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General terms and conditions and consumer protection

I. Customer information in accordance with §§ 312b ff BGB

in accordance with §§ 312b ff BGB BGB (German Civil Code) the previous year m-InfoVO I would like you to be concluded on the basis of the following information:

1. I count as the enterpriser:

Shingon Institut – Dr. Mark Hosak , Friedrichstr. 6, 69412 Eberbach and am personnaly responsible

Shingon Institut – Dr. Mark Hosak, Friedrichstr. 6, 69412 Eberbach

2. The orders carried out within the scope of my website are juridically obliging. The determining moment of the realization of the distant sales contract is:

while downloading (download) of files the end of the Internet-based order dialog about the products on the Internet shop of Reiki Do institute on the part of the customer and with the email-based transfer of the download link in from the customer in the order process given email address.
with order of printed products
at the end of the Internet-based order dialog on the part of the customer and email-based transfer of the order confirmation from the customer in the order process given email address.

3. The dispatch sales (cf figure 2 b) occur from a least goods value of 50 € freely of delivery and free of forwarding costs,
as far as the Zustelladresse within Germany lies. For delivery in addresses in the foreign country the usual postage costs are calculated.

4. The distance contracts are concluded in accordance with the following payment and delivery conditions

a. When downloading (download) of digital files, videos, e-books, audiobooks
For example, I deliver the file in Acrobat Reader format products 5.0. These files are ending (* .pdf) and may provide you with just the program Acrobat Reader version 5.0 read. Acrobat Reader format 5.0 can be downloaded as freeware on the Internet free of charge, for example, http //

If the transferred file has errors or a download can not be carried out successfully, you may try to download the indicated in the order confirmation internet address again. This, too, is free of charge.

b. when ordering from print media (such as books / literature)
To order by Internet, I deliver products usually 7-12 days, but not more than 30 days from the day following the submission of the order day. Should I order therefore can not run because the ordered goods eg is not available, I will inform you without delay and refund any payments already made.

5. General information

By delivery difficulties I am entitled to make partial deliveries. Delivery is made only as long as the stock lasts.

The goods remain my property until full payment is made.

6. Cancellation and Return Policy

a. When ordering print media
You can cancel your contract revoked within two weeks without giving reasons in writing (eg letter, e-mail) or by returning the goods, unless you acquire goods as part of the electronic goods, which are intended for the parcel. The period begins with receipt of the goods and not before receipt of this information. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation or thing.

b. The right does not apply to distance contracts when:

are the supply of goods that are produced according to customer specifications or clearly tailored to personal needs or which are not suitable due to their condition for a return or spoil quickly or whose expiration date has been exceeded
the delivery of audio or video recordings or software if the delivered data carriers have been unsealed by the consumer or
the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines
be placed in registrations for seminars, live discussions, individual meetings, coaching, sessions also in those who by phone or email or via the respective chat rooms (see. also 7.)
downloading files (see FIG. 6 and d.)
at already made or carried out via e-mail service, the e-commerce and Phone-commerce (see FIG. 6 also e.)

c. Other procedures for the exercise of revocation
The revocation has no justification and can be either in writing, in a durable medium or by returning the goods delivered.
To meet the deadline it is sufficient to send the revocation to:

Mark Hosak, Friedrichstr. 6, 69412 Eberbach, Tel. 06271-947957

Mark Hosak Mail

Upon receipt of the cancellation, I am obliged to possibly refund any payments. You are obliged to return the goods, where the cost and risk will be borne by me; However, ordering a total value of up to 40 EUR you afford the costs of returning.
The right of withdrawal applies, of course, only for undamaged item in its original packaging. Upon receipt of damaged goods I’ll send you the same item after controlling.

d. When downloading files
Acquire digital files such as videos, PDF files etc. by the fact that I will procure the opportunity, the purchased file from my server to load down (so-called ESD -. Electronic Software Delivery), so you have no right to a
to invoke Withdrawal.

e. When already made or carried out via e-mail service, the e-commerce and Phone-commerce

In particular, since in these cases, the service has been rendered to the customer, there is inter alia
so for the customer no right of withdrawal.

7. Special note for booking

a. seminars / training
As stated above, there is also no right of withdrawal in registrations for seminars.

In seminars / training I can afford only to a limited number of customers at the same time. The performance time is precisely defined in advance, so that the seminar / training can be done by me. Therefore, approval of short-term cancellations would be an undue burden for my company; Planning security for seminars / trainings would not be possible on my part.

Creating an account at seminars is therefore a binding reservation. But you shall have no right of withdrawal.

I therefore ask you, before every application the content of seminars and trainings pay attention to my website to read so you know which program you want to take binding decisions.

Registrations must be made in writing in general.

Registrations in writing to
Shingon Institut – Dr. Mark Hosak
Friedrichstr. 6
69412 Eberbach

b. Coaching, trainings and sessions:
For these services, there is no right of withdrawal at registration; because with individual services to the customer services we offer is made concrete, that is, that the individual services rendered by us in accordance with previously obtained by the customer Customer data is individualized to the appropriate session in preparation.
Already for this reason a cancellation would be an undue burden for our company.

