What is Shingon Reiki?

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Do you want to get more out of Reiki? Do you want to get the most out of Reiki? Do you want to make the impossible possible with Reiki? Then Shingon Reiki is the right thing for you. Because here you learn directly from Mikao Usui’s sources, from which he himself drew: Buddhism, Shamanism and Qigong. You will learn techniques to increase your Reiki abilities and expand your subtle perception. And you get all the important tools for your spiritual development to find your true nature and live your vision.

What is Shingon Reiki?

“Born” Shingon Reiki was in 2005, but basically it was maturing in my mind or maybe better in my spiritual heart since 1993. I have always been a big fan of Japan and came to Reiki in 1993 during his community service.

An own style was out of the question for me

It was never my goal to establish my own style of Reiki. Without knowing it, my Reiki path since the first lesson in 1993 led directly to it. In fact, this path began when I started karate at the age of 13 with Japanese students at the Japanese boarding school in Bremen. However, I was only able to recognize these connections many years later.

How I came to Reiki

When I started with Reiki as the Usui System of Natural Healing (Usui Shiki Ryoho) in 1993, I told my Reiki Master Sigrid Fuhrmann about my enthusiasm for Japan. And she gave me assignments to research the Japanese sources of Reiki. She also motivated me to study calligraphy. She assumed that this would soon become an important part of my life and that there would be a strong connection to Reiki there.

No sooner said than done. So over the next ten years I explored the Reiki symbols and became a master calligrapher.

How Reiki research shaped my life

In the meantime I started to study Japanese Studies and East Asian Art History in Heidelberg and in the course of this I also started my scientific research on Reiki. Later, I received two scholarships and lived in Japan for three years to research the origins of the Reiki method.

There, since 1995, I found the sources of the Reiki symbols from which Mikao Usui himself had drawn his knowledge and experience and began to coach these contents, unknown here in the West, with Reiki.

This research stay in Japan formed the foundation for my dissertation, “The Siddham in Japanese Art in Rituals of Healing.”

My studies and especially the time in Japan were the opportunity for me to really dive deep into the history of Reiki and the background of this method.

I explored the subject not only theoretically, but began to practice Buddhist secret trainings of the Shingon school myself. In the process, I became a lay monk, just like Mikao Usui.

In 2004, I became known in the Reiki world for my research on Reiki symbols.

I studied with various masters from Europe, USA and Japan and was not satisfied with just one coaching. So I was able to learn a lot about Reiki.

How the experience led to Shingon Reiki

I was fortunate to be able to find out so much about Reiki that it eventually went beyond the scope of Usui Reiki as it had been handed down. Therefore, I gave this body of knowledge about Reiki its own name: Shingon Reiki.

It includes traditional Usui Reiki and traditional Buddhist spiritual healing that is over a millennium old. It formed the basis for the Buddhist monk Mikao Usui’s Reiki method.

Until 2005, I found mostly sources of Reiki in the secret trainings of Japanese Buddhism of the Shingon School. Later, shamanic, Daoist and other sources were added.

However, I didn’t want to advertise my Reiki style. In my opinion, there have been enough styles of Reiki.

For eight years I practiced Shingon Reiki only privately without training it as part of this style. Nevertheless, the system kept growing, as my research during my dissertation flowed in and kept expanding Shingon Reiki.

In 2014 I began to coach Shingon Reiki

It was only at the request of his students that I began training Shingon Reiki in 2014. They desired to be able to learn and coach a free style of Reiki without a license. I followed this wish and since then I coach Shingon Reiki up to the highest master degrees.

Over all these years I experimented with Reiki applications and came to the secret Reiki techniques this way. In 2007 I published the book 7 secret Reiki techniques, which then became a bestseller. To this day, I get feedback on the secret Reiki techniques that they have a tremendous effect.

What is Shingon Reiki today?

Also today I dive further and further into the realms of Reiki and the sources of Usui. Therefore, in addition to the classical Reiki applications, Shingon Reiki includes modern approaches from brain research and their practical application, shamanic and Daoist content with rituals, meditations, Buddhist spiritual healing and Qigong.

How can I learn Shingon Reiki?

You can learn Shingon Reiki in English and German in the following variations:

  • Live events on site
  • Live events online
  • Recorded online courses with live coaching sessions
  • Within the framework of master ways
  • Advanced courses for Usui Reiki Masters

As you can see, everything is there. You are also welcome to invite me to hold an event and lecture at your location. To do this, simply book a free consultation that we can discuss everything.

The Practice Book of Shingon Reiki

Reiki in the therapeutic practice

Reiki bestseller by Mark Hosak

“Reiki in therapeutic practice”, published by Haug Verlag in 2016, describes as much from the style Shingon Reiki, as with the basic layers from the 1. and 2nd degree Usui Reiki is convertible.

From the brief summary of the content below, you can already see that you can do much more with Shingon Reiki than is normally taught in Reiki courses. This is one of the differences with Usui Reiki. For this, only the three Reiki symbols from the 2nd degree Usui Reiki are used, without the need to add other symbols or elements foreign to the system.

The book contents about a quarter of the Shingon Reiki system. The parts not described in the book deal with Usui’s own sources from which he created his Reiki method: Secret trainings of Japanese Buddhism, shamanism and folk magic from Shintô and Shugendô, and Daoist elements now known as Qigong.

“Reiki in Therapeutic Practice” is the first Reiki practice book in the world to be published by a scientific publisher.

Therefore, I had to be able to back up everything I wrote. I was not allowed to use the esoteric term and did not need to, because Reiki is not an esoteric method.

However, Reiki is a spiritual method. In the same way as a spiritual method (Japanese reihô) the Reiki healing method was described by Mikao Usui. Therefore, this concept is carved in stone in the inscription on the memorial stone of Mikao Usui by his grave.

Contents from the Shingon Reiki book

  • Reiki and science
  • The symbols of the 2nd degree

  • The Rules of Life of Mikao Usui

  • The Reiki Signs in the Context of Shamanism

  • Techniques to increase the Reiki power

  • Full body treatment

    • Hand positions and their effects
    • Psychosomatics and Metaphysics
  • Special Reiki techniques
    • Reiki spiritual healing for joints, organs and specialties
    • Reiki Mental Healing
    • Reiki spiritual healing for brain areas
    • Reiki for the back muscles and spine
    • Reiki for intolerances
  • Reiki treatments for proven indications
    • Reiki for cancer
    • Reiki for pain and anxiety
    • Reiki for burnout and stress
  • Self-care of the Reiki practitioner
    • Room vitalization and cleaning
    • Reiki water
    • Give yourself Reiki and remote Reiki
    • Meditation
    • Supervision
    • Gymnastic energy exercises
    • Reiki Feng Shui
  • Overview tables

    • Psychosomatic correlations
    • Functions of the organs (physical and metaphysical)
    • Chakras
    • Interrelationships of the functional circuits

Profile Shingon Reiki

Name: Shingon Reiki – literal translation: True Words of Spiritual Life Energy, Spiritual Life Energy with Mantras and Symbols; meaning: Reiki and Buddhist Spiritual Healing.

Features: Usui Reiki and Buddhist Spirit Healing, more than Reiki 1, 2, 3, there are many topics e.g. Dreamwork and Protection, Eye Reiki, Spinal Reiki, Reiki and TCM, Reiki and Qigong. u. v. m.

Age: founded 2005

Style founder: Dr. Mark Hosak

Taught since: 2014

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