Achieve Peace and Comfort: Understanding the Powerful 4 Proven Levels of End-of-Life Care

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🙏 Shingon Buddhist end-of-life care helps the living, the dying, the deceased, and the bereaved to find inner peace with the subject of death and dying, and finally to let go. 💎 You can also help the deceased after their passing to purify their soul, heart and mind so that they can find happiness and supreme joy in their journey to the afterlife. 🙏 It is a beautiful way to show compassion and care, not only for the deceased, but also for their friends and loved ones. 🤩 It can be a powerful reminder to live life to the fullest! 🌟

Death and dying are viewed in different ways all over the world. For many in Western society, death is seen as the end. But is it really? 🤔

If we look more closely, we realize that death is not just an end, but a transition. It marks the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Birth is another example of this – it marks the end of a non-corporeal existence and the beginning of life in a body. We choose our parents to experience the great challenges that life can bring.

Death is not the end, but a way into a new reality. So make the most of your life here and now, because there is always more ahead! 🌈

Make the best of your life - Buddhist end of life care

Many of us probably deviate from our life plan, driven by our ego, influenced by training, religion and society. All too often we find ourselves in situations that were not originally in our soul’s plan, and this can lead to consequences that are not meant for us – wrong partners, wrong job, wrong diet, to name a few.

At the end of our lives, many of us will have experienced a lot of unnecessary suffering and anger because we often lived past our great tasks in life. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

When we approach our lives with peace in our hearts, it is much easier to let go. And when our time here is over, we don’t have to regret things or leave a mess. Life is far too short to live past our true purpose – so let’s seize every moment and live a meaningful life! This is also a part of Buddhist end-of-life care, because in Shingon Buddhism it is not started toward the end of life. Therefore, you can directly begin to cultivate a life of joy and mindfulness. And that is exactly what the Spirits of Buddhist Death Care help you with. 💪🏽

In the dying process lies hidden an opportunity to deal not only with the debts and sins of one’s life, but also with the great merits. 🥰 It is important to help a dying person heal his karma and free him from the restrictive so that he can die in peace and face the next journey serenely. 💛 Let’s work together so that in the end we return to the world as a mutually healing whole. 🤲

💗 Purify the spiritual heart and live truthfully ✨

Buddhist Death Care - Purifying the Spiritual Heart

If in the West it is said that death is the end of life, in Buddhism 🧘‍♂️ it is explained that the heart 💗 is basically pure and immortal and you only change the form of life, such as the body or the living conditions. This happens through transformation 💫 by means of meditation and the development of the personality.

This in turn means, if possible, making peace with oneself and the world over time by accepting one’s shadows 🤔 and seeing them as pure, being kind to beings, being grateful to them, dissolving karmic entanglements, and giving up the 108 mind poisons, which are categorized as hate, anger, and delusion.

Therefore, Buddhist end-of-life care 👵🏼 refers not only to those who are near death, but also to the living, the relatives and the departed souls. The path of the heart of enlightenment 🙏 leads to the experience of the Pure Land = a life full of peace, joy and meaning ✨ during this unique life journey. With passion and determination you can make your life a celebration 🎉 of life!

Buddhist end of life care for the living

From a Buddhist point of view, it makes absolute sense to deal with the subject of death and dying during one’s lifetime and to begin end-of-life care in this way. 🤔 Such a journey is by no means something to be afraid of, but an opportunity to cultivate our inner peace and prepare ourselves for what is to come. 🙏

By considering that death is only the natural end of our present physical incarnation and recognizing that life continues through our imperishable heart, 💖 we can begin to truly appreciate and give more meaning to our life in the here and now. 💡

Through meditative practices, as found in Japanese Shingon Buddhism and Shingon Reiki, we gain insights into enlightenment and the innermost knowledge that lies within us. 🤗 So let’s go on this journey together and open ourselves to the power within us, because it can bring about infinite peace! 🤩

Buddhist end of life care for relatives

Buddhist end of life care for relatives

Talking about death and grief can be a scary experience, but it can be immensely helpful to deal with it sooner rather than later. This helps us internalize that death is not the end, and gives us hope that we can still wish well for our loved one and perform rituals for them after death.

