Reiki symposium in honor of Mikao Usui

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In 2015, Mikao Usui would be 150 years old. On the occasion of and in his honor, several events took place in 2015. This includes in particular the Reiki symposium in Vienna and Berlin. I was invited to both events and was able to gain many wonderful experiences as a participant and speaker. It’s just a fantastic energy to celebrate Mikao Usui with so many Reiki practitioners.

Reiki Symposium in Vienna

The Reiki Symposium in Vienna had the motto ‘Reiki in the circle of life’. Based on this, the contents of many lectures were designed. Mostly, several lectures ran in parallel, so that everyone could choose their favorite topic. I will now briefly comment on some of the presentations at the symposium.

The beginning of life

Lecture at the symposium from Dr. Leopold Spindelberger

This lecture was about the origin of the life from the ovum upto birth in connection with Reiki. At the same time science and the humanities came together again, as it once was. This is important, because the separation of the two created mindless science. This was briefly illustrated by dangerous gene experiments and their possibilities. Dr. Leopold Spindelberger believes that the study of a natural science should also include a few semesters in ethics and morality.
Below are some notes from the lecture:
  • Reiki is comparable to the essential being, which is invisible and yet scientifically explainable. Just because you can not see it does not mean that it is not there. With Reiki on the skin, the internal organs are reached via the nerves. This is an activation of the self-healing powers, because the surfaces of reflex zones, triger zones and triger points are supplied with Reiki energy and from there the energy is passed on to the corresponding organs.
  • A comparison of the origin of life with the original symbol of Christianity: the fish. Originally it was the fish, then the sacred bone of the pelvis, because from there comes life. From the cross of the sacrum was later linked to back pain to breaking the cross and suffering. The fish is related to the origin of life, because the human embryo still has gills like a fish and later develops these back. In addition, there are two cycles in the womb and two hearts, which later grow into one. Heart and pulmonary circulation is still switched off because of the connection to the mother.
  • Nutrition is the basis for the therapy of Chinese medicine
  • Scientists know only 2% of genes and call the rest junk genes. This is related to the fact that scientists search outside and for example yogis search for answers inside.
  • Einstein and Reiki: The phenomenon of entanglement is an explanation for Reiki distance healing. When everything is connected to everything and something changes somewhere, something changes throughout. Unfortunately, quantum physics is barely integrated into mainstream medicine, although it would be possible and legally obliged to use the latest option.
  • Involution: before something develops, it has to be wrapped up. If you wrap something up, the first point is inside and the last outside. Scientists see only the outside and therefore can not grasp the whole. Here is a connection to the Bible: ‘The spirit was above the water and God said it would be light. Consequently, in development, the human being comes to the core and the origin, and it becomes light. This is also the context that for God 1000 years appear as a day. Accordingly, only two days have passed since Jesus.
  • Anthroposophists divide man into the physical body, the etheric body, the astral body and the ego organization. The astral body is supposed to represent the opposite sex from the time when man was still a hermaphrodite. Therefore, there is no definite male and female. That’s why some people do not feel comfortable in their bodies with their gender. But this is made possible by means of a sex change.
  • Hinayana Buddhism seeks through meditation its own other sexual part in itself as a path to enlightenment.
  • Celibate means unmarried. Sex is allowed. (I interviewed a woman who studied theology, she said that was correct, and that you learn right from the start that as a pastor you can have as much sex as you want, but you can not tell anyone. Female Pastors receive extra salary for a child, so that it pays off for better tax purposes.)
  • Amniotic fluid has a ph value of eight. Therefore, base cosmetics are the most effective.
  • The mother walking brings the embryo to sleep. Until the 32th week the embryo sleeps up to 20 hours a day. Therefore, walking is very helpful.
  • Until the 20th week, the embryo is hairy like a monkey, which then regresses later..
  • From the 30th week, the embryo can feel pain and therefore also respond to Reiki
  • Sugary diet of the mother gives the child / embryo an energy boost. It wakes up and does not sleep enough. That leads to stress. In addition, it gets used to it and therefore would get ADS later.
  • At the 36th week it is then developed and viable.
  • By week 40, a head down move with TCM is possible. Reiki Mental Healing also made a turn in a ten-minute dialogue between mother and child shortly before birth. The child is said to have turned, which immediately averted a Caesarean section.
    “Turn yourself because you don’t want a caesarean section”
  • The more and the sooner one intervenes, the less complicated the birth becomes
  • At birth, it is helpful if the mother as a helper puts the Reiki hands on the Dantien (below the belly button) at birth
  • Homeopathized meteoric iron is said to give the woman Yang energy as an aid to childbirth.
  • If men connect with Yang energy, we can transfer that energy to the woman.
  • Health risks increase for children with cesarean section. With a caesarean section no oxytocin (bonding and love hormone) is distributed. Then it takes longer for mother and child to bond together. At normal birth a lot of oxytocin is released.
  • The Qi (life energy) is between Patrix and Matrix. The Qi comes from the star Asterix.

