The Reiki Gamechanger

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The Reiki Gamechanger


Are you a Reiki Gamechanger? How can you tell? See if the following applies to you:

  • You are interested in Reiki?
  • You are spiritual and down to earth at the same time?
  • Also, are you compassionate and have an open heart?
  • You really want to make a difference and take responsibility for your life and happiness?
  • Instead of dreaming your life away, you want to live your dreams?
  • Do you ever break the rules?
  • Most of all, do you want to change the world – and are you ready to start with yourself?

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place with the Reiki Gamechangers.

Reiki calligraphy by Mark Hosak

What does “gamechanger” mean?

Future Makers

Even if you recognize yourself here, you might be wondering what exactly a gamechanger is. Very easily this can be explained with an example:

A very well known gamechanger was Steve Jobs. Through the invention of the iPhone, he has revolutionized all of our communications, both business and personal. But that’s not all, his completely new idea also changed and shaped the market of communication technology in the long term.

A gamechanger can be a person, but also a company, an idea or a product or service. An important characteristic is that gamechangers break and replace existing rules. In this way, economic sectors and often entire social lifestyles are revolutionized.

Down-to-earth visionaries

Gamechangers as individuals are energetic pioneers who bring about profound changes and set new standards. They are willing to take risks and are courageous, because how do you know in advance that a completely new idea will be a success?

Gamechangers dare to step into the unknown and stay on the ball, even when the going gets tough. They are not capricious revolters, but they are willing to work for their vision and – if necessary – to make several attempts. Gamechangers do their thing, even if they are attacked, laughed at or even fought for their ideas.

Many paint a picture of a gamechanger personality who has a thick skin and bounces off everything. We are not like that at all, we are highly sensitive and highly empathetic. That’s why we don’t believe that toughness and bravado determine the strength of a gamechanger.

They persevere because they believe strongly in their dreams and are determined to make them happen. They also maintain a childlike joy in playing and experimenting. You keep trying until you get it right.

Mark Tai Chi bei Sonnenaufgang e1628246969660 gamechanger

Does a spiritual method like Reiki need gamechanger personalities?


The short answer to that question is, “Yes!” The Corona pandemic has completely changed the way we live and we need to adapt to this in all areas, including Reiki. Digitalisation, which was already an important topic before, has received another big boost from the pandemic and is now definitely indispensable.

The Reiki method will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022, a good time to take stock: How do we want to shape the future of Reiki? Do you want everything to stay the way it is? Will Reiki still exist in another 100 years or will Reiki then at most, with a little luck, find its way into a footnote in the history books?

What really makes Reiki tick? What do we want to preserve, what does not actually belong to Reiki and what has perhaps been lost and should be brought back into awareness? How can we inspire people all over the world for Reiki, especially young people?

How can Reiki be an inclusive method? We think it is high time to deal with these questions and preferably we would like to do this together with you.

Reiki Gamechanger

Secret method to invite happiness – Reiki as your gamechanger

Never again without Reiki

In principle, there is a little gamechanger in everyone who is interested in Reiki or already practices it. We are convinced of that. Because Reiki is meant for people who do not want to stand still, but want to develop further. It doesn’t matter if you are 20, 50 or 80 years old.

Reiki is a spiritual life energy that activates your self-healing powers. The attitude of “I’ve always been this way and I’ll stay this way” is not reiki. Reiki can help you to change your life for the better, to live your desires and to overcome challenges.

Reiki can be a great support for you on a physical, mental and spiritual level. For us a life without Reiki has become absolutely unimaginable. But of course we remember the past and that’s how we see how much Reiki has enriched our lives.

Mark used to be very shy and had trouble speaking in front of people. Besides, someone once told him never to write a book. Can you imagine that in someone who now gives seminars worldwide full-time and is a best-selling author?

Eileen had been abandoned by doctors after an operation that resulted in a near-death experience. Because of her wonderful experiences with Reiki, she now wants to coach Reiki to as many people as possible.

Reiki has always given us the opportunity to do something good for ourselves, to deal constructively with our life issues and to transform many things. This gives us self-confidence and makes us not lose hope even in difficult times.

