Shingon Reiki 真言靈氣

Shingon Reiki was founded in 2005 by Dr. Mark Hosak developed after 12 years of research on the sources of the Usui Reiki healing method. On the one hand, the development of Shingon Reiki includes the history of Reiki since Mikao Usui (1865-1926) and, on the other hand, the career of Dr. Mark Hosak who began learning Japanese at the age of thirteen with Japanese martial arts masters.

Reiki and Buddhism 霊気と仏教

Through his studies in East Asian Art History and Japanese Studies at the University of Heidelberg and during his three-year stay in Japan as a scholarship holder of the DAAD and Rotary, Dr. Mark Hosak in the course of his research on Buddhist rituals and healing, recognized links to Reiki. In 1995, he discovered the master symbol in sutras and the origin of the mental healing symbol in Siddham script, which became the focus of his master’s and doctoral thesis.

The Reiki founder Mikao Usui was born in 1865 into a samurai family. As part of his education, he learned in a monastery school of Tantric Tendai Buddhism and later became a monk. Tendai unites the teachings of Zen, Amida and Shingon Buddhism.

The memorial stone at the tomb of Mikao Usui was newly re-translated by Dr. Mark Hosak and published in honor of Mikao Usui’s 150th birthday in Usui Special Edition (Olivers Verlag) 2015. The text was written in the technical terms of a Buddhist sutras. It describes Reiki as a spiritual method and natural healing art. With Reiki healing should not only refer to symptoms and illnesses, but to the completion of the spiritual heart with mental exercises, to the development of the personality and the training of natural and supernatural abilities. Two methods of application are described: giving Reiki by laying on of hands and the contemplative meditation of the rules of life, which goes back to a basic Buddhist sutra, which also describes the applications and initiations with the Reiki master symbol.

Since the time of Usui, the following basic effects designated to Reiki to activate the self-healing powers: detoxification, vitalization, pain relief, relaxation, calming, and regeneration. The same effects could be shown for meditation, as well as for Reiki in numerous studies. This is because Reiki applications are like an attentiveness meditation, with the addition of Reiki energy.

The origin of the mental healing symbol is used in Buddhist temples for the living and deceased in healing rituals of the mind / heart and dissolving karmic entanglements.

Etymology of Shingon Reiki 真言靈氣の語源

The Japanese term Shingon translates into English: ‚True words‘. Shingon in Japanese stands for the ancient Indian Sanskrit term Mantra. At the same time, Shingon is the name of a Japanese school of Tantric Buddhism. Reiki means ’spiritual life energy‘. Shingon Reiki is therefore the ‚Spiritual Life Energy of True Words‘.

Contents of Shingon Reiki 真言靈氣の内容

Shingon Reiki primarily includes the western and Japanese traditions of traditional Usui Reiki. Added to this is the research on the resources of Usui, from which he himself drew. According to the memorial stone, the Eastern and Western wisdom teachings, shamanism, meditations and rituals of Buddhist spiritual healing, psychological aspects and research are within the scope of the dissertation from Dr. Mark Hosak.

History and Lineage of Shingon Reiki 真言靈氣の歴史

Shingon Reiki contains three lineages that go back to Usui: in the 2nd level   Usui – Hayashi – Takata – Furumoto – Habben – Furhmann – Hosak; in the Master Level  Usui – Taketomi – Koyama – Doi – Piquer – Hosak and Usui – Wanami – ? – Aoki – Piquer – Hosak  (The Master of Aoki is a member of the Gakkai and would not like to be named here to avoid being excluded).

Since Shingon Reiki was founded in 2005, the Shingon Reiki lineage begins on the basis of the three Usui lineages with Dr. Mark Hosak. In 2013, Dr. Mark Hosak was asked by his students to teach Shingon Reiki up to the master degree. He accepted this request. Meanwhile world wide, there are 13 of Dr. Mark Hosak´s trained masters of Shingon Reiki.

In facts, energetic and content, Shingon Reiki has nothing to do with the lineage of other modern Reiki styles that Dr. Mark Hosak once practised and supplemented by his research  (For more Info:  Can be translated in english on request)

Philosophy of Shingon Reiki 真言靈氣との思想

According to the Buddhist teachings of Usui, Shingon Reiki is about liberating others from their suffering and spreading happiness, completing the spiritual heart, keeping the body healthy, and accepting a life in prosperity. Long-term goals are the development of inner strength, patience, diligence, modesty, gentleness and a smiling heart. Shingon Reiki is a way to achieve an inner peace in the heart.

The contents of Shingon Reiki are taught in a simple way. In addition to training instruction, mastery can be gained over many years of experience, dedication and sincerity.