The whole variety of life energy


In this very insightful presentation, Oliver Klatt, in line with his recent new book title ‘The Healing Power of Life Energy’, addressed the concepts of life energy in different countries and spiritual traditions.

Here are some examples of life energy

  • Baraka in Islam
  • Prana in Sanskrit in India – Here Akasha is to act on Prana as the origin
  • Shekina is dependent on the divine light that shines from above
  • Qi in China
  • In the Yohoba tradition Asshee (Spiritual Electricity)
  • Awen Druid’s life energy as a streaming spirit
In the further course, it went beyond the definitions of what makes life energy, where it occurs and how it works
  • Dion Fortune is supposed to have said that life force preserves all that is. First, a think-form is created (I suppose it is supposed to be a form of thought), which is then filled with life energy, which in turn should be preserved to have a lasting effect.
  • In relics and personal belongings, such as in rings, the owners’ powers and vital energies are perpetuated, especially when they have been in personal possession for a long time. This also applies to works of art. So a painted picture in a museum can be in better hands than in the living room, if you do not want to get even closer to the charged energy.
  • Every Buddhist training is filled with a flow of energy. Buddhas are brought to life in rituals.
  • An energy force lives in the room.
  • Kabbalistic letters radiate energy.
  • The dragon and the snake stand for energy. In China, it includes all animals in water, land and air as representative of all movements

