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7 Reiki power positions for vitalization


Now is the time to make your Reiki skills shine!





Treat yourself to the chance to increase your well-being!



Free 21-day Reiki challenge

Free 21-day Reiki challenge

Seven new Reiki power positions in 21 days

Let your Reiki skills shine!

  • 7 new hand positions to wake up and vitalize

Reiki and all the applications listed here can activate the self-healing powers and are not a substitute for a visit to the doctor.

Shingon Reiki master practitioner content

That’s in there for you!

Pure wellbeing!

  • 21-day challenge with Reiki power positions
  • Every three days a new Reiki hand position
  • Easily understandable and illustrated explanations
  • 7 hand positions with highly effective sequence
  • Bonus : Video with order, tips and extensions at the end of the challenge

Hello and welcome to


“Let your Reiki skills shine”

  • I am Mark Hosak and I show Reiki practitioners and Reiki masters how they can make their Reiki skills shine in application and perception, awakening your innermost talents and living your desires.


  • After 30 years of Reiki research and a three-year stay in Japan, I have published books and articles on the origins and practice of the Reiki healing method, including the first in the world Reiki practice book in the medical specialist publisher Haug: ” Reiki in therapeutic practice ” (in German).


  • In many places my lectures and events are extremely popular, such as at the Reiki Convention in Bulgaria.


  • I invite you to make yourself the person you have always been, in order to live the talents that slumber in you. Register now for my free 21-day Reiki challenge!

Get your free 21-day Reiki challenge today!

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