A Buddhist death companion can be especially helpful on this journey. He can support us by talking about issues that may be difficult for us and by enlightening us about life after death through meditations and rituals. 🙏

Buddhist end of life care for the dying

The inner attitude of the relatives can make all the difference for the dying person. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a friendly and supportive interaction with them as part of end-of-life care. Working with a Buddhist companion can create a calm and comforting environment that helps the dying person let go and prepare for the journey ahead. There are special meditations and talks tailored to the current situation that can support a dignified transition. 🙏🏾

Buddhist end of life care for the deceased

Buddhist end of life care for the deceased

🙏 Buddhism coaches us that it is possible to perform rituals for the souls of the deceased to purify, protect and guide them to a pure land – and that these activities have the potential to create good conditions for reincarnation. 🙏In Coaching Buddhist Death Care, we will discuss simple and effective rituals you can perform to honor the souls of your loved ones.

We will also discuss other options for more elaborate ceremonies, such as the 33-year ritual of the Shingon monks, in which stelae and pagodas mark important moments in the process. 💖

If you are looking for a meaningful way to remember those you have lost, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with an ancient and sacred practice. Explore with us how you can honor the souls of the departed with dignity and grace. 🙏🏽

Questions and answers about death and dying

What happens after death?

Are you afraid of what happens after death? If you are worried about the unknown and hell, you are not alone. Many people are afraid of the afterlife and their belief in it can be traced back to what they heard in their childhood or in society.

But rest assured that life holds physical pleasures and conscious explorations that need not involve “sins.” 🧘‍♀️ Why not make the most of your life, here and now? Push out of your comfort zone and discover the confidence and curiosity you are capable of! 🌈

You can remember good things, and use difficulties as opportunities! 💪 If you suddenly become seriously ill or remember mistakes in your life that you can regret, then this can be the trigger to awaken for the first time and fill your life with spiritual issues. 🧘 Such a change of mind can help us to change our inner attitude and increase our happiness. 🤗

Letting go of imprints and inviting the meaning

Letting go of imprints and recognizing the meaning

You, if you are afraid of dying, don’t forget this: many ideas about death and its consequences are just thought constructs developed by people to spread a certain doctrine. Even though we rarely admit it, many of us believe, partly consciously and partly unconsciously, in a hell and the devil. But don’t let fear get the better of you! Accept the mystery and uncertainty of life and find the courage to live fearlessly! You will be especially helped by the healing powers of the meditations in Buddhist Death Care. 😊

So let’s take our fearlessness with us on this journey. Let’s keep an open mind together and live each day to the fullest! 💪

What can you take away – inner or outer wealth?

When you’ve accumulated wealth, possessions and power in life, it can be easy to hang on to them and use them to build your self-worth. 💰But when life comes to an end, no matter how rich or powerful we are, we all come to the same point – we are without our possessions and power. 🤝At this point we realize that experience is our best asset. 🙏It can be hard for a rich person to realize that their wealth and power are really just an illusion – but that is the truth of life. 💡

At the end of the day, it’s not about the money, possessions, and power we take with us – rather, it’s the moments we’ve experienced that really count. 🙌So, when you think about the end of your life – what do you want to take with you? Trouble and strife or beautiful moments and love? 🤗

Death is the ultimate reminder that you cannot take the money and power with you. 💀 We all go to death naked, just as we came into this world. The only thing that matters at this threshold is the experience we have gained. 💭

Power and possessions are only an illusion. 🙈 When a person is confronted with this, he may find it difficult to die because his heart may be too heavy. 💔

That’s why it’s important to consider: What do YOU want to take with you at the end of your life? A lot of trouble or rather beautiful moments? 🧐 Make the moments special now and have the courage to let go when the time comes. 🙏

Now is the time to invite happiness into your life! In Japanese Buddhism of the Shingon school there is a useful view on inner wealth. The Shingon monk Kakuban explains that we can already attain inner wealth in the present life 🤩 if we apply certain Shingon meditations with the Sun Buddha and the Paradise Buddha to ourselves. This is one of the most important aspects of Buddhist end-of-life care – so why wait until someone dies? 🧎‍♀️ Inner wealth is more valuable than all the gold in the world, so start inviting happiness into your life now! 🎉

When is it time to let go?

The time of letting go of the loa in Buddhist end-of-life care

It’s understandable that friends and loved ones don’t want to let go of their loved one who is dying, but doing so can be detrimental to their well-being and peace of mind. While it is heartbreaking to say goodbye to a loved one, it is important to remember that letting them die peacefully is the best way to go.

It is important to show your love and comfort during this process, but encouraging them to stay alive longer when the time comes only causes unnecessary suffering. The best way to honor their life and memory is to leave them alone and give them the space and peace they need to complete their journey. If you need support with this, feel free to sign up for a free strategy session and we’ll see how I can help you on your journey. 🤗

What happens when you die?

