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I am Mark Hosak

Entrepreneur in cooperation with Eileen Wiesmann

Expert in Eastern and Western wisdom teachings

Teacher for Reiki, Qigong, meditation, Buddhist spiritual healing, martial arts and shamanism

Specialist in Japanese Studies and East Asian Art History

Thought leader for online spiritual offerings

Best-selling book author, calligrapher, YouTuber, podcast host, blog writer, green tea fan, marzipan self-maker

Mark Hosak
Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker Inhalte 2. Grad Shingon Reiki 1. Grad Shingon Reiki

My wish and my vision

I help people who want to develop personally and spiritually in order to live their full potential.

Through spirituality I was able to grow enormously and realize myself – I would be happy to show you how it works!

My goal is,


that you awaken your talents, turn your lifelong dreams into action and become the wonderful person you have always been.


I love and enjoy the life that I create for myself every day. It was always important not to be like ice, but flowing like water, never to stand still, but to go ahead. – Mark Hosak


Ausbildungen Eileen Wiesmann Reiki-Magazin Artikel Nahtod Erlebnis
Reiki in der therapeutischen Praxis

Your Reiki practice book

by Mark Hosak

Reiki very practical – with many pictures and overviews

Here you can find out

  • new knowledge about the history of Reiki
  • how to increase your Reiki skills in perception and power flow
  • how to supply areas of the body with Reiki
  • how special Reiki techniques open up whole new possibilities for you
  • how to give Reiki treatments for proven indications
  • how you as a Reiki practitioner take good care of yourself
  • helpful information about psychosomatic relationships

Basic work for training to become a Shingon Reiki master practitioner

On the trail of the origin of Reiki

by Mark Hosak

Doctoral thesis on the origins of Shingon Buddhism

Here you can find out

  • what the meditation of the heart of enlightenment is all about
  • exciting stories from the biographies and legends of famous monks
  • new insights into the history of healing in Buddhism
  • interesting information on mantras, mudras and siddham
  • detailed information on meditations, rituals and spiritual healing

and get a completely new understanding of Reiki

Introduction to Buddhist healing and meditation
Origin of the Reiki healing method

Das neue Buch von Dr. Mark Hosak über die Siddham in der Buddhistischen Heilkunst
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