Invitation to self-development

You may be thinking about your desires and life issues right now and how Reiki could support you. You may sense where you would like to find healing within yourself. It is impossible to know beforehand exactly what will change in you through Reiki, because every person is individual and unique.

It depends on you and also on your Reiki practice as well as where your focus is with Reiki. It can also happen that on your Reiki path you become aware of some things that you do not yet see.

On the memorial stone of Reiki founder Mikao Usui, Reiki is described as a “secret method for inviting happiness”, which is primarily about spiritual and personal development. Reiki is holistic in nature, in the words of the memorial stone a “continuous process of improvement of body, mind and spirit”.

It has been our experience that this is true for truly all Reiki practitioners who have been willing to engage in regular Reiki practice and cultivate self-love and kindness towards other living beings.

If you like, we will be happy to accompany you on your Reiki path in our seminars, courses and coaching sessions. Even if you are already advanced, you will certainly not be bored with us. You’re in? Then welcome to the college of Reiki Gamechangers!

Reiki Gamechanger

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Mark and Eileen, the Reiki Gamechangers.

Reiki Gamechanger of the first hour

Mark Hosak has been practicing Reiki since 1993 and has been a full-time Reiki Master for 20 years. He has distinguished himself as a Reiki Gamechanger for decades through his research and books on Reiki.

Through his expertise as a Doctor of East Asian Art History and Japanese Studies, he scientifically explores the historical roots of the Reiki method, with a focus on the Reiki symbols.

It is his concern to show that Reiki has lost nothing in the esoteric mud corner. In 2016 he published “Reiki in Therapeutic Practice” – the first Reiki practice book to be published by a medical publisher.

All his know-how has gone into his Reiki style Shingon Reiki, which he founded in 2005 and has been training since 2015. His Reiki trainings are of a very high quality, both online and offline.

The events of 2020 changed Mark’s view of Reiki and he now gives online seminars in German and English in addition to on-site seminars. He trains Reiki Masters for both face-to-face and online courses.

Not everyone likes Mark’s work. Whether it was Reiki symbols or online courses, it was always fiercely opposed as a Reiki Gamechanger. In 2010, he even received a death threat at a Reiki event.

“Remote Initiations”

In 2020 he was expelled from the German Reiki associations and some Facebook groups because of his Reiki online offerings and was hit with a shitstorm by some colleagues. Corresponding posts could be found on Facebook and a few also in the Reiki Magazine. In the Reiki Magazine the supporters of the online courses had their say in an article and in some letters to the editor, but criticism of the Reiki associations was largely not allowed.

Mark had supported the Reiki associations for years free of charge with his cumulative expertise from almost thirty years of Reiki research, promoted them on a large scale and brought them quite a few members and thus also high revenues.

At that time, one association just did not categorically exclude remote initiations, this was only changed after Mark’s exclusion proceedings were initiated. Another club justified the expulsion by saying that Mark had violated its code of ethics.

Because according to this, remote initiations are strictly forbidden for all members and a violation can result in expulsion if the presidium decides to do so with a two-thirds majority. Hm, what would the founder of the Reiki method Mikao Usui as an honourable samurai say to this?

By the way, the long-distance initiations are quite a thing, Mark’s Reiki online courses do not contain any long-distance initiations. That would be way too cheap for such an experienced Reiki expert.

Never give up

But apparently, unfortunately, many can not imagine that you can be creative with Reiki. Because none of his opponents have asked how Mark conducts his initiations in the online seminars. They just assumed they knew and wanted to rant. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

One association wrote several nasty letters and even threatened legal action for Mark producing documents in defense of himself during the public shitstorm. Later, however, this club still used Mark and his doctorate for its club advertising on Facebook after he was kicked out.

You can probably well imagine that the events of 2020 were painful, upsetting and very difficult for Mark to comprehend. But Gamechangers don’t give up on their dreams, they keep going even when things get tough. Fortunately!

By the way, a common tactic of his opponents is to systematically tell his fans and prospects to stay away from him because he is supposedly not good to deal with.

Just so you’re not surprised if that ever happens to you. There’s no truth to the rumor, of course. Anyone who knows Mark knows that he is very good to eat cherries with. Because in addition to Reiki and green tea, Mark also loves cherries and all three things he loves to share.

