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What enthusiastic practitioners say

Dear Mark,

I really enjoyed your “Mini Online Course 7 Secret Reiki Techniques” and it truly inspired me. I was able to flexibly manage my time to watch and practice the content shown, which is very much in favor of this course. I also really liked the mix of text content and video content, as I personally also just like to read in between. Your videos are the perfect complement to the text content and immediately motivate to participate and implement. Now I am already excited about the great online course of Secret Reiki Techniques and am looking forward to it tremendously. Many thanks for this!
Many love greetings,

Natalie Reichel
Coach from Neuburg

I found you through your book “Reiki in Therapeutic Practice”. From Eileen, the “Secret Qigong” had particularly appealed to me.
I always find your emails very interesting, motivating and what you write makes me curious. It awakens the will to develop myself further. So it’s about time to say thank you for that. Please keep up the good work, you and Eileen. I like your music. You have a beautiful institute (I looked virtually).

Grit Rodenbeck
from Cottbus

It has been 2 months since I received my Shingon Reiki Level 1 Initiation. I am a Karuna Reiki Master and also practice several other energetic systems. I have tried out which system is most effective with my clients. Every time a system didn’t work, I tried Shingon Reiki. 10/10 times it was more effective than the other systems I practice. This is because this is not your typical Reiki course.

Mark is a great coach. His style is very matter-of-fact, precise, and patient as he takes a “no nonsense” approach that I can appreciate. He also has a wonderful sense of humor! His Reiki story/line is out of this world and he has taught me more than other Reiki Masters of my past. Much has been lost in modern trainings. This course will bring you back to Reiki if you have lost your way with other healing systems. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to take his online course. He does his job comfortably and I would take anything he coaches.

Erin Crowell
Lissabon, Portugal

Mark’s “7 Secret Reiki Techniques” were transformative for me. I felt like Mark while offering Reiki and wondered if I was making a Reiki connection with myself, the animals and the clients.

Using the breath with the Golden Buddha light made all the difference. I also had a focus that directed my mind to my breath and my hands. Personally, I needed this because my mind can wander and then some energy can be lost. Mark riet auch dazu, dass der Klient sich darauf konzentriert, wo die Hände sind. We all know the power of intention.

Very, very useful and effective.

Vielen Dank, Mark!

Karen Eddings
Lifestyle medicine and wellness coach
Nordosten, USA

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