Transform your anger with the powerful 3 forces of Kongosatta

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Do you sometimes feel angry and don’t know how to deal with your anger? I’m all too familiar with this and it can be really annoying. Thoughts spin in your head, things go wrong and you just can’t get out of the negative emotions. Your spiritual helper Kongosatta can help. Learn how to do it here.

How does the anger with the thought carousel actually arise?

Free yourself from the mind carousel with Kongosatta

Negatively felt emotions, such as anger, can often arise from experienced injustice in childhood. Not being able to fight back as a child, anger was often suppressed, which can cause tension in the body. These tensions can become chronic and become lodged in the affected muscles, where the negative emotions remain. This can cause the natural posture of the body to change and the vertebrae of the spine to be displaced, which can lead to back problems later on.

If you get into situations today that consciously or unconsciously remind you of past childhood experiences, the old anger will resurface and the present disturbing situation will seem even worse. In other words, you wouldn’t be so angry if the past didn’t exist. At the same time, you seem to attract such situations almost magnetically today, as these energies are present in your aura and a part of you believes that healing can be achieved through a similar situation. Then the old breaks out of you again.

Today I’m going to show you how to escape from this vicious cycle and clean up your legacy. You can calm your anger and transform it into positive emotions to regain your inner peace – with yourself and with the world. The better you do, the more positive situations you will attract into your life.

How to calm your mind

Meditations on how to calm your mind

You may already be familiar with the idea that meditation is a way to calm your mind. There are numerous techniques that can help with this, however, they all have one thing in common – to get the best results, you should practice them regularly.

If you already practice meditation, you may know the feeling that at some point you are stuck and that you actually need something to go deeper to resolve the root causes of your anger and other disturbing feelings.

A simple meditation to calm the mind

Here’s a step-by-step guide to a simple breathing meditation that can help you calm his anger:

Find a quiet place: Find a quiet place where your friend can meditate undisturbed.

2. sit down : sit in a comfortable position with your spine upright, either on a chair or on the floor.

3. close your eyes: close your eyes and breathe deeply.

4. focus on the breath: concentrate on your breath and feel it flowing in and out of your body.

Count the breaths: Count to four on the inhale and four on the exhale. Repeat this counting as often as you like and feel your body relax.

6. hold focus: if your mind wanders, look at the thought for a moment, thank it, and return your attention to your breath.

7. finish the meditation: feel the support and then open your eyes.

This simple breathing meditation can help you calm down and reduce your anger. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like to relax and find inner peace.

A simple Reiki meditation for deep relaxation and better calming of the mind

Reiki meditation for deep relaxation

Do you know the Reiki healing method? Reiki is known for being able to transmit energy with the hands for relaxation.

Less known is that Reiki comes from Shingon Buddhism to enhance the positive effects of meditation. That is why I developed Shingon Reiki. This is the simple concept of walking the path of your heart with meditation and Reiki.

Here is a simple Shingon Reiki meditation for deep relaxation and calming the mind:

1. find a quiet place: find a quiet place where you can meditate undisturbed.

2. sit or lie down: sit in a comfortable position with an upright spine or lie on your back with a comfortable support.

3. place your hands on your lower abdomen: place your palms on your lower abdomen, about a hand’s width below your belly button.

4. close your eyes: close your eyes and breathe deeply.

5. focus on the breath: observe your breath and feel how it flows in and out of your body. Feel how your belly rises and falls under your hands.

Focus on your Hara: Direct your attention to the energetic center in your lower abdomen. Imagine your hara filling with new energy as you inhale and everything negative leaving you as you exhale.

Connect with your inner silence: Connect with the inner silence and stillness within you. Experience how your body relaxes and your mind comes to rest.

8. finish the meditation: feel the pad and then open your eyes and come back.

This Shingon Reiki Hara Meditation with the Reiki hands on your lower abdomen can help you relax and find your inner peace and centeredness. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like.

How to heal the deep causes of your anger

Gateway to release from your anger

You may already be familiar with meditation and feel that you have reached a point where you are stuck and feel the need to dive deeper into yourself to release the root causes of your anger and other distressing emotions.

For this we need something more than just laying on of hands and meditation. The thing that helps us is the transformative power with the mantra of Kongossatta.

Within esoteric Buddhist practice, Kongosatta is considered a symbol of transformation and liberation from anger, hatred, and rage. His spiritual and magical abilities assist in overcoming obstacles and painful memories to find the path to enlightenment of the heart.

Here we come to the heart of Shingon Reiki, because in Shingon, with the Spirit Kongosatta, through the calming of the mind, the transformation of anger is also possible. And that just changes everything. For here the strengths of soothing Reiki power and calming meditation come together with the negative emotion transforming power of Kongosatta.

Through his mantra, bija and mudra you become the channel of this transforming power. In meditation, you use it to clear your own issues with anger, hatred, and rage. in the Shingon Reiki treatment you can easily transmit this power through your Reiki hands.

