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Shinpiden Meistergrad - Dainichi Nyorai Meister Meister

Reiki Master Teacher Level

Contents of the coacher training

  • Reiki Master Teacher Initiation
  • Reiki initiations of the Takata Lineage
  • Initiation training for the 1st level
  • Initiation training for the 2nd level
  • The mystical meaning of the master symbol
  • Write the master symbol as calligraphy
  • Prepare the initiation room
  • Spiritual training
  • Enhancing the master’s skills
  • Detailed illustrated manual
  • Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

Secret Reiki Master Techniques

Increase in strength in initiation

Secret Method of Inviting the Master Power

  • How to increase the energy level in the initiation room
  • Connection with the Initiation Universe
  • Astral journeys of spiritual touch
  • Invite the Spiritual Lineage properly
  • Mudras and hand gestures of empowerment
  • Reiki breathing and breathing in power
  • Collect, bundle and direct Reiki
  • Experience spiritual qualities directly
  • The blessings touching the heart
Kuji Meister Pagoden Shingon Reiki Eileen
Meister Einweihungshalle Yakushi do

The training of initiations

The Hayashi Method in the Takata Lineage

  • Four initiations in the 1st degree
    • Open the Reiki channel
    • Power up the Reiki channel
    • Strengthen the Reiki channel
    • Seal the Reiki Channel
  • Initiation into the three symbols of the 2nd level
    • Power amplification symbol
    • Mental healing symbol
    • Remote contact symbol

Spiritual development

The sources of Usui Reiki

Personality development for Reiki coachers

Meister Training Japanischer Tempel

Daikomyo – the master symbol

Symbol of perfect enlightenment

  • The Shinpiden training of the master symbol
  • Initiation into the master symbol
  • Initiation into the secret master mantra
  • Development of psychic abilities
  • The source of strength from the master symbol
  • Connection with the Yin-Yang source of the master power

Your bonuses for free

Your extra bonus: Special service for Reiki coachers

  • Video calligraphy instructions for the Reiki symbols
  • Audio and video service with regular updates
  • Audio mantra vowel training
  • Answering questions as text, audio and video
  • Personal aftercare

Detailed illustrated manual as PDF

  • Step by step instructions for initiations
  • Illustrated calligraphy instructions for the Reiki symbols
  • Detailed descriptions of all content
Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker Inhalte
Reiki Meister Meister Online Training

Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

Master-coacher certificate

  • Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Certificate upon course completion
  • Inauguration confirmation in the certificate
  • Authorization to initiate in the 1st and 2nd degree
  • Permanent validity of the certificate

New: Online Teacher Training

Online initiations

2021 online master initiation in lockdown

  • The lockdown makes traveling difficult.
  • Traditionally, the Takata initiations included physical contact and blowing on – irresponsible and prohibited during the pandemic.
  • Therefore online training for safety.
  • Conveniently learn Reiki initiations online with Mark Hosak’s training method.
  • This training cannot be replaced by any on-site seminar.

Buddhistische Geistheilung
Teacher Training

Online participation requirements

Shinpiden online training and you’re in

The online Reiki coacher course is ideal for you if you …

  • … have participated in the Shinpiden online training with Mark Hosak
  • … want to give online Reiki initiations live in the Takata Line!
  • … want to receive the secret methods of Reiki Mastery!
  • … see no possibility of travel and feel called to help others with the blessing of Reiki!
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