New training as a Reiki master

I am asked again and again whether I also offer a Shingon Reiki master course without the teacher content. I was also asked if I could also offer Usui Reiki or Takata Reiki master training for those who do not want to go deep into Shingon Reiki. After much deliberation and many discussions, I came to the conclusion that it makes sense to add these two training courses.

Of course, I also have to cleverly title these new training courses so that there is no confusion with the other content. So far, there has been a seminar in Master Schooling called Shingon Reiki Master Practitioner. This seminar will be called Shingon Reiki Teacher Practitioner in the future. This title fits better because the content with, for example, group dynamics and didactics is more about teaching.

New apprenticeships in the line-up

  • Shingon Reiki Master Practitioner: This master’s course includes about 15 seminars dealing with the practical applications of Shingon Reiki. This training can be booked immediately and costs € 3,990 (it is a little more when paying in installments). The training can be completed in one year. If that’s too fast for you, you can also sign a two-year contract with me. If you want to become a teacher, you can simply increase your training to become Shingon Reiki Master 1. Dan.
  • Reiki-Master-Schooling: This schooling includes about 15 seminars. The master trained in it can then give the 1st and 2nd degree Usui-Reiki / Takata Reiki. This training can be booked immediately and costs € 3990. (This is a little more when paying in installments) The training can be completed 18-24 months.
  • If these two training courses are combined, you automatically become Shingon Reiki Master 1. Dan.
  • Schooling without a contract: For those who do not know how long it will take them for an apprenticeship, and I do not know what will happen in the future, they can now do a master apprenticeship or an apprenticeship at all without a contract in which you can book training seminars after training and when you have everything together, you can graduate.

Master Schooling Takata Reiki

Sometimes I am asked how long the Takata Reiki Master degree lasts and how much it costs! I usually ask back what the person concerned means by that. As a rule, it is then assumed that this master’s degree can be completed on a weekend like the second degree. There is a lot to be explained by me, because you can hardly learn it on a weekend, just as you cannot become a master carpenter on a weekend.

I know about the traditional Takata Reiki master training from Phillis Furumoto and Paul Mitchel, who were personally trained by Ms. Takata, and from Oliver Klatt, who was trained by Paul Mitchel, exactly what it is about.

Anyone who regularly practices Reiki with the first and second degree can take part in the training. The training includes participating in several first and second degree seminars. There is also content on didactics, personal discussions and finally the completion and initiation training. The master is available for questions and personal topics for the student and takes care of his personal development with him. The length of the training doesn’t exactly specify it, but it usually takes about two years.

After the masters initiation, the newly baked Reiki master can initiate and teach the 1st and 2nd degree Reiki.

Now there follows a time of at least 5-7 years, in which this master can work with Reiki for himself and others, can teach the 1st and 2nd degrees and can develop himself personally with Reiki. During this time, the master is still available to his students for questions.

After the 5-7 years have passed, the master student can now be empowered to initiate and train masters themselves. Only then is your training completed. This means that this training takes about 7-9 years.

Master Schooling in Shingon Reiki

If you now take this time and compare it with the three-stage system of the Shingon Reiki from 1st to 3rd, then you get about the same time. The only difference is that in Shingon Reiki training seminars and coaching are offered all the time. These are also part of training at all levels. The student is also free to choose the Dan up to which he wants to raise his master level.