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Is aura seeing the same as aura chakra reading?

With Aura Chakra Reading you can visually perceive the colors and shapes in the aura and chakras. Therefore, aura vision is almost the same. You could also call it aura reading. In Aura Chakra Reading, the perception of the chakras is added.

Aura Chakra Reading is based on the idea that all things in life are interconnected and that the colors and shapes that show up in the aura and chakras are a reflection of our inner self. Each person has their own unique aura and chakra patterns that can provide valuable insight into their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. By reading these colors, shapes and patterns, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and insight into the present moment.

Aura Chakra Reading - Information about the layers and levels

Aura chakra reading involves looking at the colors of each chakra to identify any blockages or imbalances between the chakras. The colors of the chakras can be interpreted to give information about different areas of life such as relationships, career or finances.

It is also believed that certain colors can indicate possible health or emotional problems. With this method, you can learn more about who you are and how to best take care of yourself.

Aura Reading uses a variety of techniques to perceive, interpret and analyze the energetic field or aura that surrounds a person. So it goes far beyond just reading or seeing. Strictly speaking, seeing and perceiving is the simplest of all. I can coach you that in 10 minutes. It becomes interesting when you interpret it, because you can gain deep insights into your true being.

These energetic fields of the aura and chakras can be read in various ways, such as visual observation or physical perception. Through these techniques, it is possible to gain insight into a person’s emotional and spiritual state. Also, chakra readings can give clues on how to achieve balance and harmony within oneself. With this information, individuals can make changes in their lives that will bring them closer to their goals and allow them to live happier lives.

With such a reading it is possible to find out quite a lot of information about a person’s condition and causes. Therefore, aura chakra reading is a method of spiritual counseling.

Activation of the chakras

Methods of spiritual perception for humans and animals

In addition, there is still the possibility of activating the aura and chakras. This is then my Aura Chakra Magic, in which I have made the millennia-proven practices of Brahmanism and Tantric Buddhism accessible to us Westerners.

In aura-chakra magic, the aura and chakras are activated with the spiritual lights and healing figures of love energy so that we can experience a connection to our cosmic origin. At the same time, this connection also serves to strengthen our self-confidence and become more balanced in everyday life, because the life energy is brought into flow.

By activating the chakras, our inner balance is strengthened and our physical body is energized. In this way, we reverse the aging process through energy loss. Through regular practice of aura-chakra magic, we can achieve a sense of well-being and inner strength. This also leads to an increased sense of joy and harmony in our lives.

History of the Chakra Colors

Aura Chakra Reading

In the ancient Indian texts of the Upanishads and Vedas, the chakras are described as “lot flowers” or “wheels of energy.” They are associated with various aspects of mental and spiritual development, such as intuition, memory, wisdom, communication and creativity.

The colors assigned to each chakra vary and are not from these ancient texts. They were added to the chakras in the 20th century because it is easier to encounter them from the colors instead of dealing with their original forms and Sanskrit signs. Therefore, these signs and forms are seen today only as spiritual chakra art.

The chakra colors thus newly introduced are often used to represent certain qualities associated with each chakra. There are also several color variations for the seven main chakras, each starting from the root chakra upwards:

  1. red – orange – yellow – green – blue – purple – white

  2. red – orange – yellow – green – blue – indigo – violet

Targeted fallacies of the chakra trainings

Aura layers and chakra reading errors

The color assignment of the chakras with red – orange – yellow – green – blue – indigo – violet came to Europe in the early 20th century by some western occultists. Through the Theosophical Society, the Indian chakra trainings have come into the Western wisdom trainings.

Chakras in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

It was not long before the linear seven main chakras were compared to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. What went unnoticed, however, was that there are numerous other chakras than just the known seven. However, when this training became associated with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, several additional chakras were included. The central midline (middle column) of the Tree of Life visually resembles the seven primary chakras, although it contains only five spheres instead of seven.

