Shingon Reiki Level 1

Shingon Reiki Level 1 is the basic course in Usui Reiki and the extensions of Shingon Reiki. 

Contents of Shingon Reiki Level 1

  • Introduction to Usui Reiki and Shingon Reiki
  • Mikao Usui and the history of Reiki
  • The rules of life of Mikao Usui as a secret method of inviting luck
  • Four traditional attunements in the permanent awakening of Reiki energy
  • Attunement in the Mantra and symbol of the medicine Buddha
  • Full body application and psychosomatic connections
  • Aura-Chakra applications with Reiki
    • Three variations of Chakra balancing
    • Magnetic Reiki aura application
  • Intuitive Reiki
  • Meditation and Reiki Healing with the Medicine Buddha and the Bodhisattva of bliss
  •  Shamanic and magical Reiki applications from Eastern and Western Wisdom Teachings
    • Purification
    • Energizing
    • Magnetization
    • Blessing
  • Distance healing of ones self and others
  • Earth healing with Reiki
  • Awakening of subtle perception of hands to detect problem areas and blockages

Seminar schedule and detailed information for Shingon Reiki Level 1

The 1st level Shingon Reiki is 2.5 days from Friday evening 7 p.m. until Sunday late afternoon ending at 5 p.m.

The Friday evening includes an introduction in lectures of the traditional Usui Reiki and Shingon Reiki with the Reiki history, the life and work of Reiki founder Mikao Usui, a mystical journey in pictures on the Kurama Mountain – the birthplace of the Reiki healing method, the meditation, the Reiki precepts and the spread of Reiki in the world. Finally there is the first attunement into the Reiki healing method.The Reiki energy then flows for each participant through the hands and can be used immediately for themselves and others through the laying on of hands.

On Saturday, we then continue with the great method of Reiki – full body and area applications. While all participants place their hands on all Reiki positions, each position is explained with his energetic, psychosomatic and metaphysical contexts. All this information is included in the seminar manual, so that you can relax during the seminar and enrapture yourself with infos and Reiki. Meanwhile, the techniques for sensitization of perception and strengthening the Reiki energy will be practiced (without symbols) in the hands (Seven secret Reiki techniques and enhancements).

In the course of the day, there are two further attunements in the Reiki energy and the mantras (chants) and Siddham of the Medicine Buddha (Yakushi Nyorai 薬師如来) and the Bodhisattva of Bliss (Kokûzô Bosatsu 虚空蔵菩薩) for meditations and rituals of healing with Reiki.

On Sunday it comes to various Applications and areas with Reiki. In addition there are two further traditional Reiki attunements.

This includes first of all, aura and chakra applications with Reiki with three forms of balancing the chakras to resolve deep-seated issues and blockages and to conform themselves to their own spiritual life and their own vision. Magnetic applications in the aura, vitalize and take old energetic structures out of the energy system that have no current significance. So it becomes easier to desolve whats old and to try new things.

Another area of application is intuitive Reiki. This is applied if one wants to find out additional and useful positions for himself or the Reiki receiver on which one does not so simply come by thru reflection or observing. The larger connections thereby reveal themselves to the sensitivities which can be used then in consultations with Reiki.Experience has shown that the Reiki receiver very soon trusts that the practitioner has a deep knowledge, when the Reiki applications help to achieve a significant improvement in well-being.

Because Reiki founder Mikao Usui was also a Buddhist monk,  attached a special value to the subject of Reiki and meditation. With the Siddham (symbol) and Mantra of the medicine Buddha the meditations of healing with which the strength of the medicine Buddha can be used in Reiki applications are carried out directly.
When Mikao Usui meditated for 21 days on the Kurama mountain to finally obtain Reiki in a vision, he had, according to my knowledge, performed the meditation of the Bodhisattvas of Happiness (Gumonji-hô 聞 持法 持法). One of the four basic exercises of Tantric Buddhism in Japan to attain spiritual skills and improve learning. I believe it is useful that everyone who learns Reiki, carry out this meditation for its own development, just as Usui had the opportunity to develope.

At the end of the seminar special and Japanese Reiki techniques are taught and practiced in connection with shamanism and magic. These include, in particular, the purification and removal of foreign energy from objects, earth healing and remote healing with the 1st level Shingon Reiki.


Shingon Reiki Level 1 is about the basic and traditional initiations, to obtain Reiki power to exercise for themselves and others for a lifetime. All initiations are different and build on each other.

In the first initiation the Reiki channel is opened. Thereafter, it is already possible to give Reiki with the hands. The second and third initiations form a kind of gain of strength to cope well with the new, for the energy system and body, form of energy. With the fourth initiation, a sealing takes place so that the Reiki energy is preserved for a lifetime.

In addition to the four traditional initiations, another initiation will be added in mantras and Siddham of Esoteric Buddhism. These include, extraordinary meditations and healing applications, such as the spiritual work with the Medicine Buddha, his mantra and its symbol Bhai. Just like the morning star Venus meditation called Gumonji-hô求聞持法which in turn Usui practiced on the Kurama Mountain and contains a mantra and a Siddham.

This additional initiation creates new possibilities and you can put things in motion, where it was difficult alone with Reiki. In the first course, it is already possible to do earth healing, awakening the subtle perception abilities in the hands and the ability to send Reiki to remote locations.

Content in the Shingon Reiki Level 1

Furthermore, the participants will learn the important basics such as the special Shingon Reiki whole body treatment, knowledge about the memorial stone of Usui and his life rules, intuitive treatments and the Gassho meditation of Usui.

A major focus of the Shingon Reiki 1st level is on the physical level of the body. Direct applications to the body by laying on of hands, working directly in the aura and chakras close to the body are taught. The more profound the contents of the training are applied in the 1st degree, the more effective are the possibilities of the 2nd level Shingon Reiki.

Accompanying the seminar, there is a detailed manual as well as an audio book with further explanations. The teaching style is friendly, grounded and well-founded. Questions are always welcome. Even after the seminar Mark Hosak stands for information on the content by e-mail or by phone. Extract from the contents: What is Reiki? Why Shingon Reiki? Effective and functional levels of Reiki, Reiki History: Usui, Hayashi and Takata the memorial stone of Mikao Usui, the rules of life of Mikao Usui, the four traditional initiations in the permanent revival of the Reiki energy, initiation into the mantra and symbol Bhai of the Medicine Buddha, Full Body Treatment and psychosomatic connections, aura cleansing, smoothing and energizing, Intuitive Aura and chakra healing, Intuitive Reiki treatments and chakra balancing, spiritual development and healing meditation with the Medicine Buddha, the Gassho meditation by Usui, Morning Star Meditation, Reiki and Magic: cleaning, energizing magnetization and blessing of earth healing distant healing and awakening of the subtle perception of the hands to detect problem areas and blockages, Shingon Reiki methods to increase the bio-energetic abilities of healing.

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