much later. I had been having toothache for some time, which had now also completely disappeared.

Later, at the dentist, I had the tooth in question examined particularly thoroughly, but he could not find any cause. The dentist just said that I must have been dreaming about the pain and he didn’t want to know much about my mantra either.

In contrast, my companion’s condition deteriorated considerably, so that a few days later he was almost unable to walk and had to rely on public transportation. Yet, unfortunately, he was not willing to try the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

Before I returned to Germany, my Japanese professor gave me a sculpture of the Medicine Buddha, which now crowns my altar. Like every Buddhist healing figure, the Medicine Buddha has his own siddham symbol, mantra and mudrâ.

What does the name of the Medicine Buddha mean?

The name of the Medicine Buddha

The Buddhas in Japan all have names with Chinese characters. Each character has its own meaning. Thus, we can know much about the essence and power through the name. The Medicine Buddha is called Yakushi Nyorai in Japanese. These are its characters: 薬師如来. This is the Master Buddha of medicinal herbs.

In addition, he still has a longer name. there he is the master Buddha of the healing herbs of the Lapilazuli light. With his Sanskrit name Bhaisajyaguru not so much can be done without the characters.

In figures he is often depicted with a bottle of medicine in his left hand and sometimes even with an arura plant in his right hand. Its color, blue, symbolizes the harmonization of diseases.

With Yakushi Nyorai’s support, one can not only regulate spiritual, mental and physical illnesses, but also be reborn into the Pure Land in the East, a Buddhist paradise.

The Medicine Buddha and the Reiki Symbols

Hard to imagine, but there is a connection between the Medicine Buddha and the Reiki symbols.

The mental healing symbol Seiheki

Reiki symbols

The Sei Heki symbol for Reiki mental healing is originally derived from the Siddham HRIH. Siddham is a name for ancient written Sanskrit; sometimes one speaks of Bija as a seed syllable or Bonji as a sign of Brahma. In short, several terms for the same thing.

Each of these seed syllables is the symbol of at least one Buddhist being.

The Seiheki goes back to the Siddham HRIH. This is a special case because there are five beings of salvation here at once. The most famous are the Paradise Buddha Amida and the Bodhisattva of Compassion with 1000 arms named Senju Kannon.

Kannon is also worshipped as a goddess in China. Strictly speaking, however, these beings are supersexual. Kannon’s great ability lies in spirit healing through the liberation of suffering-bringing habits that prevent the highest feeling of happiness.

Just as Amida has his Pure Land (paradise) in the west, the Medicine Buddha has his in the east. The Medicine Buddha also has its own symbol, the Siddham Bhai. It plays an important role in energy work, especially in healing processes.

Dr. Usui ‘s initiation into Reiki in the Kurama Mountains officially had nothing to do with the Medicine Buddha. The Reiki power has its origin in the Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai.

Nevertheless, there are striking similarities and links to Reiki. Through the Siddham symbol Bhai, just as with the Seiheki symbol, the mind can be healed and rebirth in paradise can be obtained. In fact, the healing of the mind as the main prerequisite for the healing of physical diseases is also the basis for rebirth in the Buddhist paradise.

When comparing the functions of the two symbols, differences can be identified that allow for an even more targeted application of Reiki.

Already with the first degree of Reiki you can achieve excellent results. By using the symbols in the second degree, you can not only amplify the power, perform mental healing and distance healing, but also work more specifically and successfully harmonize issues and blockages with less effort. For this, the mental healing symbol Seiheki is particularly suitable, because it is about the purification of the mind, soul and spiritual heart. Seiheki translated means: to correct habits that bring suffering. So the connection is obvious.

Meditation with the Mental Healing Symbol

Here is a step-by-step guide to meditating with the Medicine Buddha and the Reiki Symbol of Mental Healing:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can meditate.
  2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  3. Imagine the Medicine Buddha floating in front of you.
  4. Focus on the breath and breathe deeply in and out.
  5. Visualize the Reiki symbol of mental healing by making it appear in your mind’s eye.
  6. Imagine the Medicine Buddha and the Reiki symbol together sending out healing energy to cleanse the body and mind of negative thoughts and emotions.
  7. With each breath, send love and gratitude to yourself and to others who need your help.
  8. Continue the meditation for at least 10 minutes.
  9. End the meditation by slowly opening your eyes and breathing deeply in and out.

This meditation can help reduce anxiety, boost self-confidence, and promote a positive attitude.

Initiation into the symbols

Initiation into the Reiki symbols

The incorporation of the Bhai symbol of the Medicine Buddha in Shingon Reiki allows for an expansion of existing abilities. An initiation from one of my qualified coachers of Shingon Reiki is required for effective and profound use of these tools, similar to other Reiki symbols. It is not possible to initiate these symbols like the Reiki symbols in the second degree. The Buddhist initiations are different and are precisely described in the Sutra.

