The origin of Reiki

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Origin of Reiki

Where does Reiki actually come from?

Reiki is widely known as a Japanese method of deep relaxation. I have been practicing Reiki now since 1993. That’s been quite a while. When I learned it, and for the years following, little was known about the origins of this method, except that it came from Japan and that the founder Usui was initiated into Reiki in a meditation on a temple mountain in the Kurama Mountains.

There are already some tips about the origins of Reiki. And that is meditation and Buddhism. That this of all things became a method of energetic healing is not obvious at first. This may be the reason why here in the West the connection to Buddhism is little known and hardly recognized.

Buddhist & Daoist sources

However, through the research of the Reiki symbols, it was revealed that they are in the context of the secret trainings of Buddhism. There are also some references to magical shamanic Daoism.

It took me quite a long time to get used to this connection with Daoism. Since I first found Buddhist sources, I could not imagine that in addition there are also Daoist sources of Reiki.

But actually, it is literally obvious. The way Reiki is transmitted and the way the initiations are performed, it can only be a method of Daoist energy transmission.

Qigong Master Usui?

I later read in a Japanese book that Usui was one of the most famous qigong masters of early 20th century. At the same time he was a Buddhist monk and samurai. Of course, that explains a lot.

In Japan it is completely normal that several spiritual traditions and also religions are united. Therefore, it is not surprising that 80% of the Japanese are Buddhists and another 80% of the Japanese are Shintoists. Shinto is the Japanese shamanism. This is also closely related to Reiki.

But what does this mean for us and for the practice of Reiki?

Answers to questions about spiritual experiences

When we practice Reiki spiritual experiences and experiences emerge in the application. Many questions that arise can rarely be answered.

But through knowledge of the origins of Reiki, many questions can suddenly be answered after all. The prerequisite is, of course, that you are familiar with the theory and practice of these areas.

When I have a question, I keep trying for the answer until I find it. Along the way, I realized that the sources of Reiki can be found in many spiritual traditions, which I gradually learned about. I let this knowledge into my Reiki coaching sessions and on Reiki Events also flow into the process. Thus, practitioners and masters of Reiki get answers they have long been looking for.

What are the practical benefits of the origin of Reiki?

Rocking during meditation

Again and again I am asked what it means and how it comes that during meditation and giving Reiki, one’s own body sometimes begins to rock or gyrate. For a long time I could not answer that. Other Reiki Masters explained that one simply had to develop further and then it would stop.

Now, many years later, I learned from the Chinese Grandmaster of Buddhist Qigong that this bobbing and circling is a sign that one’s inherent Qi is being awakened and beginning to move.

This is a good sign and an important step in spiritual development. Because only with it advanced exercises can be practiced meaningfully. So a huge difference to the clumsy answer that you are not yet developed enough.

Buddhist Spirit Healing – Origin of Reiki

Mostly, Buddhism is known only for meditation. And if there is ever a question of healing, it is one that comes from meditation. In the Japanese secret trainings, there are ways to expand meditation into practices of mind healing for oneself and others to truly help and heal.

On this basis, Usui was able to incorporate the Reiki symbols into his method and heal energetically and meditatively in this way.

And that is exactly what we want to do in Buddhist Spiritual Healing.

This will make you understand even better,

  • how you can combine Reiki with meditation,

  • how to increase your Reiki skills with compassion,

  • how you can help others to follow the light even in dark times,

  • How to become a Bodhisattva yourself to help all beings,

  • How to use your voice with Reiki to heal and comfort,

  • how you can achieve much more with Reiki than ever before.

Highlights and Effects of Buddhist Spirit Healing

  • Initiation into the power of Buddhist Spirit Healing

  • Meditation and the source of Reiki power of spiritual healing

  • The compassion meditation of inner peace

  • Obtaining tranquility of mind

  • Meditation of the Heart of Enlightenment

  • Buddhist Healthy Prayer and Discussions

  • Buddhist bodywork and massage

Who can participate in Buddhist Spirit Healing?

You can participate in this event regardless of whether you already practice Reiki. Buddhist Spirit Healing is the origin of Reiki and is consequently older than Usui Reiki.

Most of Usui’s practices date from the time when he himself was not yet initiated into Reiki. But with Reiki everything becomes easier and more effective because the energy flows. Here in Buddhist Spiritual Healing you can experience the original sources from which Mikao Usui drew.

Gamechanger Mark & Eileen

Mark & Eileen

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Spiritual Home

Spiritual Home

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Shingon Reiki Meister

Shingon Reiki Meister

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Es ist Zeit, Dein wahres Selbst zu leben

Reiki ist das Beste, was dir im Leben passieren kann. Mit Reiki kannst Du dir selber helfen, dich von Stress und Altlasten befreien, zur Ruhe kommen, Energie tanken, deine Vision erkennen und den Weg Deines Herzens gehen. Und wenn Du willst, kannst Du damit auch anderen helfen.

Trete ein in die Welt des Schamanismus

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