The Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru

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Harness the power of the healing medicine Buddha of Lapis Lazuli Light and his invincible wisdom king Munosho Myoo for spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. Experience all-encompassing, transformative energies for unparalleled peace, clarity, creativity and balance in your life.

The Medicine Buddha and his Wisdom King

Who is the Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru

The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. His name in Sanskrit is Bhaisajyaguru. This means as much as the master of healing. While sitting in the lotus position, he emits a brilliant lapis lazuli light that radiates over his entire land. This glistening light is a source of healing energy that soothes the body and soul, penetrating even the deepest inner darkness.

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Besides this well-known master of healing, there are also the Seven Medicine Buddhas who can invite happiness, prosperity, victory, purification into every conceivable life situation, regardless of whether you are a Buddhist. In 2nd Degree Shingon Reiki you can receive initiation into their healing powers and directly engage in the expanded possibilities of Buddhist mental healing for your health.

The figure of the healing Buddha

In his left hand he holds a magic bowl filled with a miraculous healing nectar imbued with his spiritual power. Depending on the place of his appearance, he holds in his right hand a branch of a great medicinal plant, which evokes his power as a master of spiritual healing, symbolizing the physical and spiritual unity of, removing suffering and disease and bringing balance to a life thrown into chaos.

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In Japan, the Medicine Buddha appears as a figure shrouded in deep blue light amidst the luminous sky. His eyes beat with silent intensity, his expression carries the weight of centuries of spiritual power. The Medicine Buddha is seated in the lotus position on a lotus-shaped throne enveloped in an aura of lapis lazuli blue. His left hand holds the miraculous medicine pot, and his right hand radiates an endless stream of healing energy.

How the Medicine Buddha can help you

But this profound figure is not characterized by suffering, fear or anxiety. Instead, it radiates a sense of blessing, peace, comfort, and gentle wisdom. When he was still a human being, he made a vow or even a promise that he would help all beings on the path to becoming Buddha in healing all obstacles.

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The air hums with the vibrations of his mantra, soothing the mental state and working its meditative magic on all within earshot. The Medicine Buddha is here to bring hope, heal illness and guide – a ray of light in the darkness, a reminder that you are ever truly alone.

Effect and recitation with the Medicine Buddha Mantra?

When you invoke him through the powerful Medicine Buddha mantra, you experience deep relaxation and renewal of the mind. The mantra influence on the three mental poisons of hatred, greed and delusion becomes clear and helps you to find peace and serenity in your life. Through this meditation you can tap into your own inner power and understand the true path to overcoming the causes of illness and suffering. The Medicine Buddha is truly the king of healing spiritual energy and a source of hope amidst the darkness of modern life.

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There is not only one Medicine Buddha Mantra but several of different length. Especially well known are the mantras from Tibetan and Japanese. I have experience with both. The recitation feels a little different. However, both are very pleasant. I myself chose Japanese because it gave me the most blessings.

With the short mantra you can start the recitation right away, because you don’t need an initiation for that. Recitation means that you speak the mantra to yourself in a relatively monotone and without a voice. Here is the Japanese version I started with myself:

Om koro koro sendari matogi sowaka

A short meditation and recitation with the Medicine Buddha Mantra

  1. Ask the Medicine Buddha for his cooperation and power in this meditation.
  2. Bow with your hands together.
  3. Imagine the blue Buddha coming to you to bless you.
  4. Let its lapis lazuli blue glow fill you while you recite its mantra at least nine times: Om koro koro sendari matogi sowaka.
  5. Let the Medicine Buddha dissolve into light.
  6. The light shines into you and fills you.
  7. Hold this state of fulfillment as long as you can.
  8. Thank the Medicine Buddha and bow.

Reinforcement through the training of the Three Mysteries

Through the application of the Three Mysteries of Medicine Tantras with its mantras, mudras and siddham, you will immerse your senses in deep relaxation as you drift into a state of peaceful meditation. On a subtle level, it helps you to free yourself from the cycle of suffering and the karmic causes of illness.

Around you, the soft blue light of the Medicine Buddha radiates and ripples around your body in a comforting embrace. Everywhere the lapis lazuli color expands, freeing your heart from hatred, greed and delusion and replacing them with spiritual growth and understanding.

With each gentle breath, you inhale healing vitality as your confidence in your own self-healing powers grows. It is almost as if mind and soul are one, and the Medicine Buddha uses his power to help you find oneness within yourself. Through this blissful practice, you receive the wisdom of the healing mantras and reap the rewards of spiritual strength.

For the Three Mysteries you need a Medicine Buddha initiation. In doing so, a direct connection to the healing and spiritual forces is established. This way the mantra can work much more effectively. By the way, you can receive this initiation in Shingon Reiki 1.

The special thing about it is that you can meditate not only on the Medicine Buddha. It is thus also possible to transmit its healing power together with the Reiki energy through the hands. This greatly expands the possibilities of spiritual healing power to promote health. This combination exists only in Shingon Reiki. So it is also worthwhile if you have already learned Reiki.

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What is a wisdom king?

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Myôô are spiritual protectors in the tradition of the secret trainings of Japanese Buddhism, guided by the wisdom of the historical Buddha and standing firm against the darkness. Represented by the steadfast wisdom king Fudô Myôô, they can provide protection and help in overcoming challenges for all living beings to ward off negative energies and influences.

Through secret practices, they can help to appease or even dissolve dark entities, negative energies and influences if needed. In particular, Fudô Myôô is said to have helped the historical Buddha in his enlightenment by defeating the demons in the form of a snake dragon.