Looking at the possible hues currently assigned to the spheres in the Tree of Life, some representations are found with the chakra hues, in a way that reflects how the spiritual growth of man occurs from the lowest sphere in the order of the rainbow. This sequence was incorporated into a core series for the seven chakras.

By looking at the human body in terms of the seven chakras along the midline and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, with the arms extending from the shoulders to the hands symbolizing the right and left columns, people developed a system of dividing these chakras on the midline into primary and secondary chakras. This is actually a more recent creation from Europe, as there were no “major” or “minor” chakras in the past.

Daoist Chakras of Yin and Yang and the 3 Dantians

Release blockages through reading in color

With the introduction of certain spiritual ideas from China, such as qigong, fengshui, and traditional medicine, the energy portals known from Daoist alchemy were called minor chakras, while the three major Daoist energy centers known as the Three Dantian were associated with the three major chakras in the navel, heart, and forehead. This caused considerable confusion as these areas are not synonymous.

Therefore, some practices involving the chakras may not be as effective, and many practitioners are unaware of how much potential is being wasted due to their lack of knowledge.

The energy centers in the shoulders have been called the Yin and Yang shoulder chakras, which originated not in India but in Chinese Daoism. The laogong points in the hands were transformed into palm chakras. In addition, the heart points of the feet were renamed sole of the foot chakras. In this way, a mixture of Kabbalistic and Brahmanic traditions was created, with the inclusion of the Daoist aspect.

Since the 1980s and the evolution of occultism into modern esotericism, people began to stop citing their sources or citing sources that had no relation to the chakras. Terms like occultism and magic were disparaged, and this trend was later called energy work.

Some have cited Goethe’s Theory of Colors as a reference, which complicates any possible research. However, upon closer examination of this composition, it became clear that the interpretations of the hues are very dissimilar to those associated with the chakras.

Perceive the chakras in color

Color Perception of the Chakras in the News Age

From the previous chapter you know that originally the chakras did not contain colors. I understand that this is deceptive, because everyone knows that the chakras have the colors red – orange – yellow – green – blue – violet – white or red – orange – yellow – green – blue – indigo – violet. Ignorance of this connection has led to the emergence of a firm belief in the correctness of the chakra colors.

The meaning of the chakra colors was not just arbitrarily assigned, but connected with the meaning of the chakras. Each color has a corresponding effect that helps to understand the particular chakra. This understanding is used in the aura chakra readings, as it is not about the standard color assignments, but about what one experiences when looking at each chakra.

Consequently, in the root chakra, for example, not only the red tone assigned to it can be seen, but also any other hue. The color that is perceived is a representation of the state or status of that chakra.

If the first chakra has a relation to conflict, orange in this chakra symbolizes a funny tussle. Consequently, all colors and chakras can be mixed together, from which I have constructed a profound and meaningful counseling scheme. For this purpose, I use a fifteen-chakra system that includes the seven major chakras. Since they form the basis for the most important life themes, we start with them to interpret or observe the hues for the current themes within you.

To go deeper or explore certain topics, we turn our attention to the other chakras. These are not the minor chakras already mentioned.

Development of Modern Aura Chakra Reading & Aura Seeing

Modern Aura Chakra Reading according to Dr. Mark Hosak

Over the past three decades, I have studied in depth, both in theory and practice, spiritual healing and counseling approaches to life energy therapy such as Reiki, Shamanism, Eastern and Western wisdom trainings, and Voodoo. As for chakra and aura seeing, I have discovered and thoroughly studied methods to determine what is actually useful.

In the field of Reiki, sensing is largely done through the hands. By applying the Secret Reiki techniques of Mikao Usui and myself, this ability can be strengthened many times over. A well-known way of perception is also the pendulum, but besides its straightforwardness, it also has some disadvantages and is extraordinarily prone to error due to the probability of wishful thinking.

A particularly captivating technique is to read and comprehend the aura and chakras on a visual level. This approach offers a unique view into the aura and the chakras, which enables the person seeking advice to gain an understanding of all relevant data and connections.

