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Online academy

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Live Events

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Shingon Reiki Theme Events
Shingon Meditation and Spirit Healing
  • Shingon Reiki level 1
  • Shingon Reiki 2nd degree
  • Buddhist Spirit Healing
  • Spiritual care for the dying
  • Mindfulness and meditation in everyday life
  • Meditation of the 12 Protective Buddhas
  • Meditation of the Three Mysteries
  • Initiation into popular mantras
  • Shingon Reiki Master Meditation
Buddhist bodywork
  • Buddhist massage
Shingon & Shugendo Secret Teachings
  • Kuji Kiri 1
  • Kuji Kiri 2
Usui Reiki Ryoho

Usui Reiki from the basics to the master class including the traditional initiations:

  • Shingon Reiki level 1
  • Shingon Reiki 2nd degree
  • Shingon Reiki Master Training
Complementary highlights
  • Spiritual calligraphy
  • Buddhist altar
  • Shingon Reiki Master Meditation


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Success Stories

Voices of enthusiastic participants

Martin from Berlin

Shingon Reiki Master

Dear Mark,

I have been with the new to Shingon Reiki from the beginning. In return, I would first like to say in general how great I think it is what you have put together.

Alone with the 1. and level 2 Shingon Reiki I have more possibilities than I had in my old style after 5 different build up events. I have also enjoyed the other events I have attended so far.

I found it all the more gratifying that, as a Shingon Reiki Master, I could not only 1. and level 2 Singon Reiki can coach to the full extent, but also 4 other Shingon Reiki events!

Now to the actual event “Initiation Training”: You managed to come up with a concept where we internalized the traditional Usui initiations within 6 hours. I tried it again right away this weekend and the ritual sits amazingly well in my mind. The Shingon initiations also sit better than I thought they would.

The rest of the time of the initiation training you brought us closer to what it means to “be a master”. You showed us in discussions and practical examples how we can “master our way”, how we can increase our resilience (see level 2 Shingon Reiki) and thus become more and more successful.

Actually, I always had some concerns about how I could possibly manage (if I could manage at all) to find students, coach, balance that with the rest of my life, etc…. However, after the event, I am confident that I will succeed and look forward to passing the torch that Usui lit to the next one.

Thank you very much for this!

Martin :)

online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master

Benjamin Maier

Shingon Reiki Master

Hello Mark

I am very glad that Shingon Reiki exists and I am very grateful to you, Mark, for humbly sharing your treasures with all of us. The content from the new Shingon Reiki events I have had the pleasure of attending in the last six months is much more useful to me and my work than all the training I enjoyed with my previous style of Reiki. And I am not exaggerating.

I get to feel the synergy of science and spirituality with Shingon Reiki, can work very efficiently with it and the greatest thing is that it is not some channeled mumbo jumbo, but content from spiritual traditions that are a few thousand years old and accordingly bring a lot of background with them. These are the true words for me with Reiki ;).

Mark, thank you so much for this!

Kind regards,

Benjamin Maier

online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master

Sonja Kuckart

Shingon Reiki Master

Hello Mark

Since we did the ritual to say goodbye to outdated and unwanted influences, Reiki has made a big difference in my life. Somehow everything is different when practicing – it is a different feeling when using Reiki- somehow much more natural – closer and more connected to the light beings.

So many positive echoes I receive in the last few days, it’s just super nice. This new way of Shingon Reiki is like a new way of life for me. All doubts, all fears of the last months regarding my Reiki practice have dissolved. And in addition this super great feeling when practicing! Today a new client has signed up who lives 70 km away – moreover, the appointment with me is at 8 am because otherwise I don’t have an appointment free soon!

Thank you for having the courage to bring Shingon Reiki out into the world, because it is just something brilliantly great. Something that really brings people more light and love in their lives. And I am glad and grateful that you took me on this Shingon Reiki path!

And I hope and wish from the bottom of my heart that all other Shingon Reiki practitioners and students will have as many impressive experiences with this method as I am experiencing right now!
Thank you and the light beings!
From the heart

Sonja Kuckart
LightFlow Reiki Institute Eupen

online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master online course5 1 Shingon Reiki Master

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