When a person dies, his soul leaves his body – and with it his energy disappears 🙁.But the soul remains in the environment for some time and gradually loses interest in its body. During this time, the soul often visits friends and relatives to say goodbye to them – which can sometimes manifest itself in the form of signs that can be interpreted by those affected. Those who are mediumistically and psychically sensitive and coachd can even sense the presence of a deceased soul.

Depending on their faith and beliefs, different entities may be there to pick them up in the afterlife. Others report experiencing a time lapse of their life and a tunnel with a light at the end as part of a near-death experience. 💡

Whatever happens after death, it will surely be a journey of transformation and renewal. 🌟

In the esoteric and tantric Buddhism of the Shingon school, it is possible to perform meditations and rituals of death guidance, which are specifically designed to enable a direct transition to a Pure Land of Amida. 📿 By the way, your beloved pets will be led to the eternal hunting grounds by Batô Kannon. 🐩

Cult of the dead and letting go

In the West, it is part of the culture that people want to hold on to the people they love even after death. However, it can be difficult for the deceased to fully say goodbye to this world. That is why there are the “walking dead,” which can lead to further problems. 🤯 Let’s do our part to give the deceased a chance to say goodbye to this world peacefully and forever. 💖

With Buddhist end-of-life care, it is possible to help even those who have already died on their way. In Japan, rituals are regularly performed for the deceased over a period of 33 years so that the soul can heal, free itself from confusion and be safely protected on its way.

Who is Buddhist Death Care for?

Buddhist end of life care for friends and family

For families and friends of the dying and deceased, Buddhist end-of-life care can be a great source of comfort. It can provide them with a sense of peace, a support system, and a community to lean on as they go through this difficult time. 💞 Knowing that they have the support of others can make all the difference in their healing process and their ability to cope with loss. 🤝 Let’s use our compassion and the Buddhist trainings of end-of-life care to help those close to us through this difficult time. 🙏

Get initiated into the ancient mantras and siddham of Shingon Buddhism and become a spiritual healer for your loved ones. With this practice, you can invite loving and peaceful healing figures to the dying and deceased and guide them into the Pure Land, a place of joy, growth and potential for new incarnations. You will learn how to resolve karmic entanglements, perform funeral and death rituals, and even lead animals to the eternal hunting grounds. 🕯️ Invite peace and love for the end of life with the power of Shingon Buddhism.

You know that feeling where you think you’ve dealt with the death of your loved one, but on some occasions the grief comes back up? 🤔 In such moments, Buddhist end-of-life care can help make peace with the issue and let go. 🙏🏼 It is never too late to help yourself and others with Buddhist end-of-life care. In Japan, rituals for the deceased have been performed for decades to help the living and the deceased alike. 💕

✨Do you still feel the sadness of your loved one’s death, even though it happened a long time ago? 💔 You are not alone. Buddhist end-of-life care can help you make peace with the issue, and it’s never too late to seek help. 💖 🙏 So if you feel like you need to let go and make peace, don’t be afraid to reach out. You can find the help you need. 🤗

The Paradise Buddha Amida of the Pure Land

Pradiesbuddha of the Pure Land

Are you looking for a way to connect with your inner peace and feel the transformation of true serenity? 🤔 Well, Amida Buddhism can be the answer! This form of esoteric tantric Buddhism has complex rituals with amazing effects, but in the 12. and 13th century, the two monks Hônen and Shinran created a way that allows us easy access to these benefits. Since then, there is also an end-of-life care that is applicable for lay people.💆

The idea of nenbutsu is to chant Amida’s name repeatedly while focusing on the Pure Land and asking him to guide you on after you pass away. 🙏♾ As an added bonus, you can also meditate on Amida’s compassionate wisdom to truly gain insight and reach a higher level of spiritual enlightenment. So start your journey to a more peaceful life today! 🧘‍♀️

The Secret Mantra of Paradise Buddha

In Tantric Buddhism of the Japanese Shingon school, there is a powerful and secret mantra of Amida that is used in rituals to assist in the death of monks. It helps to purify the mind from the three poisons of hatred, envy and delusion – these poisons can be a great obstacle on the path to happiness and inner peace. 🙏

With Amida, you can help even those who have already passed away; it is never too late. 💖 This mantra can be used to work through particularly frustrating situations and create a stronger sense of inner harmony. 🤝

The Amida Meditation

Amida meditation is more than just a basic exercise for yourself – it is about tapping into the power of Amida Nyorai, the Buddha of Paradise. Through this meditation, you can develop a new awareness of death and attain enlightenment of heart in this very lifetime. It is the form of death guidance that you can practice your whole life.🧘‍♀️

