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Shinpiden Master Level

Contents of the Shinpiden training

  • Shinpiden initiation / attunement
  • Initiation into the secret master symbol
  • Initiation into the mantra of light
  • The three mysteries of the master symbol
  • Write the master symbol as calligraphy
  • Meditation with the secret master symbol
  • Reiju: Reiki blessings according to Mikao Usui
  • The levels of enlightenment on the Reiki path
  • Method of attaining spiritual abilities
  • Detailed illustrated manual
  • Shinpiden Certificate

This is new in Shinpiden

Online training and remote reiju

For the first time in 2020 Remote-Reiju live in lockdown

  • The lockdown makes traveling difficult.
  • Reiju traditionally includes body contact and blowing on – both of which are irresponsible and prohibited during the pandemic.
    Therefore, to be on the safe side, we switch to online training and remote reiju.
  • With the teaching method I developed, you can learn Reiju comfortably online.
  • This training cannot be replaced by any on-site seminar.
Buddhistische Geistheilung
Shinpiden Meistergrad - Dainichi Nyorai

The meaning of Shinpiden

Transmission of the spiritual mystery

  • The secret meaning of the 1st and 2nd degree
  • Reiki as the path of your heart
  • Entering the master level of Usui Reiki
  • Climbing the mountain of wisdom
  • The mystical dimension of mastery
  • Reiki and the enlightenment of the heart
  • Draft 1: Why Reiki invites happiness
  • Draft 2: Why Reiki is a „spiritual medicinal herb“
  • Shinpiden for the development of the master personality


The spiritual receiving

Reiju – the Usui method of spiritual blessing

  • Reiju is the main method of the master degree
  • Making spiritual qualities tangible
  • To experience a blessing that touches the heart directly
  • Reiju helps you to gain deep experiences with Reiki
  • Reiju helps you to ignite your master personality
  • You learn to use Remote-Reiju for yourself and others
Shinpiden Einweihung Reiju

Daikomyo – the master symbol

Symbol of perfect enlightenment

  • The Shinpiden teaching of the master symbol
  • Initiation and Reiju in the master symbol
  • Development of psychic abilities
  • Meditation of the Heart of Enlightenment
  • The Sun Buddha and the Master Symbol
  • Connection with the source of enlightenment
  • The three levels of enlightenment

Usui’s enlightenment in the Kurama mountains

How Usui came to Reiki

Practice: method of attaining spiritual abilities

  • Illustrated Kurama lecture
  • Practices on the Kurama Pilgrimage Route
  • Connection with the source of the Reiki power
  • Method of attaining spiritual abilities
Shinpiden Usuis Erleuchtung auf dem Kurama
Shinpiden Zertifikat

Shinpiden Certificate

Master’s certificate

  • At the end of the seminar you will receive the Shinpiden Master Certificate in Usui Reiki
  • Inauguration confirmation in the certificate
  • Authorization to give Reiju
  • Permanent validity of the certificate

Manual and bonuses

  • Detailed and illustrated manual
  • Step by step instructions from Reiju, all exercises and meditations
  • Calligraphy instructions for the symbols
  • Vocal and auditory mantra and mudra training
  • Personal aftercare

Participation requirements

1st and 2nd degree in Usui Reiki and you are there

Online Shinpiden is ideal for you if you …

  • … are a master in a Japanese Reiki style and want to learn online and long-distance Reiju!
  • … you practice Reiki in the Takata lineage and now also want to learn Japanese Reiju!
  • … have learned any Reiki style and now want to know exactly!
  • … want to get to the sources of the Reiki healing method!
  • … have the impression that something went wrong with your master craftsman training
  • … you see no possibility of travel and still feel called to do your master’s degree in the comfort of your home!
Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker Inhalte
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