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Welcome to Mark Hosak

Your Reiki Skills Mentor


Sparkle your Reiki skills

Improve the quality of your life

Train to live your own vocation

Free your mind for enlightenment


Entdeckung des Seiheki Ursprungs von Mark Hosak
Shingon Reiki 2. Grad Mentalheilung

Mark Hosak

Advanced Mastership Training

Expert in living spirituality

Specialized in turning your hobby into a profession

Focused on awakening your talents

Motivated to master challenges


Dr. Mark Hosak

Dr. Mark Hosak

Mark Hosak is an independent entrepreneur and gives seminars and training courses.

Dream-Team Mark Hosak und Eileen Wiesmann

Mark und Eileen

Mark and Eileen love spirituality and, as cooperation partners, carry out joint projects.

Eileen Wiesmann Profilbild

Eileen Wiesmann, M.A.

Eileen Wiesmann is an independent entrepreneur and gives coaching and trainings.

Usui Reiki Schriftzeichen - Kalligrafie von Dr. Mark Hosak - Begründer des Shingon Reiki
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7 secret Reiki power positions

Now is the time to make your Reiki skills shine!

Treat yourself to the chance to increase your well-being!

Shingon Reiki - der Weg des Herzens


Live your vocation

as a practitioner and teacher

  • Sparkle your Reiki skills
  • Awaken your supernatural powers
  • Discover your inner healing powers
  • Regenerate your ingrained vitality
  • Develop your inner strength


Usui Reiki 1 Mentalheilung Nentatsu-ho


Increase quality of life

Seminars and online courses

  • Relaxation and wellbeing
  • Gaining inner peace
  • Learn to heal
  • Increase resilience
  • Regulate mind and emotions


Shingon Reiki - das Tor zur Spiritualität


Exploring Spirituality

Knowledge and wisdom

  • How does the mind work?
  • How to measure Reiki?
  • Practical experiments possible?
  • What results do studies show?
  • History of Natural Healing


Reiki in der therapeutischen Praxis

Reiki in therapeutic practice

Mark Hosak

The first Reiki book in a specialist medical publisher

  • Use and effectiveness of Reiki
  • New knowledge about historical backgrounds
  • Techniques to Increase Reiki Power
  • Treatment of areas of the body
  • Special Reiki techniques
  • Reiki treatments with proven indications
  • Self-care of the Reiki practitioner
  • Psychosomatic connections

Sparkle your Reiki skills

Content written understandably

Step by step instructions for the applications


The Siddham in Japanese Art in Rituals of Healing

Mark Hosak

Doctoral thesis on the origins of the Reiki symbols

  • Ajikan: meditation of the heart of enlightenment

  • Biography: The Monk Kakuban (1095-1143)

  • Religious-historical-political background

  • Historical anthropology of healing in Buddhism

  • The Siddham in the History of Japanese Art

  • Meditations, rituals and healing with the Siddham

  • Introduction to Buddhist healing art


Introduction to Buddhist healing art

Origin of the Reiki healing method 


Das neue Buch von Dr. Mark Hosak über die Siddham in der Buddhistischen Heilkunst


Our Students Love Us

Hello Mark,

Shingon Reiki brings the work with Reiki into a new dimension. The energy that flows is so enormous that the body temperature rises to what feels like 41 degrees. Many thanks to Mark for the mighty initiation into the Seven Great Medicine Buddha Mantras.


Hello Mark,

this was my first Shingon Reiki course with you.
I learned a lot in a simple, quick and beautiful way. Excellent! I will definitely be back.

Kind regards


Hello Mark,

now I have attended this course again and am still learning. You’re doing great because I keep getting to know something new and get new application tips. I know that this is not the last course I will take with you.


Hello Mark,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending Reiki over the Internet and for sharing my great experiences with it. Above all, the fact that I can receive Reiki from you via the Internet is simply awesome!


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