Shinpiden – transmission of the spiritual mystery

Shinpiden is the master level of the Usui Reiki Ryoho, following the 1st level (Shoden) and the 2nd level (Okuden). If you see Reiki as a significant part of your life, Shinpiden is an important step on your way of the heart.

With Shinpiden you enter the master level of the Usui Reiki method. It’s like climbing a mountain and recognizing a whole new world on the summit. With the initiation into the mystery of the spiritual method, you will learn how things are. This can be extremely helpful for your personal Reiki practice and self-development.

The meaning of Shinpiden

Shinpiden 神秘 伝 is Japanese and means „transmission of the spiritual mysteries“. In it, the mystical dimension of the Reiki healing method is transferred. Entering this level will show you that there is still much to discover and explore, and that the master degree is the first step in your Master Way. You will learn in depth to understand why Reiki is „the secret way to invite happiness“ and why Reiki is „a spiritual healing herb for the body, mind and soul“. Shinpiden is a strong foothold for developing the Master personality.

Reiju – blessing and attunement

Mikao Usui had introduced his students to his spiritual method with blessings and attunements. Reiju 霊 受 means receiving the spiritual. It deals with the most important applications of the Shinpiden master degree. With Reiju you can directly experience the spiritual qualities of Reiki in every being. This is much more than just laying on hands and giving Reiki. At Reiju, you get a blessing from the source of Reiki that touches the heart.

Both giving and receiving Reiju is a profound experience with very individual effects that will advance you in your development. In Shinpiden you get Reiju and learn to apply it to others.

So Shinpiden is suitable to develop the master personality.

Daikomyo – The Master Symbol

Daikomyo 大 光明 is the master-symbol in Usui Reiki and means Great Enlightenment. Whenever there is talk of perfect enlightenment in a Buddhist sutra, it means in the translation the master symbol. So hidden in the master symbol is a profound teaching and practice whose secrets are revealed in the Shinpiden Reiki master degree.

In Shinpiden you get the initiation in the master symbol. This is both the ritual of Master Initiation and the initiation into meaning, background and spiritual practice.

Usui himself placed great value on mental exercises for the development of the supernatural abilities of naturalness. Part of this training can be increased many times over with the master symbol.

Shinpiden Meditation for Reiki Masters

There is a mystery in meditation to attain the state of Daikomyo 大 光明. This is revealed through the meditation of the heart of enlightenment. This is the true contemplation of the secret master-symbol of the Great Sun Buddha Dainichi Nyorai. This is the source of the Reiki power and it is not the Daikomyo itself. Through a Buddhist initiation in Shingon Reiki you can connect directly to this luminous source of enlightenment.

The three levels of enlightenment

The Master Symbol turns the Reiki healing method into a path of enlightenment. This can manifest itself in three levels in each one of us. Enlightenment is a gradual development and usually does not come suddenly. The Reiki path helps to integrate the experiences with the light gently and harmoniously.

Thanks to the initiation of Usui on the Kurama into the Reiki force, his desire to teach Reiki and heal selflessly, the Reiki healing method has spread throughout the world to this day. These are Usui’s three levels of enlightenment. In Shinpiden you will learn step by step how to proceed on Usui’s path in ways that are right for you.

Mikao Usui’s enlightenment on the Kurama

Usui certainly chose the Kurama to receive the Reiki power. On the pilgrim route up the hill, there are several places for practices to gain spiritual skills. There is also an illustrated lecture in Shinpiden. A monk of esoteric Buddhism, he was well acquainted with the Gumonji-ho ritual, which aims to attain spiritual abilities such as Reiki. You will learn this here to connect with the source.

Contents of the Shinpid master degree

  • Shinpiden initiation into the master symbol Daikomyo 大 光明
  • The three mysteries of the master symbol are decoded
  • Write the master symbol as a calligraphy
  • Shinpiden meditation and the secret master-symbol
  • Reiju: Reiki blessings after Mikao Usui
  • The three levels of enlightenment on the Reiki path
  • Method for gaining spiritual abilities
  • Detailed illustrated manual
  • Shinpiden certificate
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