Over the years I have changed and improved my approach. In the past, you had to deal with every topic in depth and intensively. This meant that not much information or background could be gleaned from each analysis and more readings were needed, which usually lengthened the consultation.

When I started looking into aura chakra readings, I was overjoyed to be able to start soon, but then became disappointed and frustrated as neither I nor anyone else could independently draw accurate conclusions.

The only person who could decipher them was almost always the master. It took me several iterations of the same seminar to get it right, but I eventually gave up on that approach because it proved too complicated for me and because I was looking for ways that would work immediately for everyone.

Over the years, I managed to develop strategies that make it easier to interpret from seeing and reading. This eventually led to a completely new yet much simpler approach to perceiving and interpreting chakras and auric fields. It also enables the recognition and understanding of forms and symbols that may appear.

Through this innovative approach to aura chakra readings, all essential content as well as supplemental details can be obtained through a single reading. This covers the three times of present, past and future, as well as the karmic level and the connections with other people and subpersonalities of yourself. In this way you can tap your full potential in sensitivity for inspiring solutions to inhibiting life situations and blockages.

What happens during Aura Chakra Reading?

How does Aura Vision work? Is that just New Age?

Aura Chakra Reading is a practice that uses clairvoyance to perceive the colors and shapes of the aura and chakras from the Chakra trainings. To do this, the third eye and the pineal gland are empowered through a shamanic initiation that unlocks perception.

In a single session, aura chakra reading can reveal insights into your current life situation, life goal, vision and other matters such as relationships and career.

The initiation especially stimulates latent talents that can be cultivated through consistent practice. Clairvoyance is about perceiving hues in the energy field in different shades and even symbols. Interpretation is about identifying the personal meaning of each person.

If you delve into the complicated energy system of the life energy of people, animals, plants, things and circumstances, you can get facts that are not normally easy to find. Auras and chakras indicate through shades, shapes and symbols the reality of a person as it is in truth.

In this way, it is possible to determine with little effort where a person stands and what is happening in his or her life, what difficulties and trials he or she is facing and how he or she can constructively approach and work through them. We also recognize the prospects, talents, abilities and opportunities and how to use them and integrate them into daily life.

Aura chakra reading is a kind of spiritual guidance. With regular practice, it can provide a deeper understanding of life. It can help those who feel lost or confused and want to gain self-knowledge. Asking specific questions can help make the experience even more personal, and you can also apply the techniques to yourself.

How Aura Chakra Reading Promotes Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development with Aura Vision in News Age

The interpretation of an aura chakra reading can inspire you to contemplate and give you the opportunity to look at your life from different angles. This is a fundamental step for spiritual growth and personal transformation, potentially bringing about change and evolution in the energy system.

This is reflected in an increased awareness of different points of view as well as improved motivation to cope with daily problems. In addition, you can recognize your own inner strength and develop a better understanding of yourself, leading to a more serene state of mind with less pressure as you now realize that you can take control of your own destiny.

Color perception and interpretation

Aura colors tell you something about your charisma

Aura chakra analysis helps you with aura color vision to decipher the different hues and even the shapes and symbols in it. We usually use a minimum of the following shades: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, gray, brown, pink, turquoise, gold and silver. It is obvious that there are more shades than those of the seven main chakras.

Each hue has its own meaning and impression, and the chakras and auras also have their own specific roles and implications. To illustrate, the base chakra is essentially about survival instincts, such as fighting or running away, and symbolically speaking, about earning income. Depending on which hues appear in the main chakra during the aura chakra examination, they are decoded in terms of spiritual, worldly and physical aspects.

Consequently, it is practical to gain a lot of info from the reading after just one aura reading. For example, when the hue orange appears in the root chakra, we look to see if it is a dull, bright or faint orange. A dull orange in the root chakra means in the spiritual-emotional realm that you have unpleasant feelings about your basic trust.

This means that the client has had one or more negative encounters in this context in the past and now lacks basic confidence. Primal trust symbolizes the base chakra and the unpleasant emotions indicate an impure orange. Taken together, this means: Discomfort in the realm of primal trust.