Mark’s current projects

Currently Mark is working on his first recorded online course “Secret Reiki Techniques”, which has already been released as a test version. He has been releasing regular podcasts on Mondays and Thursdays since 2021.

In addition, he translates the memorial text for Mikao Usui for the Reiki Magazine in order to make the content accessible to all Reiki practitioners and also provides information for understanding the cultural background.

A lost cause?

I, Eileen Wiesmann, have been practicing Reiki since 2019. I received my first initiation from Mark in an emergency situation, namely when on a weekend five months after an operation with a near-death experience my illness surprisingly returned.

There wasn’t much conventional medicine could do for me, because another major surgery was far too dangerous. Instead, I had to undergo painful treatments every six weeks for months. Mark supported me by giving me the 1. and 2nd degree Shingon Reiki taught.

He also enforced that anaesthesia was used during the treatments and provided first aid when I lost consciousness once during an examination in the hospital and both the doctor and her assistant were completely overwhelmed.

When I practiced Shingon Reiki for a few months, the treatments every six weeks eventually fell away.

Since my childhood I was interested in both science and spirituality and studied at the Historical Event in Heidelberg with a focus on the history of religion. Through my activities at the university and in museums I discovered my passion for training and imparting knowledge.

No Reiki is not an option

After my wonderful experiences with Reiki during my period of illness, I decided to take several Reiki trainings. I am currently a coacher of Usui Reiki, and I expect to complete my training as a coacher of Shingon Reiki in 2022.

In not quite two years I have attended over 30 Reiki seminars and am the first Reiki Master in Europe to learn how to coach online seminars in Usui Reiki up to Master level with Mark.

My own story showed me how valuable and important Reiki can be for people. Therefore, in my opinion, the lockdown was not allowed to lead to the cancellation of Reiki seminars for an indefinite period of time.

Although my health was not yet fully recovered, I supported and defended 2020 Mark and his Reiki online offers in an open letter to the Reiki practitioners and the Reiki associations in Germany. Maybe you can imagine that this situation was a big challenge for me.

When a nasty letter from a Reiki association arrived at Mark’s house in July 2020, I collapsed in convulsions and eventually had to be examined by an internist after weeks of pain.

With Reiki into the future

Nevertheless, more posts on the subject followed in the form of articles and videos in the coming months, although I was very afraid of the clubs and some individuals. I received a lot of hostility for my actions and there were even attempts to divide Mark and me through intrigue.

I was not discouraged by any of this. Sometimes you just have to choose the right path instead of the easy one, as Joanne K. Rowling so beautifully puts it into Albus Dumbledore’s mouth in Order of the Phoenix.

Rather, through these experiences I saw the need for action and made the decision to help shape the future of the Reiki method as a Reiki Gamechanger. Currently I am preparing my entry into full-time work as a Reiki coach.

Team Mark and Eileen 2nd Degree Shingon Reiki 1st Degree Shingon Reiki Shingon Weeks 2021 Reiki Gamechanger

The Reiki Gamechanger project – what happened so far…

Normal was suddenly yesterday

Until March 2020, everything was almost normal with us. As normal as it can be in a place as beautiful as the Shingon Reiki Schamanismus Institute among Buddhas, wolves, dragons, centuries-old scriptures and crystals that are thousands of years old. As normal as the life of adventurous gamechangers can be.

Events on Reiki and its neighbouring disciplines took place on the weekends. The Corona Pandemic finally changed the reality of our lives just as abruptly as yours probably did.

Due to the lockdown, no more live seminars were possible on site. At the same time, messages arrived from all over the world from people who urgently wished to be able to learn Reiki right now. It was a tough time, but we used it as constructively as we could and one or two lights came on in the process.

Up until now Usui Reiki has largely been an analogue method and there were good reasons for this. Encounter and touch are of great importance for the physical and mental well-being of a person, but in our modern world many people are becoming increasingly lonely.

Therefore, it made sense to coach a method that involves, among other things, the laying on of hands, in groups on site. A whole weekend of giving Reiki to yourself, giving Reiki to others and receiving lots of Reiki – it’s just wonderful.


Then there is the issue of Reiki initiations. For this, the physical presence of the coacher and the participants in a room is not at all necessary, but with a few exceptions it has been done this way.

