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The pillar that supports us

Sitting for hours on end is obviously just as bad for the spine as hard physical work. It’s not for nothing that sitting is called the new smoking, you can even find book titles on this.

This is all quite a shame, because the spine is a central part of our body. We humans are vertebrates and the spine is the pillar, so to speak, that gives us stability and supports our system.

What does the spine do from a spiritual point of view?

Therefore, the spine also plays an important role in spirituality, you may know this from yoga or qigong. The spine connects us with heaven and earth, with yin and yang.

Many spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of an upright spine for enlightenment. A well-known example is the Kundalini force that can rise from an upright spine.

What idioms say about the spine

Also very interesting are idioms related to the spine and back. They are so well known that you may not even think about them when you say:

  • So, that really cracked me up!
  • In this job, I work my butt off.
  • That’s when I was really rounded.
  • I strengthen her back.
  • The praise made him grow a few inches.

If you consciously think about it, you will see how much these phrases say about our back and spine. There is a close connection to how we feel and what attitude we adopt. Even this sentence is ambiguous again, because attitude can be meant physically but also mentally and spiritually.

There are many more such examples, this is just a small selection. I’m sure you can think of a few more if you think about it. It may be helpful for you to consider which phrases you use frequently or which apply to you. This applies not only to the subject of the spine, but also to other subjects.

Reiki hands directly on the spine? Wrong!

So what to do for the spine? Reiki hands on it, stimulate self-healing powers and done? Far from it, please hold on now: Reiki hands are not placed on the spine.

There is a Reiki technique that involves placing one hand on the back of the neck and one on the sacrum. Otherwise, the Reiki hands can be placed hand-width by hand-width to the side of the spine.

Why is that? It is believed that through Reiki the Kundalini force could be awakened. That’s great when someone is trained and prepared. Otherwise, this can also have unpleasant consequences. We honestly think it’s pretty unlikely that this could actually happen. Still, you’d better not take any chances.

The solution: Spinal Reiki

So, what’s the point of all this if Reiki hands don’t belong on the spine? For this, there is Spinal Reiki, a simple Reiki technique that you can apply directly to the vertebrae.

The spinal Reiki technique is composed of a special hand posture called a mudra, second degree mental healing and a siddham. During the application, the Secret Mantra of the Heart Sûtra is also recited.

The Siddham, also called Bonji in Japan, is a Sanskrit ritual scripture. Here there is a direct connection to the Reiki method, as Mikao Usui developed the mental healing symbol from the Siddham Hrih, which I, Mark, was able to prove in my master’s thesis.

The power of forgiveness

The Siddham and Mantra of Spinal Reiki are closely related to the theme of forgiveness. Why is that? When asking why tension arises in the muscles, the physical, mental and spiritual levels can be considered.

This becomes understandable through examples: we had already talked above about the fact that sitting is apparently not so great for the spine. Suppose someone sits a lot in the office and at the computer, 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. If the person complains about back pain, this fact is first of all the obvious.

Only that may not be all, but the relationship to the subject is not immediately so clear. Unless one has – as we did earlier – thought about common idioms and their metaphysical meaning.

Let’s assume that in our example there is a choleric boss who likes to make his employees really round. Then the work is no fun and is rather perceived as a heavy burden to carry around. There is no backing from colleagues or at home.

There’s every reason to be pretty bent out of shape, isn’t there? Perhaps some aspects here are not entirely unfamiliar to you. We both know such situations and also that then problems in the area of back and spine like to go off.

Passive forgiveness

Forgiveness, of course, can apply to many areas, this is simply a vivid example. With spinal Reiki, it is also not at all important what exactly is behind it. Passive forgiveness takes place via the mantra and the siddham. The client can simply relax and let go.

Active forgiveness

Sometimes it can be good to actively forgive as well. In doing so, it is best to start with yourself before it is the turn of people with whom there are major problems. For this we practice a forgiveness meditation, which can optionally follow the spinal Reiki.

The meditation of forgiveness is a great tool for your personal development. We show it to you in the event Spinal Reiki, because it fits there thematically well. However, it can be applied completely independently if there is something to forgive. So you don’t have to wait to meditate until you need spinal Reiki.

What Reiki is really about

The founder of the Reiki method, Mikao Usui, taught that Reiki is primarily about personal and spiritual growth. Diseases and symptoms were secondary for him. However, those in need of help should definitely be helped, that was very important to him.

Open the 3rd eye with the inner smile

Furthermore, in Spinal Reiki we show you a simple Qigong exercise that loosens, relaxes and stimulates the flow of energy in the body. One component of this is the inner smile that simply feels magical in the body.

In addition to a great body feeling and uprightness from within, you also train your psychic powers with this exercise, in the spirit of the Reiki founder Mikao Usui. It is used to open the Third Eye and thus learn to see subtly.

Buddhist massage

At the end you will get an introduction to Buddhist bodywork. This type of massage has similar cultural roots to Thai massage and is practiced by monks as preparation for meditation.

Meanwhile, you are giving Reiki all the time, as the Reiki power is always flowing with initiates. Just like Reiki, you can use the basic movement called the Cat Walk over clothing. This is also how we practice it in the seminar.

However, it is just as possible to turn it into an oil massage if you like. We are happy if you are creative!

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Spine Reiki

Spine Reiki

July 24 from 9 am with Eileen

Reiki specifically for the spine – discover previously unknown possibilities of the Reiki method and regulate the central pillar of your body. Use the power of forgiveness to let go of old baggage and pick yourself up inside.
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