Master Reiki Level 2: Initiation, Symbols, and Contents Explained Fundamentally

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You are thinking about doing the level 2 in Reiki? You may be wondering if you’re ready, what’s in store for you, and what new opportunities are coming your way. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the level 2. If you still have questions at the end, Mark and I will be happy to answer them personally and free of charge.

When is the right time?

Myths about the distance between the 1. and level 2

To find the right time to 2nd Reiki degree to make, ultimately you determine. You alone decide when you want it. The only requirement to attend the second degree in Reiki is to attend the first degree. Unfortunately, some myths still circulate about the best time between the 1. and level 2, which are simply not true.

  • After the 1st Reiki degree you must do some form of 21-day practice before you can even get to the level 2 you need to think: That’s not true, you have to look for the level 1 do nothing at all. If you want to expand your spiritual abilities, I recommend a meditation practice from the level 1 Shingon Reiki, which you ideally do for 41 days. However, this is not an obligation, but simply an offer. You can stop the exercise at any time, do it at any other time or repeat it from time to time.

  • There must be at least 3 months between grade 1 and grade 2: Most people would like to have a break after the level 1 first practice and experiment with these options. But at the end of the day, the best time to 2nd Reiki level to make a decision that only you can make.

  • The master or coacher decides when is the right time for you. No, it is your life and you decide for yourself. You can always consult and reflect if you feel ready. Good Reiki Masters and Mistresses advise and support you like a coach, but they never put themselves above you.

The level 2 in Reiki is an important step towards mastery

The three Reiki levels and the Master Path

It is also helpful to know that Reiki is a method that can be practiced by almost anyone without hesitation. This means that you can do almost nothing wrong.

There are three Reiki degrees. The second Reiki level, together with the first level, forms the basic level. This is followed by the third Reiki level as the master level. If you realize that you really need a lot of practice after the second level and also want to further consolidate the contents from the first level, there are several options open to you:

You can follow a Shingon Reiki Master path in which several repetitions of the 1. and 2nd level are included. In addition, you will receive in-depth and carefully prepared content that will help you become a professional Reiki practitioner.

The Master Path is right for everyone who wants to actively use Reiki in their lives, get to know the full variety of the method and develop personally as well as spiritually. So you will get events like Spinal Reiki, Reiki and Energetic Protection, Reiki and TCM, Reiki and Crystals, Buddhist Massage and much more.

You can also attend Reiki evenings or repeat the first two degrees. Often you will then get a fair discount.

The waterfall represents inner and outer wealth in Feng Shui

The topic of costs

In addition to personal reasons, the financing of the 2nd level at the right time plays a role. It is usually priced higher than the level 1.

I know from personal experience that money is often a sticking point in spiritual seminars / trainings / events. At the same time, I have been able to afford everything I really wanted and needed. I would like to encourage you not to miss out on good quality Reiki events because of cost. Talk openly with your Reiki Master about your situation. Most of the time there is an option to pay in installments.

How is the 2nd Reiki level structured?

You will receive a level 2 initiation so that you can use three symbols of the Usui Reiki system. To use the contents of Reiki 2, you must be correctly initiated into the first Reiki degree. If you have any doubt that you have been initiated correctly, I recommend that you consider a new initiation.

Emphasis in the level 2 is on practicing the symbols as well as their application in distance Reiki and Reiki mental healing. You can also build Reiki force fields for better feng shui. The process and also the contents taught in the level 2 can differ depending on the master or mistress.

An advanced master directs and cultivates life energy -Shingon Reiki level 2

How to use the Reiki symbols

The linchpin in the second level is the work with the symbols. In the past, the symbols were considered secret in the West and even today some Reiki practitioners still hold on to them. Mark found out that in Japan the symbols are not considered secret knowledge and are allowed to be shown in public. The initiation alone does not enable you to handle the symbols properly. The best training is to write and work with them over and over again.

A quality level 2 therefore includes writing the symbols with brush pen on paper so that you can apply them correctly with your Reiki hands. From Mark and me you get the symbols as a pattern with help in different sizes. So you always have a template and in the beginning you can just trace them to get a feeling for them. And of course, you can always refer to your documents during the applications. In fact, we recommend that you do so 😉.

The next step is to apply the symbols in Reiki treatments. It’s much easier after you’ve written them because you’ve already familiarized yourself with them that way.