After all, a Reiki initiation is a very special experience for all involved and so the initiations were also celebrated. In addition, a Reiki initiation at a distance is more complex and requires even more responsibility, even more practice and even more competence on the part of the coacher than the initiation in physical presence.

However, Corona questioned everything and the more we thought, the more we realized that action was needed at Reiki and not just because of the pandemic.

Thinking Reiki in a completely new way

For the Reiki seminars, of course, a solution had to be found quickly, because Mark has been one of the rare specimens of full-time Reiki coachers for 20 years and among his students there are people who urgently need Reiki. As in many other areas, the switch has been made to online.

One advantage of this was that people who now live on other continents were able to take part in the seminars again. Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki method, wanted Reiki to spread all over the world. It occurred to us that access to Reiki has been difficult or even impossible for many people.

For example, people from America, Australia and India wished to attend courses with Mark. Until now they would have had to travel to Eberbach or organise a seminar with enough participants in their home country to be able to learn from the Reiki coacher of their choice.

Then there are people who cannot come to Reiki seminars at all due to serious illness or health restrictions. But especially for them a method that activates the self-healing powers and enables people to do something good for themselves in every situation of life would be very helpful.


On Mikao Usui’s memorial stone it says that in Reiki it is important to help those in need a lot. To be honest, we were surprised that all these thoughts had not occurred to us before and that only the Corona crisis opened our eyes in this regard.

We realized that training Reiki live on site is no longer enough today. However, we did not want to give up the seminars on site and therefore we decided to supplement the seminar offer. Due to the lockdown, live online seminars were the first step in spring 2020.

Instead of sitting in the seminar room of the Shingon Reiki Schamanismus Institute, the seminars now took place in virtual space. The response was initially mixed: for some participants who had previously attended on-site seminars, the online variant was more of a Corona-related stopgap.

But especially for those who have a very long journey, completely new possibilities opened up. By suddenly being able to attend from the comfort of their own homes, they had the opportunity to attend a seminar much more often.

German- and English-speaking fans from other countries and continents were enthusiastic about the online offer. After studying Mark’s books, some for decades, there was finally an opportunity to see him live online.

Challenges and opportunities

A new challenge soon emerged: the time difference. It was nearly impossible to find “normal” times for everyone. Particularly brave and committed participants pulled all-nighters on seminar days, which we admire and are very grateful for.

Still, we were eager to find a less stressful solution and started looking hard at recorded online courses. This is also handy in that Mark can coach 150 seminars off the top of his head and would take years to offer them all live.

Meanwhile Mark’s first recorded online course “Secret Reiki Techniques” is available as a trial version, in which he shows you how to train your Reiki skills and how to expand your possibilities with Reiki enormously.

Recordings of seminars are also in the works, supplemented by live coaching sessions so that participants from other countries no longer necessarily have to pull all-nighters.

In addition, those who were interested in a seminar but did not have time on that date usually had to wait one to two years for the next opportunity. In this respect, too, online courses make learning easier, more flexible and – we sincerely hope – happier for everyone involved.

Reiki in the 21st century

Mark decided during the second Corona lockdown to offer master and coacher courses for Reiki online seminars including his online initiations. Due to great demand, a total of four such seminars have already taken place.

Meanwhile, most see online seminars as more than just a stopgap measure. Many participants report that they can concentrate better in online seminars. This fits with our observation that a greater amount of content can be delivered online than in on-site seminars.

Online courses are also very beneficial for highly sensitive people, as they are not exposed to as many stimuli here as they would be if they attended on-site. At the moment we are happy that finally on-site seminars are possible again.

We like it best when everyone can just choose to participate online or onsite. We find the whole development very exciting and are looking forward to more seminars, on site and online.

Reiki Gamechanger

To whom we owe Reiki – the ingenious gamechanger Mikao Usui

The Samurai Multi-Talented

Today we usually receive our Reiki initiations in a seminar room. In order for us to be so comfortable, Mikao Usui took great pains and even risked his life.

Imagine meditating ascetically for three weeks in March under trees and waterfalls in a mountain range where there are bears, snakes, and supposedly even forest spirits. A bit creepy and cold, isn’t it? There is also no food and no warm bed, only some other monks and ascetics.

