What does Reiki have to do with Buddhist Spiritual Healing?

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How I Came to Buddhist Spiritual Healing

In 1993 I first came to it through the Reiki Master Symbol and then again in 1995 in Japan through the discovery of the origin of the Mental Healing Symbol. Finally, I focused my research at university on these connections and completed my doctoral thesis on this in 2014. This is very helpful for the recognition of Reiki, because this way there are scientific works about the sources of the Reiki healing method.

Origin of Buddhist Spirit Healing in Reiki

The master symbol

Well, the master symbol stands for the great perfect enlightenment in Buddhism. Whenever you read in a Buddhist text about perfect or great enlightenment, the characters of the master symbol Dai Kô Myô are meant. Over time, I was able to find out that this great enlightenment is the complete absence of suffering-promoting habits, mental blocks, obstacles, disturbing feelings, illusions and false visions, while at the same time you have fully come to your primal nature and are living your true self and natural being. Because, when you get there, you will shine with joy and naturalness out of you like a shining star. Strictly speaking, you become that star with perfect enlightenment.

A star is a sun and not by chance the master symbol stands for the Great Sun Buddha, who illuminates the universe from within himself.

Now how do I know with the Master Symbol and the Great Sun Buddha? I ask this rhetorical question because someone once speculated that I was just making this connection up. I’m not that creative, after all. It is not necessary, because it is written exactly like that in the Buddhist scriptures.

The highest goal of Reiki

If we relate these backgrounds, which must not be missing in any Reiki master training, to the practice and effect of Reiki, then one could conclude that the great goal of spiritual development with Reiki is the great enlightenment Dai Kô Myô. That’s why my Reiki Master said to me back in 1993 that Reiki is a spiritual path, and a fast path at that, if you do it right.

Now, not all Reiki Masters are fully enlightened and that is perhaps a good thing because, as we know, the path is the goal. And what about this path now? Yes, for this there are two more Reiki symbols that describe this path by means of Buddhist Spirit Healing.

The Mental Healing Symbol

The mental healing symbol is for the dissolution of habits that promote suffering. The origin of this symbol is the access to the healing power of the bodhisattva of compassion with 1000 helping arms named Senju Kannon. And this one has taken it upon himself to free the mind, the spiritual heart and the soul of all beings from habits that promote suffering. This is what the scriptures say.

The remote contact icon

The long-distance symbol Hon sha ze shô nen is a Buddhist phrase. Translated, this is the invitation to come to one’s own primordial nature through truthful being in the here and now. Shô nen is mindfulness in the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. Mindfulness meditation is even used in medical clinical settings these days.

Buddhist Spirit Healing and its Protectors

So far so good. Now, over time, I have found that some beliefs, blocks, obstacles, and inner constructs are so firmly entrenched that it is difficult to let go of them. And that is where the protectors of Buddhist Spiritual Healing come in.

Who are the protectors of Buddhist mental healing?

In Buddhism, there are many Buddhas. Each has its own name and unique abilities. Particularly well known are the Great Sun Buddha, the Paradise Buddha and the Medicine Buddha. Each Buddha has its own protector. These protectors also have their own names and equally unique abilities, but they are quite different from those of the Buddhas.

Now, in the secret trainings of Buddhism, it is said that the Protectors become active when the Buddhas are at their wits’ end. What does that mean now? Aren’t they all-powerful. No, nobody is anyway, because otherwise we would have had world peace long ago.

The protectors of Buddhism are the wisdom kings. They protect the trainings and beings of Buddhism from negative influences, negative energies, evil spirits, demonic entities and keep them away from you. They dissolve bad karma and work to help you walk your heart’s path.

What these protectors do is the purifying and protecting from further harm aspect of Buddhist mind healing. To enjoy their power, I can either make you a protective amulet or you can learn how to work with them energetically.

This is an area that Mikao Usui was unable to coach during the four years of his life that he taught Reiki, but had known and used.

The Immovable Wisdom King Fudô Myôô

The most famous protector and wisdom king is Fudô Myôô. Translated, this is the Unshakable Wisdom King. He is so well known because he stands directly behind the Great Sun Buddha with the Master Symbol. Fudô Myôô protects you in many life situations and frees you from negative influences and bad karmic connections. Just as the Great Sun Buddha is the supreme of the Buddhas, Fudô Myôô is the supreme Wisdom King. In connection with the healing and purifying abilities of Fudô Myôô in Buddhist Spiritual Healing, I am giving an entire Masterclass called Kuji Kiri, which will start again in the fall of 2022. If this is something for you, you can contact me.

The 5 Great Kings of Wisdom – Godai Myôô

Now there are many more wisdom kings. The five most famous, including Fudô Myôô, are the five wisdom kings Godai Myôô. They can help you with their mantras, mudras and symbols in meditations and rituals to free yourself from negative influences and get a clear mind. This is their specialty in Buddhist Spiritual Healing.

Here come the Myôôs with their effects in detail:

Fudô Myôô

    1. Energetic protection
    2. Purification from negative influences
    3. Detachment of unfavorable relationships
    4. Dissolving karmic entanglements
    5. Clearing spiritual causes of illness and suffering

Daiitoku Myôô

    1. Energetic protection in dreams
    2. Elimination of disruptive influences
    3. Resolve occupations
    4. Purification from negative influences

Kongôyasha Myôô

    1. Healing spiritual causes of illness and suffering
    2. Defeats heavy spiritual and mental opponents
    3. Resolve occupations
    4. Purification from negative influences

Gôzanze Myôô

    1. Energetic protection
    2. Purification of the Three Mind Poisons of Hatred, Greed and Delusion
    3. Resolve occupations
    4. Purification from negative influences

Gundari Myôô

    1. Energetic protection
    2. Banishing dark entities
    3. Resolve occupations
    4. Purification from negative influences

The cleansing of the mind as a motivational kick

To cleanse your mind energetically, you can do the Protectors Meditation. The interesting thing is that it’s really fun with them. With their energy you can really get going. Therefore, this meditation with the mantras always motivates me very much and I get the desire to do everything possible. Moping is over with them for now, if that’s an issue in your life. But it’s also motivating that way. And this shows that Buddhist mind healing actually changes something in the mind.

At first, the abilities of the Godai Myôô look like they are mostly about something negative. But it does so only insofar as the negative is transformed and purified. And that leads to a good mind with zest for action, enthusiasm, joy and courage.

Initiation into the Godai Myôô

I give the initiation into the Godai Myôô very rarely. I’m also thinking about making this a Kuji Kiri-only event. The Godai Myôô are very popular in Japan. The initiation and training is also something very rare in Japan and is normally reserved only for advanced monks in the monastery. This is due, among other things, to the fact that these are secret trainings and there it is customary to coach the adepts this knowledge only very slowly over several decades.

In the event initiation into the Godai Myôô you now have the chance to get a connection to their powers and to learn to meditate with them to free yourself from many negative influences and to come more into your joy and power.

Register now for the event

Initiation into the Godai Myôô

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There are no prerequisites.

Godai Myoo Initiation

Godai Myoo Initiation

June 10 from 6 pm

Cleanse your mind, effortlessly let go of the past and awaken the heart of enlightenment with the initiation and practice of the 5 Great Protectors and Wisdom Kings of Buddhist Spiritual Healing of the Shingon Secret Teachings!
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