The application is simple: you visualize the symbol, trace it with your hand and say its mantra three times. With this approach you effect the activation of a symbol and can use the full spectrum of its power for your applications. You’ll see that activating a symbol correctly feels very different than just mentally imagining the symbol.

What are the three traditional Usui Reiki symbols in the level 2?

Reiki symbol Choku Rei - power amplification

Choku rei (CR symbol)

The CR symbol is also called the symbol of force amplification. Strictly speaking, however, this symbol does not allow more life energy to be channeled, but rather enables the targeted directing of Reiki and other energies. So the CR symbol does not replace the training of your Reiki skills and Reiki continues to be drawn in by the body consciousness. Through this symbol energies can be rather bundled and that causes the amplification. Pretty convenient, right?

The CR symbol can be used individually. In remote treatment and mental healing it is combined with the symbols for these techniques.

Spiritual Calligraphy Hon sha ze sho nen - Shingon Reiki level 2

Hon sha ze shô nen (HS symbol)

With this icon you can perform remote treatments. By bridging time and space distances, a field full of wonderful new possibilities opens up to you. The HS symbol is a source of Reiki energy and is also used for force fields that you can use to improve the feng shui of your rooms.

Sei heki - 2nd level mental healing symbol in reiki

Be heki (SHK symbol)

The SHK symbol is used in Reiki for mental and spiritual healing. Sei heki means correcting habits. Reiki Mental Healing focuses on your personal and spiritual growth. Reiki was taught by Mikao Usui as a way for personality development and the cultivation of psychic abilities. Therefore, the SHK symbol and its applications have a great importance within the Reiki method.

Reiki level 2 distance healing for living beings, places and situations

The Reiki remote application

You can use the HS and CR symbols to make long-distance contact with creatures, places and situations. For example, you can send Reiki to a person or place even if there are continents between you.

You can also send Reiki into past events to allow healing to take place there. This can be a great boon to the psyche. Using the same approach, you can use Reiki for future situations, such as a successful job interview.

Remote healing can also make sense for yourself. You may want to give yourself Reiki on several parts of your body at once, or do targeted Shingon Reiki organ applications.

Mental healing for personality development in level 2 Reiki

The Reiki Mental Healing

This application focuses on psychological and mental aspects. You surely know this too: sometimes we are trapped in certain patterns of thinking and behavior. Even though you know that certain beliefs and habits are hurting you, you just can’t get out of your skin. Self-sabotage and self-created blockages lead to distressing situations. In doing so, your unconscious mind is not intentionally working against you, it wants to protect you.

Mostly such patterns are learned in childhood, only they are very obstructive later in adult life. We need an update, in a sense.

This is where mental healing can come in handy, as it allows you to infuse your mind and emotional life with Reiki and activate your self-healing powers there. Affirmations can be helpful in this process. We show you how to skillfully combine affirmations with Reiki.

Reiki Mental Healing does not replace psychotherapy, of course, but is intended for all those who want to advance their personal development. However, Reiki is often very well suited to accompany therapeutic procedures and is accordingly popular with many therapists and alternative practitioners.

The mental healing symbol is associated with the thousand-armed Bodhisattva of infinite compassion. His name is Senju Kannon in Japanese and Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit. In China he became the goddess Guanyin.

I recommend you to use mental healing very much in self-treatment. This way you can work on your life issues and grow as a personality. Of course you can use it for others, just don’t use it as an excuse to distract from your own issues.

Shingon Reiki with Dr. Mark Hosak and Eileen Wiesmann

Exclusive to Shingon Reiki

Mikao Usui had a burning interest in science and progress. He believed that with the advancement of brain research, new possibilities may arise with Reiki. Its system is designed to evolve rather than remain in rigid traditions. Much knowledge was also lost when Reiki came to the West.

Mark feels it is his obligation to Reiki to continue the method in the spirit of its founder. Therefore, during his research visits and while working on his doctorate, he went in search of clues to reunite what had been lost. He also studied psychology for a few semesters in order to be able to use the latest scientific findings for Reiki. The result of his decades of scientific and spiritual study of the Reiki method is Shingon Reiki.