The weather is a matter of luck in spring, in case of thunderstorms it is still extremely dangerous to stay. The efforts of Mikao Usui have finally paid off, both for him and for us today. Because in the midst of this mystical scenery Mikao Usui came to Reiki and became a gamechanger.

Until he could become the founder of the Reiki method, Mikao Usui had to put up with many failures and ridicule, according to his memorial stone. But he didn’t give up, typical Gamechanger.

He must have been a real multi-talent, which was partly due to his origins: Mikao Usui was a samurai. Although the samurai rank was abolished during his lifetime, he still received the appropriate training in his youth. This included – you guessed it – intensive martial arts training.

Comprehensive training

The founder of the Reiki method reached the highest coacher degree menkyô kaiden both in an unarmed martial art and in a style in which weapons are used. On the timetable of a young samurai was also Chinese, which was learned by means of literary works from Confucianism.

He also attended a monastic school of Tendai. This school has adopted Tantric Buddhism, the Buddhist secret trainings, from the Shingon school. This training was probably formative for Mikao Usui, who later became a lay Buddhist monk – zaike-sô-.

Whether he belonged to the Shingon or Tendai school, we do not know for sure. But that is not so important, because the two schools are historically closely interwoven anyway. More importantly, Mikao Usui incorporated the Buddhist secret trainings into his Reiki method.

Master of all classes

Even apart from his extensive samurai training, Mikao Usui had many talents and interests. In addition to Gamechanger, he could perhaps be called a scanner personality today. From his memorial text we know that he was well versed in the various spiritual fields and disciplines.

In Japanese literature he is regarded as one of the greatest qigong masters of Japan in the 20th century. But he was also very interested in history and medicine and read a lot. Apparently he cultivated physical, mental and holistic exercises in equal measure.

Between tradition and modernity

Mikao Usui lived at the time of the change from traditional to modern Japan. This was formative for his personality and his whole life. You can probably imagine that people had to get their bearings back then.

The question of the balance between the preservation of tradition and the introduction of innovations was omnipresent in all social life.

This is also reflected in the Reiki method: here millennia-old Buddhist, Daoist and Shintōist elements flow together, but probably also techniques that Mikao Usui learned on his travels in the West.

Thus, something new and unprecedented was created: a spiritual method that is understandable, easy to apply and at the same time highly efficient for laymen, even without years or decades of training. A method for personal and spiritual development that could be practiced entirely secularly without any religious context.

In order for us to practice Reiki today, Mikao Usui broke a tradition. This was certainly a big step for him, as honor and tradition were of utmost importance to a samurai. Normally, the Reiki method would have been a family secret.

Rule Breaker

You may have heard that in the past in Japan and China, martial arts styles and spiritual practices were passed down within schools and families. They were therefore a kind of trade secret and were not disclosed to outsiders.

Even today it is an outrage for some Japanese monks to pass on such knowledge to people from abroad. However, Mikao Usui wanted Reiki to spread throughout the world so that all people could benefit from it. Accordingly, he taught 2000 people and trained about 20 Reiki Masters.

How his family reacted, we don’t know exactly. There is a possibility that he had to put up with one or two disputes in order to be able to coach and spread Reiki according to his convictions.

Now you can make up your own mind about what Mikao Usui would think about distance initiations in the Corona Crisis. Is it in his mind to take down Reiki Masters who offer Reiki online courses with initiations in Lockdown?

Invite happiness

Mikao Usui left us five principles commonly referred to as the “Rules of Life”. However, this is by no means a strict set of rules restricting freedom. Rather, the founder of the Reiki method gives us his guide to happiness.

If you have ever dealt with mindfulness, (self-)compassion and self-care, then you can recognize exactly these themes in the Reiki rules of life.

In the morning and evening, according to Mikao Usui, Reiki practitioners should practice a small mindfulness meditation and focus their attention on the spiritual heart in the center of the chest.

Then the rules of life are recited in an audible voice. They say that one should let anger and melancholy, or worry, be. In Japanese, this is phrased in such a way that it refers to oneself as well as to others.

So one should not annoy oneself and worry all the time, and also not cause trouble and worry to one’s fellow men. That doesn’t mean you can’t have negative feelings and keep it together all the time. Just don’t see only the bad all the time and sink into negativity.