By the way, dissolving anger with Kongosatta is only one facet of many. After all, there are other disturbing feelings besides anger, such as sadness, jealousy, self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, and many more. And accordingly, in Shingon Reiki, other Buddhist Spirits are Reiki, other Buddhist at your side. This way you can ask the right one for support according to your topic. The real contact comes through the Shingon Reiki initiations. You will receive the initiation into the powers of Kongosatta in the Shingon Reiki event called Kuji Kiri 1.

But who exactly is Kongosatta?

Who is Kongosatta, Vajrasattva, Dorje Sempa

Kongosatta is a male figure with white-blue skin color and a third eye on the forehead. He is often depicted with a vajra thunderbolt in his right hand and a ghanta bell in his left.

In addition, Kongosatta has the ability to heal diseases and provide protection from negative influences. In the Tibetan tradition, esoteric Hinduism, and Japanese Shingon Buddhism, Kongosatta is also considered the protector of the Buddha‘s trainings.

Kongosatta as yidam

Kongosatta belongs to the beings of the Yidams, Devas or Ten, who are considered to be the manifestation of Buddhahood or the enlightened mind.

In Buddhist Tantra, the yidam is invoked for the purpose of transformation and is practiced with the Three Mysteries. This results in a fusion between the two, so that forces can act optimally.

The practitioner gets favorable conditions for enlightenment by performing this practice, in that disturbing constructs in the mind such as beliefs, imprints and old issues can be cleared.

In Shingon Reiki, there is also the unique opportunity to channel the powers of the Yidam through oneself and transfer them to others.

Yidams are spiritual beings in Tantric Buddhism of the Shingon School and Tibetan Buddhism. These beings are very important for spiritual development, as they serve as spiritual helpers and inspirations.

A yidam is a kind of spiritual friend who helps you on your path and inspires you. They can help you focus on your highest spiritual potential by giving you a shape and focus to facilitate meditation and visualization. This can help solve spiritual and everyday problems and lead to a better understanding of the self and the world around us.

The Shingon School uses yidams in its practice to support full spiritual potential. There are many advantages to this practice, if you are willing to engage in it. Using yidams can help clear blockages in the mind and open the energy field, which can lead to higher consciousness.

Some of the most important yidams used in Shingon practice are the Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai and the Immovable Wisdom King Fudo Myoo. Each of them has special qualities, abilities and aspects that can help us engage in our spiritual journey and inspire us.

Using yidams can be a very effective way to promote spiritual development. So if you are on your own spiritual path, don’t be afraid to explore and incorporate these practices. Be inspired by the use of Yidams with Shingon Reiki and let their powerful spiritual influence guide you.

Feel free to come in for a free initial consultation with me as well, and we’ll find out how I can help you on your path in the way that’s right for you.

Its famous names

Japanese: Kongosatta

Sanskrit: Vajra Sattva

Tibetan: Dorje Sempa

Legends Congosatta

Nagarjuna and the Iron Stupa of the Shingon School

Protector and liberator from negative influences

It is said that Kongosatta appeared in a battle between the Wisdom Kings and the demons to help them win by taking away the power of the negative aggression of the demonic entities. Therefore, he is one of the most important helpers in Kuji Kiri 1, which is about purifying the mind from anger and freeing it from karmic entanglements.

Helper in the process of self-realization

Another legend says that a student of the founder of the Shingon school, Kukai, was commissioned to carve a statue of Kongosatta. However, the disciple was unable to complete the statue’s face, so he asked Kongosatta himself for help. After the disciple went into a trance, Kongosatta is said to have appeared to him and completed the face of the statue.

Key figure in the emergence of the Shingon school

The legendary third Shingon patriarch Nagarjuna is said to have undertaken a daring pilgrimage through India as an itinerant preacher, during which he is said to have succeeded in unlocking the secret of the Iron Stūpa and opening it. In it he found Kongosatta, the second mythical patriarch of the Shingon school after the Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai. Nagarjuna was initiated into the secret trainings by Kongosatta and he founded the Shingon school.

The Iron Stūpa is the heart of the Shingon School, where Dainichi Nyorai is the supreme coacher. Through Kongosatta, Nagarjuna received the great textbooks, the Dainichi-kyô and the Kongôchô kyô, which have been handed down from patriarch to patriarch ever since. This incredible story of Nagarjuna’s pilgrimage and discovery is a source of motivation and inspiration for the Shingon school and its followers. He found a hidden tradition that has been passed down for centuries and continues to be a source of knowledge, enlightenment and power. The Iron Stupa today represents the core of the Shingon trainings and the power of Nagarjuna’s journey.

Free yourself from anger with Kuji Kiri 1

Kuji Kiri 1 - free yourself from anger with Kongosatta

If you ever feel pressured or stressed, it’s time to calm your mind and free yourself from your anger and old karma patterns. With the Kuji Kiri 1 online course, you will receive step-by-step instructions for meditations for transformation. With the initiation you can invoke the powers of Kongosatta and use them for yourself. 🤩 So you can unleash your inner power and strength and give yourself peace and serenity. 🤗

Just give it a try and be inspired by the miraculous power of meditations. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Follow the link for more info and get a preview of the online course Kuji Kiri 1.

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