If you want to determine the origin of a problem, you can involve both the spiritual and physical realms of the corresponding chakra, or search for the causes in other energy centers and the aura fields. For example, if the hue in the heart center is brown, it could be due to family or school influences that were imposed on the person.

The dull browns can evoke intense emotions, while maroon tones are often associated with hostility and strife. This can lead to unpleasant sensations in the first energy center. If the family does not support their child enough and forbids them to stand up for themselves (burnt orange-brown), this leads to the child perceiving conflict as bad and wrong, which leads to an inability to defend themselves.

On the other hand, if the root chakra is a bright orange, this symbolizes a strong enthusiasm and zest for life in the mental-emotional realm. The bright orange represents the exuberance of life and ambition. The root chakra reflects the determination to live.

Depending on the state of mind of the person, his energetic vibration and radiation changes. There is a general aura and also specific areas within the energy system. When someone is angry, you can say that anger is building up inside them. So when they reach a heightened state of anger, it is first reflected in the upper part of their aura.

The hue symbolizing hostility is a dull red. When interpreting the energy center of the aura, this means that a dark red hue indicates intense aggression in a person. When steam can be let off, aggression disappears completely or partially. Therefore a helpful tip can be to use a sandbag (use gloves!).

If the experience is perceived positively, it can cause the person to repeatedly fly into a rage, gradually turning into an irascible individual and increasing the likelihood of becoming ill. For this purpose, it is beneficial to look at the aura fields as well.

The 7 layers of the aura

1. the etheric body: this level is a subtle energy matrix that mirrors the physical body and contains its blueprint for health, vitality and well-being.

2. the emotional body: this layer of the aura corresponds to the emotional body, where our emotional responses and reactions are stored.

3. the mental body: at this level, thoughts and beliefs are stored as mental energy patterns that can influence our behavior and decisions in life.

4. the astral body: this is the layer of the aura associated with dreams, extrasensory experiences, intuition and imagination. It is also important for astral travel and out-of-body experiences.

5. the causal body: this layer is associated with higher spiritual awareness, enlightenment, understanding of cause-effect relationships in life, and karmic influences from past lives.

6. the negative body: this level corresponds to negative energies such as fear, anger, guilt and sadness that we carry around with us in our daily lives, but which we may not be aware of.

7. the Bodhi body: at this highest level of the aura lies the pure consciousness or “Buddha nature” – the perfect unity of mind, body, soul and environment – in which we experience true inner peace and joy in life.

The aura fields using the example of anger and rage

Aura Energy in Aura Reading for a Good Radiance

If we examine the example of anger, we can see in the aura fields why a person is angry. The etheric system reflects all physical or material reasons for anger. The emotional body reveals which feelings affect the etheric and material bodies. The mental body provides information about the events that caused these feelings. Moreover, the astral body refers to the dream world.

In other words, here it can be determined if there are external sources such as supernatural forces that trigger the anger. In the causal body, the karmic aspect is examined. Here you can determine if the anger arose in a past life. The negative body is essentially the template and how to use anger productively to achieve a healed state. So here lies the answer.

The Bodhi body is related to the concept of emptiness and the fact that all things are connected. This can help us understand how anger arises from a lack of understanding of our connectedness and original nature. Anger often has its roots in fear, insecurity, or dissatisfaction with the way things are.

By acknowledging our connectedness and our original nature, we can begin to let go of these feelings and instead view life situations from a place of openness, love and acceptance. This can help us move towards enlightenment by allowing us to be more mindful of our actions and reactions in life.

Forms in the chakra and aura of a person

So, now we come to the shamanic aspects of our aura. The images that appear in a person’s aura or chakra can range from simple geometric shapes to complex symbols and figures. They can be associated with the person’s spirit guides, ancestral lines, past lives, current life goal, and soul mission. Through these images, the shaman can gain insight into a person’s emotional and spiritual state. These insights can help the shaman offer guidance and healing to his client.