Modern Spirituality

The other rules of life show us how a positive attitude can be cultivated: One should be grateful, dedicated to one’s karma, and also be kind to oneself and other living beings. Sounds pretty modern actually, doesn’t it?

Today there are even scientific studies on the effect of gratitude and (self-)compassion and a whole lot of guidebooks. The genius of Mikao Usui is not that he simply thought up his rules of life completely by himself.

They are based on the 108 rules of conduct of the Sūtras of the Great Sun, which are divided into five categories. Great, but let’s be honest, you probably don’t feel like memorizing 108 rules either, do you? Mikao Usui already thought of that.

The founder of the Reiki method therefore wrote the rules of life on the basis of the five superordinate categories in a simple and understandable way, so that all people can do something with it and enrich their lives. Because the message of the rules of life is quite obvious, isn’t it?

Reiki Gamechanger

In a good old tradition of Gamechangers – Kûkai, the legendary founder of the Shingon School

The idealist in the wrong place

Actually, Kûkai’s career, originally called Mao, was pre-programmed and pre-planned to the hilt. In the eighth century, people had nowhere near as many freedoms as they do today.

The parental home and the origin determined decisively about the way of life, the career and the private life. From that point of view Kûkai was really lucky, he was able to attend university and was destined for a civil service career.

The majority of the population in Japan suffered from famine and severe weather disasters, in addition to being conscripted into forced labor. Kûkai was a very compassionate person and dreamed of being able to help the people as an official. For the sake of his vision, he accepted that studying at that time was extremely strenuous.

Sifting out was the order of the day back then, instead of once at the end of the semester, there were really tough exams every ten days. Unfortunately, however, the knowledge that was imparted was not worth much. It was all about memorization the whole time, but not about putting the knowledge into practice in any way.

Certainly the university did not encourage people to produce innovations that could improve life. Kûkai was really stressed about keeping up with his studies. He also studied at night, but when he sat down under a tree one evening, suddenly everything changed: an old monk spoke to him.

The Morning Star Meditation

Imagine knowing full well that you’re going to study through the night because you have an exam the next day. The last thing you need is some passerby chatting you up, actually… But for Kûkai, this changed everything, the monk was his gamechanger.

First, the old man made it clear to him that his previous career would never lead to Kûkai realizing his dream. Even a civil service career would not enable him to help the people.

Instead, the monk gave him another instruction for happiness, namely the Buddhist mantra nobô akasha kyarabaya on arikya mari bori sowaka. He taught him the morning star meditation, the Gumonji hô.

A million times Kûkai was to recite the mantra in order to be able to spread happiness among the people. After a few mantra repetitions, the old monk was gone as quickly as he had appeared. But Kûkai felt much better, lighter and clear-headed.

Gumonji hô means method of retaining what you hear. In Tantric Buddhism it is used to develop and increase spiritual abilities. This should also improve memory and make learning easier.

Kûkai and Usui

That is why this meditation is still popular in Japan today. As a Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui knew them from his basic training. Perhaps he practiced the Gumonji hô when he came to Reiki under a sacred tree in the Kurama Mountains.

The development of spiritual abilities in himself and his students was so important to the founder of the Reiki method that this concern is mentioned on his memorial stone.

When Kûkai practiced the Morning Star meditation under a tree for the first time over 1000 years before Mikao Usui’s lifetime, it was a fateful moment. He gave up everything after that, his studies, his dream of a career as a civil servant, his relationship, everything.

His parents were most unamused that their son was now meditating unwashed as an ascetic in the mountains. But they couldn’t stop him, no one could. When he had recited his mantra a million times, he looked at the sunrise by the sea, overjoyed.

In doing so, he gave himself the name Kûkai, which means sky and sea. For many years he lived ascetically, meditating in a cave and under waterfalls, in all seasons. It is quite possible that Mikao Usui took him as a role model, because Kûkai was still to achieve outstanding things.

Tantric Buddhism

Kûkai chose Mount Kôyasan as the site for a Buddhist center. But until then a lot of time would pass and Kûkai would experience many adventures. Once again under a tree he received important input in the form of a vision and then found the Sûtra of the Great Sun Buddha in the Kumedera temple. Can you remember that?