The Wisdom Kings Myôô are powerful spiritual protectors who stand for wisdom, protection and courage. Through their invocation with the Three Mysteries and secret practices you can gain strength, courage and protection from negative forces and influences.

Who is the Medicine Buddha Myôô?

In the secret trainings of Shingon School Buddhism, there is a hidden aspect of Medicine Buddha that goes far beyond normal healing abilities. This is his wrathful appearance as the Wisdom King Munôshô Myôô, who conquers darkness and ignorance of the causes of suffering to enable true healing of living beings. Munôshô Myôô is the Myôô that cannot be defeated with any skills. In other words, it means that he is invincible.

The figure of the Invincible Wisdom King

In the doctrinal discourses, Munôshô Myôô stands at the pinnacle of Buddhahood, glowing fiercely with a power that radiates throughout the cosmos. His jeweled armor sparkles with the radiant light of his wisdom. His eyes glitter and blaze with intensity like two burning flames that can never be extinguished. His fierce gaze bores through every challenge and opponent that dares to stand in his way.

His golden battle axe is a symbol of truth and justice, breaking through years of deception and confusion that have kept humanity in darkness. As he moves through the sky, his loud roar thunders like a warning, “Come forth and be judged by spiritual wisdom.” He is unassailable, protected by a higher knowledge, mastering death itself to eliminate suffering and liberate all living beings into ultimate bliss.

How does the Medicine Buddha Wisdom King work?

Behind him follows a column of thunder and lightning, further emphasizing his destructive abilities. All evil beings run in fear as he advances, for there is no force that can overcome him and none that is able to stop him in his mission to destroy the illusions and clouds of the mind that prevent true development.

His power pierces the darkness of ignorance and pain of living beings, his ever-watchful eyes shine brighter than a million stars. Lightning strikes down from the sky when he roars, his energy captivates all adversaries. He is invulnerable and indestructible, an all-conquering champion with the power to defeat any force that threatens the balance of peace. He is Munôshô Myôô, the Medicine Buddha who cannot be defeated.

The manifestations

Munôshô Myôô appears as both a wrathful and compassionate being, with three heads blazing with a knowing fire and six eyes crowned with garlands of power. His aura blows as a cloak of flame behind him. In a mighty hand, Munôshô Myôô wields a thunderbolt that strikes down suffering and ignorance. In the other, he holds a vajra staff of wisdom that pierces the darkness and emptiness as he progresses ever forward. Via rituals and his especially secret Siddham Dhri, he can be called to cleanse all beings in the Dharma realm from dust and dirt.

No opponent stands a chance against this invincible hero. Each of his steps is a step closer to overcoming the causes of suffering. He is a master of metamorphosis, transforming into any form necessary to defeat the darkness and illuminate the truth.

Helpers in the attainment of Buddhahood

He was one of the companions of Shakyamuni when he attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. In the process, he destroyed the five skandhas, the anger demon, the death demon and the sky demon. For this reason, it is located in the mandala of the womb world at the bottom right.

The Medicine Buddha Myôô Meditation

Ideas for Contemplation from the Sutras of the Secret Teachings

In this live event we meditate with the powers of the Medicine Buddha and his figure as the Wisdom King. This will help you to let the light of lapis lazuli shine like a crystal sea even in the dark season.

Here follow contemplations that you can integrate into the Medicine Buddha Myôô meditation below. These are contents from the tantric texts of the Buddhist secret trainings in the Sūtra of the Great Sun.

Meditation and contemplation

In meditation, we gather around the lapis lazuli throne, which shimmers with an abundance of mysterious blue hues. Let the serenity and timelessness of the Medicine Buddha lead us into the depths of transcendence.

As we sit together, we feel our perspectives unite, like tiny threads woven together to form a greater understanding of our inner wisdom. Our sacred unity culminates in a collective experience of peace and enhanced connection, as if floating in a crystal sea of stars.

Let us open our hearts to receive the healing vibrations of this moment and become one with the awakening of the spiritual heart.

The night is silent and the stars glitter like tiny gems against a dark sky. The moon climbs above the horizon, a pale orb casting a benevolent glow over the forest. In the distance, the sound of drums rises and falls with a steady rhythm.

When you hold your lapis lazuli in your hands, you feel the power of knowledge and wisdom calling you. As you inhale deeply, feel the light of the Medicine Buddha spreading out in front of you in all directions. With each exhale, you invite more of its energy into your being, illuminating every corner of your consciousness. All your worries and fears dissolve when you bask in the light of the King’s Wisdom, one with the universe and filled with a deep sense of peace and understanding.

An ancient energy pulses through the air and vibrates through your body as we gather around the Medicine Buddha. Its lapis lazuli light shines through you like a beacon in the darkest night, calming you and your spiritual heart for a moment of solemn contemplation.

Your desires and contemplations strive to bring clarity of thought, sharpness of insight, and the wisdom of understanding to a world full of chaos and confusion. From the trainings of Medicine Buddha and the Invincible Wisdom King, may we all receive within us a centering light that leads us to a better place, an Place of comfort and peace, for the spirit of the Medicine Buddha brings us lightness in its blue light like a lapis lazuli, so deep and calm.


Awaken your inner wisdom with the Medicine Buddha 🙏

Unleash the power of your healing with the Medicine Buddha and the Invincible Wisdom King. Come to the annual event with the initiation into the Three Mysteries of Myôô Medicine Buddha.


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