Already paid fees for the contents of 7a / 7b are non-refundable.

8. There are the following methods of payment

Please specify a valid e-mail address when ordering, because the shipping invoice and the disclosure of my bank details take place to this address.
If the contact because of an invalid or false e-mail address is not possible, the order is automatically canceled.

Payment: orders only against advance payment

Orders, only with a minimum order value of EUR 10 – adopted.

Upon receipt of my account information, please transfer the total amount (value of goods plus shipping percentage) free of charge within 10 days of order to my account.

9. Complaints Notice

Especially in services in the spiritual realm, the customer is required to report any defects immediately in Shingon Institut – Dr. Mark Hosak. However, I would point out, precisely because it concerns services in the spiritual realm, the effectiveness and quality of my services guaranteed are not scientifically proven and therefore only be based on personal experiences and feelings. For this reason I must make myself clear distancing from giving the customers for my services a guarantee of efficiency, because the efficiency and quality for the customer of the subjective experiences and sensations is dependent, for which I can not guarantee neither in legal terms nor want to.

10. Further Information:

The goods are shipped as soon as the invoice amount is credited to my account. I should note that I reserve to cancel the order if, in advance Transfer payment of the entire amount is not paid within 10 days from order.
The acknowledgment of receipt of incoming e-mails contains no binding will of my part.
This means that I am not obliged to offer my services to each customer.

11. Special Notice to customers the legal basis for my work as a spiritual healer

As a Reiki master, spiritual spiritual healer, life coach and also partly as a martial arts teacher I activate your self-healing powers.

However, I make no naturopathic or medical assistance.
Also, I am neither a doctor, medical practitioner nor therapist, but spiritual healer!

The intention of my activation of self-healing does not replace medical treatment or diagnosis, not treatment and diagnosis of a medical practitioner or therapist.
Also I am advocating is not that I am responsible for medical treatment or diagnosis, also I would like for it arousing impression.

I neither diagnose, examine, give therapy, nor otherwise practice a medicine from the legally defined meaning. I do not recommend medications (also Bach flower remedies, teas, etc.), nor will I prescribe or do I give this. I also do not advertise any type of essences for healing purposes.

I would point out that the medical care continues to be one in the hand of the doctor or medical practitioner. Unless you cancel, reduce or refrain from a treatment instructions and medications to the doctor or therapist, then this is done by you on your own responsibility. Neither will I cause you to do so or encourage to do so.

I also do not intend to give the impression, as if I could detect diseases reliably and accurately. Also I practice no therapy in the sense to cure certain ailments.
It is your own responsibility and free decision to discontinue spiritual healing with me at any time or continue.
Your free will, therefore, remains untouched.

I promise neither cure nor relief. Also, I’m not a ‚miracle healer‘. Therefore I exhort you, no way to put their hope solely on me.
Rather, I want to encourage you in your faith in your self-healing powers.
I see myself thus only as your companion, bring it by reference again clearly expressed that and would like to know underlined.

As I make lifelong ways and means for you recognizable to attain mental, physical and holistic health on its own responsibility, this should show the extent its effect, as your willingness and your will to participate and a belief in one’s own self-healing powers are available.

My companion is the recovery and health maintenance and is a spiritual path.

I beg you to reconsider from bottom of my heart and to decide whether the willingness to self-responsibility in connection with my company can be the right way to recovery and health maintenance for you.

Incidentally, my healing activity does not fall under the Medical Practitioners Act. This means that I, as a Reiki master healer and do not need any permission after Heilpraktikergesetz when I heal, regardless of diagnosis, what I faced all my clients also do so.
I refer to the relevant decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of 02.03.2004 file number 1 BvR 784/03.

II. Data protection instructions

Information on the collection of personal data by TDDSG, MDStV, BDSG
responsible for the content of the Internet domain is gem. § 6 TDG, § 7 TDG, § 6 MDStV, § 4 para. 3 BDSG is as principal (Service Provider) Shingon Institut – Dr. Mark Hosak, Friedrichstr. 6, 69412 Eberbach

Individually liable

Shingon Institut – Mark Hosak, Friedrichstr. 6, 69412 Eberbach

By sending the registered by you in the order form personal information, you consent to the database technical processing of data for the purpose of bid-negotiation or carrying out the order (§§ 3, 5 TDDSG, §§ 12, 14 MDStV, § 4a BDSG)

You have the right at any time, cost and without delay to inquire about the collected your personal data (§ 4 TDDSG, § 16 MDStV, §§ 6, 6a BDSG)

You have the right at any time, to give your consent to the use of your personal information in the provider forms with effect for the future revoke (§§ 3, 4 TDDSG).
For the request a sending of an e-mail is required to:

Mark Hosak Mail
Following this, I will delete all your personal customer data in the data processing.

I thank you for your attention and please, immediately save and print this text.

Best regards,

Your Mark Hosak

All these Terms and Conditions and Consumer Protection instructions given here are subject to copyright protection by Mark Hosak and may not be copied or used commercially without his written consent, neither for unauthorized use (eg. As for its own operation).