Without this initiation, only some exercises can be performed, but the results with the symbols remain random and unreliable. At the same time, the initiations and symbols are essential to be able to transmit the true Medicine Buddha power with the hands.

But if you just want to meditate with the Medicine Buddha without initiation, then you can do the meditations I have presented with the Medicine Buddha mantra Om koro koro sendari matogi sowaka. If you want to additionally transfer the power with your hands, then come to the level 1 Shingon Reiki with me or Eileen.

The Reiki Master Symbol Dai Ko Myo

In Japan, the worship of Yakushi Nyorai has a special significance, as he is known for his healing power and the Pure Land in the East. This reverence is reinforced by the fact that Japan, as the land of the rising sun, is itself located in the eastern part of Asia.

Through the association of the sun and paradise in the east, there is also a connection to the Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai and the Medicine Buddha Yakushi Nyorai.

When the Medicine Buddha was still human, he made twelve promises, all of which had to do with healing. One of them was his wish that the world be illuminated by his blue light. Because of his ability to emit light, he is often identified with the Sun Buddha in Japan, although this goes against all traditional trainings.

The Sun Buddha also has the ability to radiate golden light from his body. In the Shingon school of Tantric Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha is sometimes placed in the mandala in place of Dainichi Nyorai.

The is medicine Buddha is lapis lazuli blue. Its stone is the lapis lazuli. Have you ever noticed that there are often golden stripes in lapis lazuli? These are pyrite veins. Pyrite has a golden fabre and in Japan represents the light of the Great Sun Buddha. From there a whole naturally connection between both is seen here.

In the sutras, it is said that golden radiates from the Sun Buddha. Therefore, in the Secret Reiki Techniques, the Reiki power is visualized as a golden glow.

The Medicine Buddha Trinity

Medicine Buddhas

Often in Japan, important Buddhas are flanked by other Spirits, and the three of them form a trinity. It is the same with the Medicine Buddha. In this case, there is even a connection to the master symbol Daikomyo and the Great Sun Buddha.

Similar to other Buddhas, Yakushi Nyorai is accompanied by other healing figures, mostly Nikkō Bosatsu, the Bodhisattva of Sunlight, and Gakkō Bosatsu, the Bodhisattva of Moonlight. Accordingly, they stand for sun and moon, which in combination make the third kanji myô for light from the master symbol.

Interestingly, the Siddham symbol of the Nikkō Bosatsu is identical to the Siddham symbol (A) for the Sun Buddha.

How the Medicine Buddha Trinity Healed in Japan

Probably the most famous example of this trinity is the Medicine Buddha temple called Yakushiji in Nara, built in 680. Empress Tenmu (631-686), who was seriously ill, hoped to be cured by the power of Yakushi Nyorai and had this temple built. In fact, she got well again. Because of this and other successful cures, Yakushi Nyorai soon became known throughout the country, both at the imperial court and in monasteries and among the people.

In the temples it was customary to recite the Sûtras of the Medicine Buddha and perform rituals in his honor. One of these ceremonies involves animal-friendly offerings by stopping hunting and releasing captured animals, and sometimes interrupting wars.

This ceremony has the effect of curing diseases that are normally difficult to treat. On a national level, wars were ritually ended to avert epidemics and natural disasters by using the power of the Yakushi Nyorai. To strengthen the healing power of the sun, magical candle rituals for the Medicine Buddha and Sun Buddha were performed together in the Tendai School of Esoteric Buddhism.

The magical powers of the Seven Medicine Buddhas

Magic powers

Now you must be wondering who the 7 Medicine Buddhas are and what they can do.

In seven guises Yakushi Nyorai can manifest as a healer. In artworks they are depicted either around or about Yakushi Nyorai himself. They carry a wishing jewel in their hands, instead of the medicine pot. Often they are also represented only by the appropriate Siddham symbols to help in rituals and meditations.

This is exactly what level 2 Shingon Reiki is about. There you will receive the Buddhist initiation into all 7 Medicine Buddha powers to use all their facets of spiritual healing.

Each Medicine Buddha has a specific color and symbol that are helpful in identification and visualization during meditation.With Shingon Reiki 2, you can benefit from their healing power and increase your well-being.

In total, the 7 Medicine Buddhas offer an impressive range of abilities and can be used together or individually to regulate a wide variety of issues and obstacles. In Shingon Reiki, connecting with them is an important aspect of a healing practice that you can use for yourself and others.