And if you wish, you can extend your practice to the living or the deceased. And don’t forget the joy – when you merge with Amida Nyorai, it can be a source of great joy!❤️

You will also be better prepared to be a death attendant, as Amida Buddha can work and speak through you. In addition, you can help others experience peace and joy in the afterlife. 🙏

So take this opportunity and start your Amida meditation journey today! 🦋

Amida meditation for a living person

Amida meditation for the living

You’ve always wondered how to achieve inner fullness and a sense of inner peace? 🤔

The Amida meditation of Shingon Buddhism can help you! With its mantra, mudra and the three mysteries – Sanmitsu – you can live a life of perfect joy and inner peace. 🤩

Meditation connects you to an energy that guides you to stop holding on to things that are destroying your life and to find acceptance so that you can achieve peace in every moment. 🙏

Free yourself and discover your inner self by practicing Amida Meditation. 🙌

Take advantage of life’s priceless opportunities, experience extreme joy and free your heart from worry and pain. 💖

Let Amida Meditation inspire you – just try it and feel what a beautiful gift it is to be filled with inner peace and complete joy! 🤩

Amida meditation for a deceased

You, if you are looking for a way to guide yourself or a deceased loved one to joy and inner peace in the afterlife, Amida meditation may be just the thing. This is a Japanese Shingon Buddhist practice that uses the secret mantra of Amida in the Three Mysteries of Sanmitsu. 🤔

With this practice, you can help a deceased person to be reborn in the Pure Land of Amida – an astral place created by Amida himself and filled only with the highest joys and inner peace. ⭐

So unlock the ultimate joy in the afterlife and start practicing Amida meditation today. 💪

Healing meditation of the heart

Healing meditation of the heart

👏😊 You can try the healing meditation of the heart in Japanese Shingon Buddhism, in which you wish for love and inner peace for yourself and others. In this, you focus on your heart and repeat positive affirmations, such as “I wish for myself and others love, fulfillment and inner peace.” Focusing your attention and energy on your heart can have a great effect in stimulating your loving feelings. Try it out and be inspired to bring more warmth and positive feelings back into your life! 💃

Meditation with the mantra of light

The Mantra of Light is a 🤫 powerful secret formula 🤐 of the Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai and the Paradise Buddha Amida Nyorai! Its effects range from Buddhist spirit healing, death guidance for the deceased and the living, to true enlightenment and the dissolution of karmic obstacles, and even rebirth in the Pure Land. 🤩

In healing, it focuses on the cause of a condition or disease, erasing all evil deeds of past incarnations and helping the deceased to cross over to the other side. 🙏

For the living, this mantra can be used in daily life to resolve bad karma and pray for a long and healthy life. 🤲 Because repetition is the key! The Kômyô Shingon should be repeated three, seven or 21 times a day for maximum effect. 🔁 So why not make this powerful mantra a part of your daily routine? 🌞

Dosa Kaji Ritual

Dosa Kaji Ritual

The Dosa Kaji ritual is an incredibly practical way to perform a blessing in honor of the deceased. By making a light mantra sand and sprinkling it on the coffin, corpse or urn, you can send the power of Dainichi Nyorai and Amida Nyorai along with the gentle mantra of light to the soul leaving this world. 🙏🏽 With Dosa Kaji, you don’t have to worry about lengthy rituals that may not be possible in your time of grief. Try it now to give your love and care to the deceased and connect with the soul of the deceased.

Buddhist end of life care for animals

With the help of Batô Kannon 👼🏼 you can make sure that your beloved deceased animals can make a safe journey to the eternal hunting grounds. Batô Kannon is a horse-headed bodhisattva of compassion 🐎 who is an expert in understanding the world of living animals and their hunting grounds. 🦌🌲 So with Batô Kannon, you can give your furry friends a smooth transition into the afterlife. 💕 Don’t let the memories of your dear animal companions fade – give them a proper, peaceful send-off with the help of Batô Kannon. ✊

End-of-Life Care Coaching: Finding Peace and Comfort

Welcome to End-of-Life Care Coaching! 🤝
Let’s join forces and come together in a strategy call to find a way to peace and comfort with end-of-life care. 🤝

As a Reiki master, you know better than anyone how important it is to provide comfort for those at the end of their life. 🙏 Our strategy call will provide the support and guidance you need to create a plan for end-of-life care. 🤗

We understand that this is a difficult and emotional time, but we are here to help. 🤗 Our strategy call will provide the peace and comfort you need, so that you can provide the same for your clients. 🙏

Come to the strategy call and find the peace and comfort you need for end-of-life care. 🤗 Together, we can make a difference. 🤝

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