Grateful life – fulfilled life


Brother David has especially touched me. He is about 90 years old, but looks externally and mentally more likely 30 to 40 years younger. This seems to be the result of a grateful and fulfilled life.
Here are some notes from the lecture:
  • Being thankful and saying thanks are two different things.
  • A given moment is the greatest and most precious gift. You can not buy it. Brother David is pleased at the moment looking at the burning candle on the table in front of him
  • Happiness is not stable. Joy can always be there.
  • Even if something unpleasant happens, you may be grateful for the opportunity
  • Offers to rejoice are numerous and opportunities to learn and grow at the same time. So you should take the opportunity to protest. This led  brother David to know that his protest with others prevented an atomic bombing on Vietnam.
  • The moment gives possibilities and the power for realization
  • Who is grateful, when I’m grateful?
  • Some live upwards from the eyebrows and forget that they have a body. Who has the body? That is itself, which is above space and time. With the body I am limited. The body limits the self in space and time. The self is not bound and yet bound. Every one of myself is unique.
  • I myself means fullness of life.
  • Now, and not at the time when I’m not myself.
  • Where is this now? The time is in the now.
  • When asked if that is not hair-splitting, the answer is that you can split a hair as long as you have one.
  • Time runs out and the now stays now
  • With the now one comes to the life energy
  • How should one activate ones self with gratitude?
    • It is a simple method but not easy – Stop and pause first – When we get carried away by time, you are a slave to time.To break this, you have to pause!
    • Just pause for a moment when you start something. Then everything that one carries on becomes different. If you insert a key, pause.
    • Then look for the opportunity with all your senses
    • Look at the flower, smell it, feel it
    • The moment gives something and then let energy flow through it.
  • The Self and the Holy Spirit – We are one with the divine reality. The self was given a name. Paul says I do not live the Christ in me. The Holy Spirit is the Dynamic there.
  • In Buddhism, the origin of nothingness from which everything comes. The leap from nothing to abundance.
  • All that exists is the word in the sense that it appeals to me. I can also answer and that’s then the ego.
  • Spirit of understanding through doing and doing in love and saying yes to life is the Holy Spirit. This brings us into contact with the divine secret.
  • It can not conceive or be comprehended conceptually, but we can understand it by occupying ourselves or dealing with it. An image for understanding is music, because you can not understand much about it.
  • Concepts make us touched and wise. Then the life energy flows through us, and what drives us is the Holy Spirit.
  • Why do you talk about souls? I have countless ones. All of them has one thing in common. What makes me as me, is the soul.
  • That God is separated from us is a mistake. We live in God – Pantheism: Everything is God – Yes, but God goes beyond everything. This includes the relationship to all that exists
  • They are in us and God is in us and we are in God. It is like a bowl of seawater and the bowl is at the same time in the seawater. The sea goes beyond everything. The utopians speak of sparks. The spark is the beginning.
  • Fatigue coaches patience, when you become tired by doing the exercises.
  • What is a trust? Trust signifies faith. The opposite is a fear. It helps to make a distinction between anxiety and fear. Anxiety is inevitable in life. Comes from angustia narrowness. We come through a narrow natal canal. There we still have the talent to take part instinctively. Anxiety is positioning onesself against it. Through narrowness one comes into a new expanse. The tighter it is, the more expansive it gets.
  • Courage can only be had when one is afraid, because one thinks one can get through when things get tight. Fear is an opportunity for our trust in and on life.
  • Almost everyone has a fear of death. Hardly anyone is impassive. Death is a narrowness into a new life as in a new birth.
  • What is grace? Life is grace. Grace is a gift. It is the same word. Everything is a gift. That’s the power to make something out of it. The gift gives the power to make something out of it.
  • A graceful dancer lets go of everything, so that only the dance remains and one no longer thinks about how one looks doing it. If you are the way you are, you are gifted. Grace can be seen as a force that gives us life together with the opportunity to use it. 90% of the time is the opportunity to enjoy something. We sleep and only wake up first when something unpleasant happens
  • Gratitude is due only to the Creator.
  • Meaning of resigning a church: They are in the same water but not in the same channel. The channel is unimportant. It’s the flow, which is important.
  • Spirituality signifies breath of life and liveliness comes from spiritus.
  • Will the church become spiritual again? Church is also called institution. If the group gets too big, it has to become institutionalized. Institute is founded for a purpose. If you forget the purpose, it becomes self-purpose. The members have to guide the institution back to the original idea.
  • Out of fear rises, avarice, greed, power, violence. It must be replaced by cooperation and sharing. Living water also comes from rusty pipes.

The Usui rules of life in the circle of life


A second day at the symposium gave me the honor of giving a lecture on the Usui rules of life in the circle of life. I was looking forward to it for a long time because I was able to present some new translations there: memorial stone, calligraphy and the instructions of the Meiji-Tennô to the people, which are mentioned on the memorial stone.
The rules of life have to do with the circle of life, because in Usui’s life many circles closed, which led him finally to the Kurama mountain to receive there on the mountain peak Reiki energy. This is like the falling of a stone into a lake whose waves are drawing ever wider circles around it.
That is how Mikao Usui brought Reiki from the mountain and passed it on, so that until today it did not stop to draw new circles around the world. I describe the exact contents of the lecture in a separate article about the Usui rules of life and the Meiji-Tenno.
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