From this Sûtra Mikao Usui later derived the Reiki rules of life. The master symbol in Reiki also comes from this. But the catch in Kûkai’s day was that no one could read the Sûtra then. In his vision he had also been told to study the Buddhist secret trainings, Tantric Buddhism.

For that, it was best to go to China. So Kûkai studied Chinese diligently and became a “full monk.” Up to now he had also practiced all the time, but officially he was a lay monk zaike-sô. Finally he got permission to go to China, which was not so easy.

A great adventure

The journey by ship was extremely dangerous and indeed Kûkai was shipwrecked. Without “papers” he and his fellow travellers were suspected of being pirates and ended up in prison for the time being. Upon his return to Japan, Kûkai was also imprisoned for the first time. You see, he really didn’t have it easy.

But the journey was very worthwhile for him, because he was appointed by the patriarch of Tantric Buddhism Hui-kuo as his successor. Through years of practicing Morning Star meditation, he learned very quickly and acquired the contents of Tantric Buddhism in record time.

Actually, Kûkai was supposed to study in China for twenty years, but this was neither necessary nor possible because of the situation in China. In Tantric Buddhism, Kûkai found the fulfillment of his life’s dream. The Buddhist secret trainings are focused on practice, not grey theory.

A dream comes true

Tantric Buddhism contains a lot of meditations and rituals with which you can do good to yourself and also to others. After Kûkai returned to Japan, he was finally able to convince the emperor of his Buddhist direction and founded the Shingon school of Tantric Buddhism in Japan.

Finally he was allowed to build a monastery on Kôyasan, which he had undertaken to do many years before. But Kûkai didn’t just retire to make a comfortable life for himself after all his adventures and troubles.

He continued to travel extensively, serving as a coacher and supporting the people. Above all, he helped people who were in need. He also founded a school that could be attended regardless of class or wealth due to a scholarship system.

A gamechanger for all cases

Kûkai had also acquired the most modern technical knowledge for the time in China, which benefited his compatriots. Basically, we are now doing the same thing by putting on high quality Reiki online courses. Kûkai also visited his place of origin during his travels and had a dam built there under his guidance.

At the same time he taught people meditations of Tantric Buddhism. So he became a real gamechanger for many people, turning his whole era around. Oh, he had also brought noodle soup and green tea from China to Japan by the way.

Kûkai’s desire to help others was also very important to Mikao Usui. That’s why it’s written on his memorial stone that those in need of help should be helped – a striking parallel, no?

Shingon Reiki

Now you also see that Shingon Reiki is not just any style of Reiki where Reiki is mixed with something else. In Shingon Reiki we go back to the origins of Reiki, to Mikao Usui and Kûkai and their trainings. Since they were gamechangers, though, we’re not about rigid tradition with blinders on.

We want to coach Reiki in a modern, understandable way and this includes, for example, the inclusion of online courses. Mikao Usui wished Reiki to be spread worldwide in an open way for the benefit of the people.

Here we would like to make our contribution and if you would like to be part of it, then that is all the better and makes us very happy!

May the Reiki power be with you!

Reiki Gamechanger
Let your Reiki skills shine!

Increase your Reiki skills

Are you looking to increase your Reiki abilities in perception and application?

With Shingon Reiki we help you to:

1. Sharpen your perception of Reiki energies
2. Quickly master the different techniques
3. Accelerate your progress toward mindful Reiki mastery

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Es ist Zeit, Dein wahres Selbst zu leben

Reiki ist das Beste, was dir im Leben passieren kann. Mit Reiki kannst Du dir selber helfen, dich von Stress und Altlasten befreien, zur Ruhe kommen, Energie tanken, deine Vision erkennen und den Weg Deines Herzens gehen. Und wenn Du willst, kannst Du damit auch anderen helfen.

Trete ein in die Welt des Schamanismus

Öffne deine Sinne für die Kraft der Natur, die Weisheit der Spirits und die Magie der Rituale.

Befreie dich von Fremdeinflüssen, stärke deinen Schutz und finde innere Balance.

Willkommen in unserer Gemeinschaft der spirituellen Suchenden und Entdecker!