I very much like to consult the 7 Medicine Buddhas in Reiki coaching. This way we can look at one and the same thing from several perspectives.

The Medicine Buddha of Lapis Lazuli Light

Flanked by the sun and the moon, he is busy day and night saving the beings of this world – especially humans. Use the power of Yakushi Nyorai to strengthen you in your feelings and in your intuition – he is your best friend, who lovingly accompanies you on the path of healing. 🤗

The Medicine Buddha of the Fullness of Life

The charismatic Buddha King Zenmyô shôkichi yôô nyorai is here to bring happiness and prosperity into your life! He is known not only for granting wishes, but also for bringing joy and prosperity to those who call upon him. Let this Buddha bring a sense of appreciation, fulfillment and positivity into your life! 🙏🏽

The Medicine Buddha of the Glittering Moonlight

The Buddha-King of the all-encompassing cosmos of the jeweled moon of the all-pervading wisdom of light and sound is here to guide you. 🤩 Through this Medicine Buddha you come to clarity and wisdom in every area. Let his light burn away the fog and shadows to reveal your true potential. Unleash the power of self-reflection and find your inner strength! ✨ Trust in your own power and start living the life YOU deserve. Now no one can stop you. Celebrate your journey with confidence and joy! 💃

The Medicine Buddha of the Treasure of the Golden Light

Discover the power of the treasure of golden light that saints have praised throughout the ages!🙏 This Medicine Buddha will guide you on the right path to find inner peace and abundance.🤗 Discover the behaviors and peace of mind you need to truly unlock your potential and overcome your self-esteem issues. It’s time to discover the power within you and reach for the treasures of your life once and for all. 💛

The lucky medicine Buddha

❤️ You don’t have to worry anymore. With the blessings of this medicine Buddha, you can invite happiness, success and victory into your life. With his help, your future will look brighter and be full of joy and prosperity! 🙏

The Medicine Buddha of the Wisdom of Life

The Buddha, with the sound of thunder and clouds, is here to spread the trainings of the Buddha as numerous as the waters of the seas. 💫

These trainings are not only to help you realize and understand the wisdom of life, but they can also lead you to true freedom from karmic entanglements and purify your spiritual heart. 🧘

By implementing the trainings, you can access a pleasant and enlightened path and ultimately make a positive impact on your life.

The Medicine Buddha of Psychic Abilities

With the knowledge from Buddhist trainings as numerous as the waters of the sea, you can enjoy the fruit of attaining the Buddha. This Buddha will help you gain both supernatural and spiritual abilities and use them in the attainment of success and knowledge! 🌟 So that you can find the fulfillment of your wisdom with joy and happiness. Get motivated and boost your self-confidence! ❤️

The 7 Treasures of the Medicine Buddha

Crystals of the Medicine Buddhas

The seven treasures of the Japanese medicine Buddha Yakushi Nyorai are also called the Seven Gems and symbolize seven qualities that are said to contribute to healing. The seven gems are:

  1. Lapis lazuli: Symbolizes the powerful compassion of the Medicine Buddha.
  2. Crystal: Symbolizes purity and clarity of mind.
  3. Pearl: Symbolizes wisdom, understanding and spiritual perfection.
  4. Gold: Symbolizes the strengthening of the spirit and the promotion of self-realization.
  5. Silver: Symbolizes the clarification of the senses and the improvement of mental perceptiveness.
  6. Carnelian: Symbolizes strength, health and vitality.
  7. Ruby: Symbolizes love, compassion and the benevolence of the Medicine Buddha.

Meditation with the Seven Treasures

Here are 7 steps for a meditation with the Medicine Buddha and his 7 treasures:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can meditate.
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Imagine the Medicine Buddha floating in front of you.
  • Focus on the breath and breathe deeply in and out.
  • Imagine the Medicine Buddha sending you his 7 treasures:
    • The jewel of the Buddha symbolizing purity
    • The jewel of the Dharma, symbolizing knowledge and realization
    • The jewel of the Sangha, symbolizing community and cohesion
    • The jewel of the White Mare, which symbolizes the letting go of old patterns and habits
    • The jewel of the Six Reflections, which symbolizes mindfulness and deliberation
    • The jewel of the rainbow colors that symbolize positive energy, healing and harmony
    • The jewel of the Great Medicine Buddha, symbolizing healing and protection
  • Let the energy of the treasures flow into you and focus on how you benefit from them.
  • Continue the meditation for at least 10 minutes.
  • End the meditation by slowly opening your eyes and breathing deeply in and out.

Do you want the powers of the Medicine Buddha for your hands?

✨”Experience the wonders of your hands at Shingon Reiki level 1: an unforgettable experience for you!”✨

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