In Wolf Shamanism, we additionally look at our own Tree of Life. This does not mean the cabbalistic but the shamanic tree of life, which connects the upper world, underworld and middle earth. The tree of life a symbolic image of each individual. From there, everyone has their own tree of life. The aura and chakras are assigned their own areas on the Tree of Life.

Perception of the energy on the tree of life

The tree of life is a symbol of our spiritual growth and development. Each person has their own unique path to walk, which can be represented by the branches of their tree. As we journey along the Tree of Life, we gain wisdom and insight that help us become healthier, more balanced people. The branches also represent the different areas of our lives, such as work, relationships, spirituality and health. Each branch offers us opportunities for growth and exploration.

Connecting with each branch of our tree helps us to become more aware of ourselves and better connect with the heart of enlightenment that resides within each of us.

The shamanic tree of life consists of three main areas: the upper area, the lower area and the middle area. The upper sphere is associated with spiritual guidance and intuition. The lower realm is associated with physical reality and material needs. The middle level is the bridge between these two realms, where we can find balance and harmony.

By exploring our own tree of life, we can gain more insight into our purpose in life and understand how our spirit guides us through the various aspects of our lives. Our Tree of Life also serves as a source of power, strength, courage and healing that can help us achieve our goals and realize our dreams. By connecting with this source of energy, we can learn to trust ourselves more and live in harmony with our true nature.

The upper chakras are associated with spiritual energies and development, while the lower chakras are associated with physical and material energies. The heart chakra is associated with love and compassion, the solar plexus chakra with self-confidence and the lower chakras with physical needs such as grounding, stability, security and intuition.

Perception of symbols in aura and chakras

Symbols in aura and chakras

Occasionally, abstract and tangible symbols manifest. To illustrate, serpentine lines can pass through a chakra point. These give indications of the forces of the components. This allows you to see if a chakra is functioning smoothly or if it is stagnant or lacking in power. Shamanic or Buddhist spiritual healing or Reiki can also be used.

Abstract symbols can also appear in the form of colors and shapes. Colors can give clues to the health of a chakra, while shapes can indicate blocked energy or areas that need special attention. In addition, abstract symbols such as animals or figures may appear during an aura chakra reading. These often have spiritual significance and their presence indicates a problem that needs to be explored further.

The perception of the symbols in another person’s aura can be used in shamanic and Buddhist spiritual healing and in Shingon Reiki. They are something different from the well-known Reiki symbols of the level 2. They are often taken from nature and can be seen as a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life. Symbols such as a tree, a mountain, water, fire, an animal, a sun or the moon can be used to represent the universal energy that connects us all.

These symbols can help direct healing energy to specific areas of the body or mind. They are also used to balance the energy field around the person being healed. They can also be used to summon healing energies from higher spheres or from within the person themselves.

This is related to the fact that such images have an effect on our mind. If there is such an image in your energy system, then it also influences you. If we look at the colors of these images, we can see enormous conclusions about the effect on us.

For example, a blue mountain can symbolize peace, tranquility and serenity. A green mountain can symbolize growth and wealth. A red mountain can symbolize energy and passion. And so on. This is why these images can have such an effect on our mind and energy system, as they are often associated with certain feelings or emotions that we can identify with in order to interpret them correctly.

Therefore, a mountain can mean something different to us depending on its color. Of course, this also helps us in dream interpretation. So you are no longer dependent on several dream books, but can decode each symbol for yourself individually.

Learning to see aura – is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to learn to see aura. The practice of aura vision is known as auric vision and can be learned through various methods such as meditation, visualization and energy work. Aura vision is about seeing the energy field that surrounds living beings, often perceived as colored light radiating from the body.

What is there to seeing the aura?

What is aura and energy vision

Seeing the aura is an ancient practice that has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. Many people believe that seeing the aura can give insight into a person’s spiritual nature and energy, as well as their emotional and physical health. Seeing the aura can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and understanding, as it can provide valuable insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, some people believe that by seeing the aura they can tap into their own intuition and receive guidance from their higher self. Ultimately, there is much to be gained from seeing the aura if you take the time to explore its potential.

