Reiki Advanced Training

There are basically traditional Usui Reiki and/or Usui Reiki Ryôhô three levels:

In the 1st level Reiki the basic skills to transfer the Reiki power with hands to be learned for themselves and others.

In 2nd level it comes to dealing with symbols for strength gain, mental healing and remote contacts for Reiki treatments at a distance.

In the 3rd level, master level, it is about the teachings of Reiki and the being and       development as a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Every single level is an introduction to a new realm of possibilities with Reiki and is an introductory to a plateau. At the 1st level it´s possible to do more than in the 1st level Reiki seminar can be learned. On the one hand extends the period of two to three days of hard work to teach all content and practice. On the other hand, increase the skills of perception and experience by the continuous application of Reiki, so that on this basis the relevant knowledge can be deepened by Reiki training with new content. It is exactly the same with the 2nd level and Master level.

In Shingon Reiki, there are several possibilities of Reiki training as part of additional seminars on the levels of all three levels of Reiki. Thus, it is possible to expand selectively on specific topics skills with Reiki. The enhancements to training in Shingon Reiki are based on the study of the sources of Mikao Usui, as described on the memorial stone at his grave and further resulting issues. These include Eastern and Western philosophies, the Buddhist spiritual healing of Esoteric Buddhism, the Japanese Shamanism Shinto and Japanese magic Shugen Do.

The Masters training in Shingon Reiki therefore comprises a collection from the base of the Usui Reiki and various seminars of Reiki training, meetings and home courses. Regardless of the master craftsman, these seminars can also be attended individually.

Anyone can join the seminars of Reiki training who holds at least the first level of Reiki. And that really only applies to traditional Usui Reiki and Reiki not Shingon or a different style. Therefore, the possibility of Reiki training is stylish independent.

In Manual of each seminar, there are applications to several topics. There is an exercise for the 1st level and an exercise for the 2nd level with symbols on any topic. So everybody can choose whether he wants to work with or without symbols.

For the individual training of Shingon Reiki, check out the contributions of this website. If you are interested in seminars and you want to see what’s coming in the near future you can see the following page on the Shingon Reiki Institute Mark Hosak. There is also the possibility of registration for seminars.

For further questions Mark Hosak and his team are happy to answer. Just send an email to The simply replace -at- with @ in.