Mini Online Course

Reiki Crystal Meditation

The crystal path – discover energy work with wow effect!

The crystal path – discover energy work with wow effect!

Easy entry

Introductory video on the subject with the most important crystals and stones

Video Tutorial

Reiki Crystal Meditation with step by step instructions

Practical tips

How to integrate crystals into your daily practice

Super smart

Spirituality is new for you? You need 0 previous knowledge! And by the way also 0 Euro!

Why work with crystals?

Crystals are your best friends if you are interested in meditation, Reiki and energy work in general.

In some spiritual traditions, they are even considered to have the strongest magical powers of all.

Crystals are very versatile and expand your possibilities in energy work enormously. They are the absolute gamechanger!

Reiki Crystal Meditation with Eileen

The mini online course Reiki Crystal Meditation is ideal for you if…

The mini online course Reiki Crystal Meditation is ideal for you if…

You love stones and crystals

and want to do more with them than just put them in the display case.

You practice Reiki

and dive deeper into the possibilities with Reiki.

You practice Qigong

and cultivate the beneficial energy of the crystals and integrate it into your practice.

You energy work with wow effect

practice – with sound techniques and from reputable sources.

You are just discovering spirituality for yourself

and are looking for an easy approach to the subject.

You practice meditation

and are open to new possibilities with meditation and mindfulness.

You are spiritual and down to earth at the same time

and you want someone who is also like that and brings spirituality and science together.

You want to relax and recharge

By developing a self-care routine to feel good.


Eileen Wiesmann - Cultivate Yourself - Podcast - Reiki Crystal Meditation

I am Eileen Wiesmann

I am Eileen Wiesmann

Crystal nerd, spiritual coach, historian, Shingon Reiki master and fan of cats, tea and word jokes.

Crystals fascinate me since my childhood, until today I have collected more than 300 minerals. Through them I also came into contact with spirituality.

I would love to help you develop spiritual routines for your everyday life with crystals as well and take your practice to the next level.

Crystals open up possibilities that hardly anyone has seen before. I will show you how you can make much more out of meditation, Reiki and Qigong with their help. My goal is for you to practice energy work with wow effect.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do I need prior knowledge of crystals, meditation, Reiki etc. for the mini course?

You don’t need any previous knowledge and also no Reiki initiation – just start and try!

I meditate regularly and / or have experience with energetic methods. Is the Mini Course interesting for me?

Yes, definitely! Get inspired on how to incorporate crystals into your practice.

I have only one crystal or a few crystals. Can I still participate?

Sure, grab your one crystal and let’s go!

I am already skeptical about spiritual methods. Do I have to believe in anything?

It’s good if you question things and think for yourself. Just think of the course as an experiment. You don’t have to believe in anything.

Where did you get your knowledge?

My sources are Shingon Buddhism, Daoism and Shamanism. I attach great importance to working with real traditions. Typical historian!

Reiki Crystal Meditation with Eileen

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