Shingon Reiki Practitioner – Seminar

The Shingon Reiki Practitioner offers the opportunity to delve deeply into the development of extrasensory perception and applications with Reiki. The major points of the seminar can be combined with the basics of the 1st and 2nd degree Reiki levels.

• Reiki applications with the pentagram of Siddham of the Five Elements theory of earth, water, fire, air and emptiness (chi sui ka fû kû 地水火風空) – The pentagram represents the magic of the micro-cosmos.

• Buddhist spiritual healing with the mandalas of two worlds: mothers-lap world and diamond world and hermeneutics.

• Reiki, along with magical powers from the hexagram of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. – The hexagram represents the macrocosm here.

• The Call and banning forces with Reiki with the pentagram and hexagram.

• Reiki and elements blessing with the astral hands and fingers

• Intuitive and targeted Aura Chakra treatments

• for regeneration of inner balance
• to resolve tensions and blockages
• Refinement of greater perception with hands
• Perception beyond the hands with his own aura

• Astral Meditations and treatments with Reiki