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7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Enhance your Reiki skills in perception and application!

Enhance your Reiki skills in Perception and application!

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

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Discover the Power of Secret Reiki Techniques

With the widespread popularity of Reiki, its techniques have gained recognition for their healing and transformative applications. In particular, the Japanese Reiki techniques have emerged, offering unique treatments and specialized practices, including energy cleansing for both the body and objects.

The Usui Memorial Stone carries the true essence of Mikao Usui’s vision for Reiki healing. It emphasizes that Reiki is not merely about treating symptoms and ailments, but rather, it serves as a spiritual discipline aimed at developing extraordinary sensory abilities. By mastering these natural gifts, one can embark on a path of personal and spiritual growth while uplifting others in their journey towards prosperity and assistance.

But what exactly are these spiritual exercises that enhance psychic abilities? They are the Secret Reiki Techniques — the very foundation of this ancient healing art. And now, you have the opportunity to explore the first seven techniques through our exclusive mini online course.

How did we uncover these invaluable secrets, you may wonder? Initially, through serendipitous experiments, and later, by delving deep into the authentic sources that Mikao Usui himself drew inspiration from.

Secret Reiki Techniques

Background knowledge

Discover and Explore

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Best Seller “Seven Secret Reiki Techniques”.

In 2007, I unleashed a Reiki masterpiece. ‘Seven Secret Reiki Techniques’, my brainchild, became a bestseller. Published by Windpferd House, this transformative gem has enchanted countless souls, spreading its magic far and wide.

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Experiments prove effect

Through pioneering experiments with thermal imaging and Kirlian photography, we’ve achieved world-leading results. Join us on this extraordinary journey and unlock the power of our groundbreaking methods.
online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Increase your skills step by step

Experience the magnificent power of your Reiki expertise as it unfolds, guiding you towards new realms of perception and empowering your practical application like never before. Embark on a transformative journey that unlocks the boundless potential within you, igniting a radiant path of growth and enlightenment.
online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

How it all began…

Driven by the desire to enhance Reiki, I developed powerful techniques in 1993 to amplify its power. Helping others with Reiki became my mission and I discovered innovative ways to unleash its true potential.
online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Effect immediately noticeable

With just a few minutes of practice, you can unlock incredible perceptual abilities and start witnessing tangible results.
online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Secret Reiki techniques by Usui!

Uncover the astounding truth – Usui himself practiced the Secret Reiki Techniques. This revelation confirms Reiki’s authenticity and power, revealing its ancient lineage and incredible effectiveness. Experience a transformative journey of personal healing and spiritual growth, guided by Usui’s timeless wisdom. Tap into the limitless potential of these revered methods and witness their profound impact.

Discover the 7 Secret Reiki Techniques that are perfect for you if…

Discover the 7 Secret Reiki Techniques that are perfect for you if…

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You love Reiki

Unleash the limitless potential of Reiki and manifest your dreams. Join us to amplify your Reiki practice and create pure magic in your life.
online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You practice Reiki

Unlock the hidden potential of Reiki and embark on a transformative journey.
online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You practice Qigong

and cultivate the beneficial possibilities with energies and integrate them into your practice.

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You energy work with wow effect

practice – with sound techniques and from reputable sources.

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You are just discovering Reiki for yourself

and if you’re seeking a simplified approach to the topic.
online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You practice meditation

and are open to new possibilities with meditation and mindfulness.

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You are spiritual and down to earth at the same time

and you want someone who is also like that and brings spirituality and science together.

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

You want to relax and recharge

By developing a self-care routine to feel good.


Mark Hosak Secret Reiki Techniques

I am Mark Hosak

I am Dr. Mark Hosak

Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, Bestselling Author, Shingon Monk and Fan of Japan, Nature and E-Music

I had the great fortune to learn Reiki very young. At first I was quite skeptical, but soon I could not imagine my life without Reiki.

To be able to help even better with Reiki, I developed the Secret Reiki Techniques. I was forbidden to use it by my master. The reasoning was: these techniques are non-traditional!

They are not – as I found out years later in my research. But until then, I experimented with them in secret.

My goal is to spread Reiki in its original form – so that you can feel and use the full Reiki power. Make your Reiki skills shine!

Known from

Haug Publishing House

Haug Thieme Publishing House

Mark Hosak - Author and Calligrapher in Reiki Magazine

Oliver's publishing house

Wind Horse Publishing House

Wind Horse Publishing House

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Do I need prior knowledge of Reiki for the Mini Course?

You don’t need any previous knowledge and also no Reiki initiation – just start and try!

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

I have experience with energetic methods. Is the Mini Course interesting for me?

Yes, definitely! Get inspired on how to incorporate the Secret Reiki Techniques into your practice.

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

I am already a Reiki Master. Is the course worth it for me?

Sure, you can increase your Reiki power enormously with the course contents. So let’s go!

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

I am already skeptical about spiritual methods. Do I have to believe in anything?

It’s good if you question things and think for yourself. Experience the effect by applying the content with your own senses.

online course4 7 Secret Reiki Techniques

Where did you get your knowledge?

My sources are Shingon Buddhism, Daoism and Shamanism. I have been researching the sources of the Reiki healing method for about 30 years.

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Es ist Zeit, Dein wahres Selbst zu leben

Reiki ist das Beste, was dir im Leben passieren kann. Mit Reiki kannst Du dir selber helfen, dich von Stress und Altlasten befreien, zur Ruhe kommen, Energie tanken, deine Vision erkennen und den Weg Deines Herzens gehen. Und wenn Du willst, kannst Du damit auch anderen helfen.

Reiki Tipps
  • Reiki-Fähigkeiten steigern
  • Wahrnehmung steigern
  • Reiki-Techniken
  • Reiki-Coaching

  • Dein Leben meistern
  • Deine Kräfte erwecken
  • Deine Vision leben
  • Meister-Training

Trete ein in die Welt des Schamanismus

Öffne deine Sinne für die Kraft der Natur, die Weisheit der Spirits und die Magie der Rituale.

Befreie dich von Fremdeinflüssen, stärke deinen Schutz und finde innere Balance.

Willkommen in unserer Gemeinschaft der spirituellen Suchenden und Entdecker!

Schamane werden
  • Kann ich Schamane werden?
  • Wie werde ich Schamanen Meister?