Feuerritual Goma ho auf der Reiki-Convention

Experience report on the great fire ritual


Goma-hô fireritual by Dr. Mark Hosak and Bodhi Niens.

The tension and anticipation increased long before the actual ritual.

From 50 proposed wishes in all areas of life, we were allowed to choose the one that suits us right now. If that was not easy for you, you would get patient and imaginative help almost non-stop. Bodhi converted our dates of birth from the sun calendar into the lunar calendar.

Hand-made and consecrated small wooden boards developed into dream wood: Bit by bit, symbolic characters were painted on it by Mark and Bodhi: Siddham from Fudô Myôô, first and last name, dates of birth according to the sun and moon calendar, and ultimately the chosen wish in four each Japanese-Chinese Kanji. The energy of these preparations was already very strong and impressive.

For me, therefore, it was no question to choose the „Buddhist Initiation“ by Dr. Mark Hosak at the official convention program section „Reiki-Blessings & Reiju“ the day before, which was offered as a personal attunement to the fire ritual. After the highly interesting historical backgrounds and exciting stories, the initiation followed in the energy and mantra of Fudô Myôô, whom I now very much know as one of my strongest protectors. The mantra was very difficult for most of us to speak at first. However, Mark has developed and successfully applied a method in which one learns to speak the mantra in full length „from mouth to ear to mouth“ in stages.

I myself thought I would never be able do it, but it worked: because – by the way – I stood on an insecure ladder, reciting the Fudô-Myôô-Mantra, picking cherries from the highest height and feeling intensely and gratefully the protection that came from him.

The basis for the minimally active participation in the Goma-hô on Saturday of the Reiki Convention was created. The energy continued to build up

The selected fire ritual site was embedded in the paradisiacally beautiful property of the Parimal Gut Hübenthal. When I got there myself, there were already a few excited guests who were watching the elaborate preparations on site.

There were an incredible number of ritual objects, from branches to delicious food (e.g. rice and beans) in small bowls as offerings to traditionally prepared firewood, lovingly and in an arrangement that has been established for millennia. You immediately felt the cleaning of unnecessary energy that had already been carried out. Mark and Bodhi were tangibly embedded in the spiritual events and seemed to be completely fulfilled.


The ritual place gradually filled with spectators who at most felt the special atmosphere, whispering softly. The people who had registered in advance stayed in the closest circle around the fire. And I am very grateful that I was allowed to belong.

After a further ritual cleaning with holy water from the area and all newly added beings – presumably even including the many fireflies that joined them – the real Goma-hô began.

We were allowed to participate in one of Dr. Mark Hosak and Bodhi Niens (as a highly advanced monk student of Mark) carried out the almost four-hour fire ritual with the utmost and prudent care of the precisely prescribed Japanese-traditional procedures.

We followed the ritual acts with “goosebumps feeling” and childlike amazement. However, it is impossible to describe all the wonderful details that happened before our eyes here. What is outstanding is the old knowledge, which has been gratefully shared with us here for everyone and can be experienced with all the senses.

Mark and Bodhi were noticeably fullfilled from their spiritual tasks. With tingling sensations, we took part in how their inner and outer focus completely focused on the ritual processes. The visualizations of the two were almost physically palpable for us. Wherever we could, we recited the accompanying mantras.

Siehst du das Gesicht von dem Feuergeist?

The main focus of the first fire was on building and asking for different spirits or salvation figures. I have never experienced a fire like this before. The flames seemed to be glassy. I can not imagine that this was ‚only‘ due to the previous immersion of wood in oil and honey. One magically beautiful experience followed the next.

After a short pause, the second ritual fire was lit – again after a fixed arrangement of woods. And again it is impossible to put into words what was felt when Fudô-Myôô combined with the flames of the fire. Remembering this, I now have a pleasant shiver running through my spinal cord. The fire changed visibly, became significantly larger, sparks sprayed in all directions and even the fireflies hurried from the forest to be there.

When the countless pieces of wishing wood were handed over to the fire one by one, the whole world seemed to hold their breath. Time and space no longer existed in this mystical mood. And even the spirits seemed to be extremely curious about what tasks they would receive from us humans. Mark deliberately handed over every single piece of wish wood in Bodhi’s consciously receiving hands with a loud reading of the name and the wish in Japanese. During the trusting fusion with the fire, we quoted the learned mantra of Fudô Myôô three times each. The transformation took its course …

Das Feuerritual des Fudo Myoo

After all wishes for the metamorphosis were handed over, we thanked all involved spirits and salvation figures and said goodbye. Immediately when Fudô Myôô disappeared from the fire, the flames visibly reduced to a minimum and the external magic combined with our internal magic and intensified it permanently.

Apart from our fantastic memories, a few photos and the fulfillment of our wishes, there is no remnant in this world: Fudô Myôô has not left a single ash crumb …

Thank you very much for that

Heidrun Lerg