3 tips to fall asleep

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3 Tips for falling asleep and Shingon Reiki

Do you know this? Not being able to fall asleep in the evening or waking up at night and then not being able to go back to sleep. If you feel the same way, then maybe you get up in the morning pretty tired because you couldn’t sleep enough? Why don’t you try out the tips I’m giving you here?


Help, I can not fall asleep …

Do you know this? Not being able to fall asleep in the evening or waking up at night and then not being able to go back to sleep. I often have something like that on a full moon. But others have it much more often. And if you feel the same way, then maybe you get up in the morning pretty tired because you couldn’t sleep enough?

3 Tips to fall asleep…😴

There is now more than one solution for falling asleep. I have been dealing with the subject of falling asleep and sleeping for several years from the shamanic context of lucid dreaming. In combination with Shingon Reiki, I have been able to make some random finds in falling asleep over the past six months.

Actually, I was looking to find a way to regulate migraines with Shingon Reiki because it just bugged me to stand by relatively helpless. Along the way I discovered something that is easy to fall asleep to. 😴 Sounds funny, but it’s true. 💡

Strictly speaking, there are four hand positions. The amazing thing is that in my self-experiments I get extremely tired right from the first and second hand positions and then fall asleep easily in the third, so that I don’t even get to the fourth. 🛏️ Well then, good night! 🌚

What I find interesting about this is that when these four hand positions are combined with other hand positions, Reiki then has more of an invigorating effect. This means that selected hand positions in a certain sequence can produce very specific effects.

To apply Reiki specifically is the specialty of Shingon Reiki in general. I don’t know of any other style of Reiki where this is handled so effectively. In Shingon Reiki, it is not “Hands on Reiki on and Reiki will do it”. Rather, it is about being able to help in a very targeted way.

This allowed me to develop applications that could be used over and over again for a theme. Therefore, regulation with Reiki through the activation of self-healing powers is not a coincidence but an acquired ability.

That is why in Shingon Reiki, for example, you can specialize in the back without having to add any other methods.

Sleep good Reiki 😴

One of the basic effects of Reiki is that the Reiki power is relaxing. Therefore, Reiki is known as a method of Japanese deep relaxation.

If you are sleep deprived and get Reiki, you will fall asleep anyway. that’s not what we’re talking about here. The ability to sleep goes hand in hand with the ability to rest oneself. The opposite of calm is not only noise but also stress, that is, noise in the mind that does not let you rest.

Fall asleep tip 1 – Full breathing


You can also use this and the following tips in combination. All exercises are best performed lying on your back.

  1. Place your hands on your lower abdomen.
  2. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen, gently moving your abdominal wall upward.
  3. Inhale deeply into the lower ribs, gently pushing your chest to the sides.
  4. Inhale deeply into the upper chest area, gently moving your sternum upward.
  5. Exhale by first relaxing the abdomen, then the and chest, and finally the sternum.
  6. Repeat steps 2-6 about five times the first few days.
  7. Then continue breathing normally and in a relaxed manner.

Fall asleep tip 2 – Belly circles


Try the following belly circles if you can’t or can’t fall asleep. I know this exercise from Buddhist Qigong and just wanted to practice that. The catch is that I always fell asleep doing it.

Don’t worry, you can stay still without moving.

It’s best to practice this a few times during the day so that you know how to do it. But be careful, you might fall asleep doing it.

  1. Place your hands on your lower abdomen.
  2. Direct your attention to the lower abdomen
  3. Imagine an energy point in the middle of the lower abdomen.
  4. From there, visualize a spiral circle that very slowly gets bigger and bigger from the center.
  5. Before the circles become larger than the body, reverse the direction and let the spirals taper again.
  6. When you have returned to a point, you can start again from the beginning.

I have never managed points 5-6 because I always fell asleep before.

Sleep Tip 3 –

The Shingon Reiki Power Nap 😴

A simple way to calm down and then fall asleep is with the following
Shingon Reiki Power Nap application.
You can try this with or without Reiki.

If you are initiated into the 1st level, then you can transmit the Reiki power. This helps to relax and fall asleep.

If you are not yet initiated into Reiki, this is also possible, because you naturally send your own life energy through your hands into the belly and so it is not lost. It may just take a little longer to take effect.

  1. Make yourself comfortable and warm.
  2. Place your hands above the navel.
  3. Breathe deeply in and out of the abdomen.
  4. Keep the attention on your breathing in the belly.

I like to use the Shingon Reiki Power Nap at lunchtime to wind down for a bit and recharge my batteries.

The difference to
Shingon Reiki Sleep Well Application
is that the Shingon Reiki Power Nap is very relaxing in the short term and then wakes you up again, while the Shingon Reiki Sleep Well application is so deeply relaxing that you can go into deep sleep.


NEW: Sleep Well application in 2nd level Shingon Reiki 😴

Instead of keeping this to myself, I walk in the footsteps of Mikao Usui by showing the new possibilities right away.

Therefore I have decided to use the
Shingon Reiki Sleep Well Application
to be included in the 2nd level Shingon Reiki. For the application we need hand positions and Reiki symbols. Therefore, the 2nd level Shingon Reiki is ideal for this.


What to do if you already have the 2nd level?

If you have been to my 2nd level Shingon Reiki event before, just send me an email. I will send you a 50% voucher. 😍

If you are on the Shingon Reiki Master path, you will get the new content anyway. For you then all upgrades are included. 😻

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