What is an aura exactly?

An aura is an energy field that surrounds and emanates from the physical body of a living being. It is believed to consist of different colors and vibrations, each corresponding to a person’s emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Auras are usually seen as a glowing light around a person’s head or body and can be interpreted as an indication of their physical, mental and spiritual state. Auras can also be used to identify spiritual causes of illness or blockages in a person’s energy field. Many people believe that an aura reading and aura seeingcan give insight into a person’s personality and life path.

What is the use of seeing the aura?

Read Aura Energy Information

In my experience, viewing the aura helps to gain insight into a person’s physical, psychological and spiritual state. It can help healers, coaches or therapists to better understand their clients and assess their individual needs. It can also give the viewer a sense of connection with the person they are seeing and help them identify energy blockages that can lead to difficulties in physical or mental health. Some people also believe that viewing the aura helps them develop their intuition and psychic ability.

What are the aura colors?

Typical aura colors include blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, pink and red. Other aura colors can be white, gray, silver, gold, black, brown and rainbow.

There is no consensus on the exact colors of a person’s aura, as it can change from day to day. Some people see their own aura as a mixture of different colors. Therefore, reading aura, seeing energies and learning to see aura is helpful to always be able to look up to date. I use this in coaching to be able to help optimally.

What are the colors of your own aura?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as each person’s aura is unique and changes over time. In addition, the aura can have several colors at the same time. Depending on the subject you are thinking about and your state of mind, the colors of your aura will change.

What is the structure of the aura?

The structure of the aura consists of several layers or “aura bodies” that vibrate at different frequencies. These include the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the astral body and the spiritual body. Each layer consists of energy fields that contain information about a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

For whom is the aura and chakra work suitable?

Aura and chakra work of the Chakra lehre is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their mental, physical and spiritual well-being. It can help reduce the effects of physical and emotional stress, improve mood, increase clarity and focus, and promote overall balance and harmony.

Why can some people see the aura?

Improve charisma and personality with Aura Yoga

Some people have a heightened sensitivity to the subtle energies around them, which can allow them to see the aura. It is also possible that with practice and concentration anyone can learn these skills of seeing an aura. But there are those who cheat and only pretend to see the aura, since hardly anyone else can understand it anyway, unless you do a reality check, as we do in Aura Chakra Reading.

How can I improve my own aura?

1. spend time outside in nature. Spending time around plants and trees can help you reconnect with the natural world and clear your head.

Practice mindfulness and meditation. A daily mindfulness practice can help you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you can take a step back and become more self-aware. My secret tip: Zen Oasis

3. build positive affirmations into your day. Positive affirmations are short mantras that can help you focus on the good things in life and promote a positive outlook on life. With the Secret Reiki Techniques and the Shingon Reiki Mental Healing you can really make your aura glow, because you will receive directly from the Buddhas their light-filled powers.

4. make sure you get enough sleep every night so that your body is well rested and full of energy for the next day.

5. eating healthy foods that support your overall health and well-being can also contribute to a better aura, as what we eat affects both our energy levels and our physical body.

Can I change my aura colors?

Aura Chakra Energy Layers

Yes, you have the power to get in touch with the beautiful energy that is your aura! Through visualization, meditation and energy work, you can reach a new level of self-awareness that allows you to understand and change the powerful colors that emanate from your core. With time and patience, you can sustainably expand the living spectrum of your aura and transform its hues to reflect your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires.

Visualization is a great way to improve this skill. Close your eyes and imagine each color emanating from your body. Focus on one hue at a time, absorb it into your aura and let it fill you with a feeling of contentment and joy.

Likewise, practicing meditative techniques such as yoga or tai chi allows you to open up to the flow of energy around you – allowing you to access your own individual aura. Finally, energy work such as Shingon Reiki or crystals give you direct control over the blend of colors in your aura, allowing you to strengthen your power and ensure a well-rounded balance of energy bodies.

