Shingon Reiki Level 2 and Buddhist Spiritual Healing

Shingon Reiki Level 2 is focused on applications of Buddhist spiritual healing in the metaphysical realm. Here, the use of the traditional symbols of the Usui Reiki Ryôhô and Esoteric Buddhism comes to fruitation, supplemented by various mental and brain applications directly on the body and in the distance.

Basis of the Shingon Reiki Level 2 are the traditional Reiki symbols of Mikao Usui 
1. Symbol for power amplification and directing Reiki power
2. Symbol for Mental Cure application of Buddhist spiritual healing and on contacting certain areas of the mind and spiritual heart
3. Symbol for remote Reiki contact and the source of the Reiki power

These three symbols used to build all the contents of Shingon Reiki 2nd level

First, participants receive a basic introduction to the symbology of Reiki training with the symbols and their applications. Reiki symbols do not work by themselves; they must be drawn, visualized and activated, these steps are taught.

After that is done, follows the initiation into the three traditional Usui symbols as well as the additional initiation into the seven seals of the Medicine Buddha. This initiation makes it possible to transmit the power of the Medicine Buddha together with Reiki through your hands. With this initiation, new possibilities and indications are derived.

The applications are designed simple and understandable. For each major area there is a basic technique that can be applied to all further areas. Thus, the 2nd level Shingon Reiki provides a universally available standalone tool for home, work and on the road.

The content and applications mesh like modules and thus can be tailored to individual needs.

Prerequisite for participation in this seminar is at least the first level Reiki. It does not matter what style of Reiki has been learned previously.

There is a detailed manual for the seminar of over 100 pages of training to master the symbols and audio book with the contents of the manual and other versions.

The teaching style is friendly, grounded and well-founded. Questions are always welcome. Even after the seminar Mark Hosak available for questions regarding the content by e-mail or by phone.

The basis of Shingon Reiki is based on the traditional Usui Reiki – Usui Reiki Ryôhô – with special attention to the Legacy of Mikao Usui’s memorial monument:

• spiritual teachings has nothing to do with greatness
• spiritual content should be simple and easily understandable
• the focus should be based on the development of the mind and supernatural abilities
• the activation of self-healing is preferable over the treatment of symptoms (this is a content on the memorial stone. In general, the application of Reiki is for symptoms can not be excluded, however, is primarily concerned with the activation of self-healing thru regeneration and relaxation)

Content of Shingon Reiki Level 2

• Introduction to the 2nd level Shingon Reiki
• Initiation into the three traditional Reiki symbols for force amplification, spiritual healing and remote contacts
• Initiation into the 7 seals of the Medicine Buddha

Shingon Reiki Level 2 applications into the distance

• Integration of the 1st level applications in remote contact
• The contact applications from the 2nd level by remote contact
• Send Sub-personalities Reiki
• Remote application for places and places of power
• Conflict Resolution for groups with Reiki
• Reiki for Non-physical Beings
• Send Reiki to the past and future
• Reiki for groups – three variants for different purposes
• Applications from other Shingon Reiki seminars by remote contact

Shingon Reiki Level 2 Spiritual Healing – Brain Applications

• Mental Cure application
• Affirmations and a kit for creating affirmations
• Brainstem application – Recovery from psychosomatic-spiritual causes
• Amygdala application – Stress and Anxiety Recovery
• Gouge application – regain strength and inner peace
• Corpus Callosum application – hemispheric balance and exchange of information
• Frontal lobe application – decision-making ability and will-power
• Cerebellum application – Talent by relaxation
• Occipital lobe application – process visual information from the environment, memory and the spiritual world
• Medulla Oblongata application – quieting the mind
• Pineal application – focus on the way and karma-resolution
• Temporal application – balance between old and new
• The parietal lobe – self-perception and environment
• Application for brain functions:
• Body movement
• Body sensation
• Posture – pain
• Language Center (regarding understanding)
• acoustic perception
• visual perception
• Manufacturing Information Center
• auditory perception
• Circulation – breathing – body temperature
• Speech center (regarding speaking)
• Personality – Working memory – judgment

Shingon Reiki Spiritual Healing – Joint applications

Shingon Reiki Spiritual Healing – Organ applications

Shingon Reiki Spiritual Healing – Meridian and acupuncture applications

Shingon Reiki application for intolerance of things.

Shingon Reiki force fields

Vitalize the aura and clear the mind
• Energetic Cleaning of rooms, to increase the effectiveness of material and non-material areas
• Energizing with the Medicine Buddha

Japanese Reiki treatments

• Enkaku Chiryo hô 遠隔 治療 法 – Art of natural healing at a distance
• Gyôshi hô 凝視 法 – Technique for using Reiki with the eyes
• Kôketsu hô 交 血 法 – Technique to stimulate detoxification
• Tanden Chiryo hô 丹田 治療 法 – Method of natural healing of the hair (Tanden – midsection)

Reiki and sub-personalities
• Reiki for sub-personalities – a way to unity and Inner Peace
• Reiki for trained habits of behavior of sub-personalities
• Reiki for short circuit actions of sub-personalities
• Reiki for defense mechanisms and transmissions

 Healthy lifestyles and resilience with Reiki
• Reiki for protective and resilience factors
• Reiki coping strategies
• Shingon Reiki Spiritual Healing to increase the resilience

 Reiki – Magic and Shamanism
• Symbols and Gassho Meditation
• Medicine Buddha Sigel Kaji ritual
• Reiki breathing with the symbols
• Reiki visualization with the symbols
• Exhaling of Reiki with the symbols
• Reiki symbols with energy balls

 The 7 Seals of Medicine Buddha
• Attract luck and prosperity
• Solution of fogginess and attainment of knowledge and wisdom of life
• Going your own way and finding yourself
• Harmonizing worries and fears of the future – attract lucky situations
• Solve karmic entanglements – purification of the mind – recognizing the heart of enlightenment
• Discover and internalize supernatural and spiritual skills
• Awaken the countless spiritual healing powers