A very important element in the Usui Reiki healing method is the lineage. To truly speak of traditional Usui Reiki, the series of masters must go back to Mikao Usui in an unbroken lineage.

Short info for those who are unfamiliar with the Reiki lineage: there are now a variety of Reiki styles. Some go back to Usui and others do not. With the Reiki styles that do not go back to Usui, questions arise as to what extent the energy transmitted is really the original Reiki power and how the initiations and symbols look like. There’s a lot to discuss about that.

In order to give me a picture of it, over the years I dedicated myself to learning and mastering a number of Reiki styles. It soon turned out that the energy qualities of the Reiki-styles, which do not or only partly go back to Usui, differ very much from the original Reiki that I once learned in the Usui system of natural healing by Sigrid Fuhrmann. Here’s the lineage:

Usui – Hayashi – Takata – Furumoto – Habben – Fuhrmann – Hosak

As the founder of Shingon Reiki, and as a loyal friend of traditional Usui Reiki, it is particularly important to me to pass on only the pure Reiki energy to my students with Shingon Reiki. In order to make that possible, I have decided to abandon all styles that are alien to the traditional Usui Reiki. Luckily, undoing the original Reiki energy is not possible, provided you are properly and traditionally initiated. In contrast, using rituals, it is quite possible to remove foreign influences from styles that are not or only partially traditional Usui Reiki.After all, these rituals and purifications have resulted in only three Reiki lineages in Shingon Reiki that go back to Mikao Usui in an unbroken lineage. All foreign energies that have nothing or only partially to do with Usui Reiki energy have thus disappeared and can not be transmited during the traditional Reiki initiations.

So the lineages and initiations of two Japanese remain, both of whom have learned from teachers from Reiki Gakkai and then founded their own Reiki styles. On the one hand Fuminori Aoki with the style Reidô Reiki. In english, this means ‚the spiritual path of spiritual life energy‘. The Aoki line of Reidô Reiki is:

Usui – Wanami – anonymity – Aoki – Piquer – Hosak

Surely you are wondering why anonymity stands for a name? The reason is simple. The teacher of Aoki is a member of the Reiki Gakkai and does not want to be named, otherwise he will have to reckon with the exclusion according to the rules of the Reiki Gakkai.

The other Japanese Reiki master, who founded his own style called Gendai Reiki, is Hiroshi Doi. Gendai Reiki means ‚Reiki of the present time‘. The line is:

Usui – Taketomi – Koyama – Doi – Piquer – Hosak

Hiroshi Doi was a member of the Gakkai. Based on the inscription on the memorial stone of Mikao Usui at his tomb, which states that the Reiki healing method is for the benefit of all beings around the world and should be distributed, Doi had decided against the rules of the Reiki Gakkai, to teach non-members Usui Reiki Ryôhô. This eventually led to his exclusion from the Reiki Gakkai.

In this respect, it is not surprising that the teacher of Aoki wants to remain anonymous. However, I still wondered if the contents of the two Reiki styles really go back to the Reiki Gakkai. The contentual comparison of both styles showed so many similarities that they must come from one source. And that can only be the Gakkai. Other Japanese Reiki styles are out of the question, because the techniques and initiations differ enormously from the Reiki Gakkai.

As for the lineages and initiations, there are differences in the process between Usui Reiki Ryôhô and Usui Shiki Ryôhô. Since I am master of both styles, there are both forms of initiation in Shingon Reiki. In Reiki context the initiation is called Reiju in Japanese. This means ‚to receive the spiritual‘. The two forms of initiation are evidently due to the fact that Hayashi, the most well-known successor of Usui in the West, has modified the initiations in some respects, on the basis of his experience.

Characteristics of the Shingon Reiki lineage and initiations

  • the lineages and initiations go back to Mikao Usui, because Shingon Reiki is Usui Reiki.
  • In Shingon Reiki, there are no absurd changes or additions that have nothing to do with either Usui Reiki or the sources that Usui himself drew from.
  • There is no content from dubious sources such as reminiscences.

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