Don’t let life limit you – explore the depths of your inner world and change your aura positively today! By mastering your energy and embracing the unique colors that make up your being, you can create an aura that truly speaks for who you are.

If you feel stuck in life, like your dreams and goals are unattainable, know this – you have the power to change your destiny. You have the power to create your own future and make it what you imagine it to be. The first step is to believe in yourself and take control of your future.

Changing your attitude about an issue or yourself can be an important part of this process. You can make small changes that bring positive results, but lasting transformation requires more commitment.

Therefore, it is better to follow your personal master path with, for example, Shingon Reiki or Wolf Shamanism. There we look at your issues and perform applications, meditations and rituals with the power of the Buddhas and power animals that it comes to sustainable optimizations in your energy system and in your aura energy. By the way, the Reiki and Shamanism Master Paths are not a training. The focus of the Master Path is on your transformation and spiritual development towards happiness and inner peace.

Take the first step to unlock a brighter, better future for yourself. Believe in yourself, take control of your destiny and discover the world-changing power within you. I will be happy to help you with this.

How to transform your aura

Aura and Energy Transformation
  1. First, you have the opportunity to motivate yourself for goals to strive for. At that moment, everything just changes. The Aura Chakra Reading Method can help you figure out the right steps on how to do this in the best and most appropriate way for you.

  2. Secondly, it may be important to clear or purify negative and disturbing influences from your aura. You can do this with the clearings and mental healings for beliefs, imprints and occupations. Also here the Aura Chakra Reading helps you in the first step, because you can find out the places in your aura and energy body, where which negative influences and characteristics are stuck.

My tip to get started right away is to sit in a crystal circle or crystal mandala. In it you can meditate or simply give yourself Reiki to transform your aura. This also has a good influence on your aura colors.

How does fast aura transformation work?

If you really want to transform yourself quickly without ifs and buts, the Aura Chakra Magic developed by me as a supplement to the Aura Chakra Reading is certainly very interesting for you.

This method is based on the 15 main chakras and uses the power of the aura to bring about transformation. It is a powerful energy tool that harnesses the power of your aura to accelerate change within you. It is designed to help you transform any area of your life, be it physical health, relationships, wealth, career or spirituality.

Aura Chakra Magic works by tapping into, cleansing and energizing the energy field with the aura colors around us, our aura. As we all know, energy flows through us and influences how we think, feel and behave in every area of our lives. By tapping into the aura and transforming your energy field, you can quickly create positive changes within yourself.

What is Aura Reading?

The energy level in Aura Reading

Aura Reading and aura seeing is the comprehension and interpretation of the aura or energy field that surrounds a person. It is one of the two major areas of aura chakra reading.

The aura contains information about the physical, mental and emotional state of a person. Aura Reading and aura seeing is used by aura readers for their intuitive abilities to interpret the colors and patterns they see in a person’s aura. This type of aura reading can be used to gain insight into a person’s strengths, weaknesses and life path. Aura readings can help make decisions about relationships and career paths.

Aura seeing made easy

Aura vision is a type of divination in which the practitioner attempts to interpret the energy fields around people and objects. It is believed that through careful observation, the practitioner can gain insight into the emotional and spiritual state of others.

Learning to see aura – this is how it works

To begin aura-sighting, it is important to relax and put yourself in an open-minded, receptive state of mind. You should sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. When you are relaxed, focus your attention on your breathing for a few moments before slowly opening your eyes. When you look at someone or something, try to see beyond the physical form and look for subtle patterns or colors in the air around them. Pay attention to all the feelings and impressions you have during this experience. Make sure that you never focus your eyes, but rather look peripherally.

If you would like to intensify your aura seeing after your first experiences, I recommend the online course Aura Chakra Reading. There you can learn about video aura seeing. In addition, you get audio, texts and everything you need to keep practicing. In a personal coaching call you will receive from me the initiation to awaken and expand your abilities. There and in the community you can also ask your questions.