Here, the level 2 offers you some possibilities that are not available anywhere else in Reiki. You can start your Reiki path with Shingon Reiki. If you have previously studied Reiki elsewhere, you can continue your training and deepen your knowledge here. Shingon Reiki is for Reiki practitioners who want to know and live Reiki in its originality and vitality.

In the Shingon School, the Medicine Buddhas embody the seven kinds of happiness

The 7 Medicine Buddhas

In the precepts, Mikao Usui refers to Reiki as the Secret Method for Inviting Happiness. In the Shingon tradition, where he was a monk, there are seven types of happiness embodied by seven Medicine Buddhas.

In level 2 Shingon Reiki you will receive the Buddhist initiation into the signs and mantras of the Medicine Buddhas as an extension of your possibilities with Reiki. The transmission of their powers harmonizes wonderfully with Reiki, as they are simply emanations, so-called emanations, of the Great Sun Buddha. He is the source of Reiki power. The seven Medicine Buddhas can be incorporated into all Reiki applications, your creativity is needed. 🤗

The Shingon Reiki brain application takes into account modern findings in psychology and brain research

Brain application

With the brain applications you can refine and expand mental healing. You direct energy through Reiki specifically to areas of the brain that are related to certain issues. It is a good idea to include the seven medicine Buddhas.

With Shingon Reiki you can get in touch with your inner child and support your resilience

Reiki for the inner team and resilience

Here your inner child and subpersonalities receive Reiki. This technique can be combined with excellent with the seven medicine buddhas and the brain application.

Often hurt inner children and subpersonalities from the past live on in us, even though the sad or scary situations are long gone. You may have heard expressions like, “That really broke a tick off my crown,” or, “That bent me.”

This is where the concept of resilience comes into play. Resilience means resistance and was originally applied in relation to plastics. Resilient materials return to their original shape even after high stresses. This image was transferred to us humans. Circumstances in our childhood play an important role in building resilience. However, we can all strengthen our resilience through personal development even in adulthood.

Injured inner parts do not develop further, but are as if frozen. It is simply not true that time heals all wounds. When we are triggered, we may engage in behaviors that we developed as coping strategies at some point in the past. However, these behaviors are often anything but useful in adulthood and sometimes we ask ourselves why we are suddenly like this.

For example, if someone was comforted with sweets in childhood, this old habit comes up again when frustrated. Perhaps even though the person is otherwise mindful of a healthy diet. But with triggers, the old pattern is back.

With Shingon Reiki you can activate your self-healing powers in terms of subpersonalities and resilience and work on your life issues.

In Shingon Reiki level 2 there are special applications for joints, organs, blood cells, mitochondria and intolerances

Joint application, organ application, mitochondrial application and incompatibility application.

At level 1 you have practiced extensively the Reiki hand positions. To be able to use Reiki specifically, it is sometimes helpful to combine applications for joints and organs with the possibilities of the 2nd degree to be performed. The aura is also included in this process. Mark and I will show you exactly which approach is appropriate for which situation.

The joint and organ application can be extended so that you can also provide Reiki to the mitochondria, red blood cells, granulocytes and the lymphatic system. It is also possible with Shingon Reiki to do an incompatibility application. Since I’ve been doing this more often, I can even touch little spiders, yeah. I used to run away every time I saw a spider 😉.

Shingon Reiki force fields can improve feng shui

Feng Shui with Shingon Reiki force fields

In Shingon Reiki force fields you use the energies of the seven medicine Buddhas. You can also invite any of the other Buddhist forces that you learn about in Shingon Reiki over time.

Reiki force fields are a great instant measure for feng shui. For example, you can use them at your bedside, at your workplace or over a bouquet of flowers. Normally, a force field releases Reiki in its place for a certain period of time. In Shingon Reiki you can choose the healing power of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to suit the theme and combine it with the Reiki energy.

Rating and feedback

Ideally, you should be given repeated opportunities to provide feedback during a 2nd degree. In our events, all participants frequently have their say. If you are undecided about where to do the second degree, reviews from previous participants can give you some guidance. You can find feedback for our offers in written and video format on the home page.

Appointment for your free strategy talk

You are thinking about doing or repeating the level 2? If you’d like to talk about it, feel free to come in for a free strategy session anytime. We take time for you. You just pick a time that suits you and we’ll see together how Mark or I can support you. You are also welcome if you have attended Reiki trainings, seminars or events elsewhere.

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