The Medicine Buddha and Reiki

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Who is the Medicine Buddha?

In Buddhism, there are different types of Buddhas. Each individual has a specialty where he or she is particularly knowledgeable. These are skills that the Buddhas can help us with in many ways.

Some of these Buddhas already reveal through their name what they can do. It is the same with the Medicine Buddha. The name gives away that it is about healing in some form. Even his appearance speaks for it, because he carries a medicine pot and sometimes a medicinal plant. Its blue color also represents its healing power of lapis lazuli light

Reiki and the Medicine Buddha?

Now you may be wondering what the Medicine Buddha can heal? For this, it is useful to understand what healing actually means in Buddhism. By the way, this has a lot to do with the Reiki healing method and how Reiki founder Mikao Usui explained his own method.

Healing comes from heil and means complete. That is, the more you heal yourself, the more you are yourself. Being yourself means being authentic and coming to your true nature, to be the way you have always been and to live the way you want to live.

How Usui Reiki defines

Therefore, Mikao Usui said that the Reiki healing method is primarily not about treating symptoms and diseases, but about spiritual exercises with the training of supersensible abilities of the natural gift for personal and spiritual development and for a life of abundance. And, of course, Reiki should be used to help those in need.

What does training have to do with healing?

Are you now asking yourself what such training has to do with healing? The answer is quite simple: Usui’s spiritual training is the path of healing to happiness and abundance, instead of just taking care of symptoms. And this is exactly what the Medicine Buddha can support you in. Its power is a spiritual medicine.

Spiritual healing herbs in Reiki and Medicine Buddha?

In the Usui Rules of Life, the Reiki power is also referred to as a spiritual healing herb. This is called in Japanese rei-yaku. And the Medicine Buddha is called Yakushi Nyorai. Do you recognize that
in both names again?
means medicinal herb. And since the Medicine Buddha is a spiritual being, his medicine is also about spiritual healing herbs. So these are not plants growing in nature, but forces or energies of spiritual beings. To enjoy these spiritual powers, spiritual practices are needed.

Reiki and Buddhist Spiritual Healing

Sometimes I am asked if Buddhist Spiritual Healing can be learned independently of Reiki. For this it is useful to know that Mikao Usui developed the Reiki healing method from Shingon Buddhism. This is the Buddhism of the Secret Teachings, which includes Buddhist Mind Healing.

Few people know that the sources of Reiki from which Mikao Usui drew are the secret teachings of Japanese Shingon Buddhism. In the course of history, other schools have developed from Shingon, such as the Japanese Tendai School with Shingon contents or the Reiki healing method of Mikao Usui.

Since Reiki was transmitted to the West by Mrs. Takata, the spiritual and especially the spiritual and ritual background of Buddhist Spiritual Healing has been omitted for people in the West. This led to the fact that also quite a lot of fantastic content disappeared, which can be used only with the background knowledge of the secret teachings. In other words, the secret teachings became so secret that no one in the West knew about them in connection with Reiki, and still do not.

In Shingon Reiki, the Reiki healing method is taught together with these original backgrounds in theory and practice, with more emphasis on practical exercises. Therefore, here Reiki is more than just laying on of hands, power amplification, mental healing and distance healing with some esoteric additions. Shingon Reiki incorporates the sources from which Usui drew his knowledge and wisdom.

Now Usui has been able to teach the Reiki healing method at the same time only four years of his life. Therefore, he could not pass on everything from Buddhist Spiritual Healing to his students. This includes, for example, the practices and meditations of the Medicine Buddha. I myself have been exploring and studying the footsteps of Mikao Usui for 30 years now. Since 2005, I have been implementing Usui’s Shingon content into the Reiki healing method to teach what Reiki originally is:

Reiki is Buddhist Spiritual Healing – but only when it is taught that way. To give it a good name and to clarify this origin I have named the way I teach Shingon Reiki. Already in the 1st degree you learn the basics of Buddhist Spiritual Healing with the healing power of the Medicine Buddha.

This also includes the above-mentioned exercises of the development of supersensible abilities of the natural gift. Already in the 1st degree you get the initiation into the Medicine Buddha, so that you can transmit his power with your hands. By the way, this combination is unique in Shingon Reiki.

Normally, with Reiki, you only learn to transmit the Reiki force. This is already fantastic, but with the possibilities of the power of the Medicine Buddha, simply more is possible. We enter there fully in the spirit of Mikao Usui into the realms of Buddhist spiritual healing and meditation.

By the way, if you learn Medicine Buddha meditation in Buddhism, that’s something else again. The common Medicine Buddha meditations feel very healing and healing can also occur. In Shingon Reiki, the possibilities go several steps further:

Because what is unique about Shingon Reiki is:

    • You can work specifically on personal topics
    • You can transmit the healing power of the Medicine Buddha with your hands
    • You can treat yourself and others with the power of the Medicine Buddha
    • You can infuse the Reiki healing power into the Medicine Buddha meditations
    • You can let the power of the Medicine Buddha work in any Reiki technique

May 7-8 – Are you with us?

Now on the weekend of May 7-8, the 1st degree Shingon Reiki with Medicine Buddha initiation will be held online. There are no prerequisites.

Are you already practicing Reiki? Great, then this is your chance to get the Medicine Buddha on board with Reiki to invite happiness together.

Let your Reiki skills shine!

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