What is a dirty aura?

A dirty aura is an expression that describes a person’s energy field that feels heavy, dark, or unclean. It can be caused by negative thoughts, emotions and experiences such as fear, anger, guilt and sadness. Most people then have a feeling that they lack energy.

How can I cleanse the energy fields?

Improve radiance with energy body cleansing

1. start by cleansing your own energy field. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and ground yourself before you begin the cleanse.

2. visualize a white light surrounding your body and filling it with healing energy. If you are initiated into Reiki, all the better. Then you can clean the aura colors with your hands.

3. use incense, incense or essential oils to cleanse the room and remove all negative energies from the area or from you.

4. use crystals to draw out any remaining negativity and remove it from the area.

5. affirm positive intentions for the space and ask for protection for all present in the area.

How can you sense the aura?

The perception of aura colors requires practice and dedication to improve your skills. There are some techniques and exercises that can help you become more attuned to aura vision, such as meditation, visualization and energy work. this is our focus in Shingon Reiki and Wolf Shamanism. Also very interesting is the inclusion of crystals to increase your ability to perceive auras.

What is Aura Photography?

Aura photography is not the same as aura seeing. An aura photo shows aura colors of a person created by prisms in a reflex camera or by a computer. On this basis, a personality analysis is created. The only catch is that each photo creates a new image with a new analysis. In aura seeing with an aura reading you can go much deeper because you can see the colors for each subject. Therefore, you cannot replace the Aura Chakra reading with the Aura Photo. But it is very nice to have such a photo and also to experience how such an aura photo is created.

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Gamechanger Mark & Eileen

Mark & Eileen

Gerne helfen wir Dir, Dein Leben im Beruf, in der Partnerschaft und in der Freizeit Deinen Vorstellungen entsprechend so zu gestalten, wie Du es schon immer wolltest…

Spiritual Home

Spiritual Home

Qigong Reiki Meditation

Shingon Reiki Meister

Shingon Reiki Meister

mit Mark Hosak

Erkenne den Weg Deines Herzens, befreie Dich von Hindernissen und genieße ein erfülltes Leben.



mit Mark Hosak

Folge dem Ruf Deiner Seele

Lerne, Dich mit schamanischer Geistheilung und Ritualen von Fremdeinflüssen zu befreien, Deine Vision zu erkennen und verbinde Dich mit Deiner wahren Natur!
Mehr Infos

Reiki in der therapeutischen Praxis

Das Shingon Reiki Buch

Das erste Reiki Praxis-Buch, das in einem medizinischen Fachverlag erschienen ist. Praktische Schritt für Schritt Anleitungen und Erklärungen mit Tabellen für psychosomatische Zusammenhänge, Hintergrundwissen und Reiki-Symbole auf über 200 Seiten.

Es ist Zeit, Dein wahres Selbst zu leben

Reiki ist das Beste, was dir im Leben passieren kann. Mit Reiki kannst Du dir selber helfen, dich von Stress und Altlasten befreien, zur Ruhe kommen, Energie tanken, deine Vision erkennen und den Weg Deines Herzens gehen. Und wenn Du willst, kannst Du damit auch anderen helfen.

Reiki Tipps
  • Reiki-Fähigkeiten steigern
  • Wahrnehmung steigern
  • Reiki-Techniken
  • Reiki-Coaching

  • Dein Leben meistern
  • Deine Kräfte erwecken
  • Deine Vision leben
  • Meister-Training

Trete ein in die Welt des Schamanismus

Öffne deine Sinne für die Kraft der Natur, die Weisheit der Spirits und die Magie der Rituale.

Befreie dich von Fremdeinflüssen, stärke deinen Schutz und finde innere Balance.

Willkommen in unserer Gemeinschaft der spirituellen Suchenden und Entdecker!

Schamane werden
  • Kann ich Schamane werden?
  • Wie werde ich Schamanen Meister?