Kuji Master Practitioner

Training in Kuji Kiri and Kuji In

Buddhist-Daoist magic of the ninja

  • Meditation of imperturbability
  • Rituals of purification
  • Buddhist-Daoist healing art
  • Master class qigong alchemy
Kuji Meister Buddhistische Sterbebegleitung Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker
Der Große Sonnebuddha

Your benefit as a Kuji master practitioner

Spiritual development with the magic of the ninja

  • Increase in wellbeing
  • Liberation from disharmonious influences
  • Self-healing through inner exercises
  • Awakening psychic abilities
  • Building inner strength
  • Expression of convincing charisma

Training content

Events and trainings

  • Kuji Kiri & Kuji In Part 1-9 – Masterclass Training
  • Spinal Qigong – the awakening of inner powers
  • Tree of Life Journeys – invite the forces of heaven and earth
  • The Five Kings of Wisdom Strengthening fighting spirit & warrior strength
  • Spiritual Calligraphy – wielding the sword of fudo
  • Silent Qigong in the secret trainings of Chanmi
  • Qigong & and Kuji trainings to deepen your skills
Kuji Meister Pagoden Shingon Reiki Eileen
Kuji Kiri Ausbildung

Degree and certificate

Certification as a Kuji Master Practitioner

Duration of training and service

In just two years to become a Kuji Master Practitioner

  • Participation in 14 seminars and trainings
  • Regular training appointments
  • Personal line to the trainer
  • Detailed illustrated manuals
  • Supplementary online service and newsletter
  • In the event of a lockdown, online participation is possible

Kuji Kiri Qigong
Kuji Meister Kuji Kiri 5

Start of training

Beginning of the Kuji Master Practitioner at one of the following seminars (any selection)

  • Kuji Kiri 1 – Buddhist Daoist purification, karma purification and protection ritual
  • Spine Qigong – awakening the inner strength and the self-regulation of the spine
  • Silent Qigong Renbu of Chanmi Qigong – purification of the inner channels in preparation for enlightenment
  • Tree of Life Journeys – invite the forces of heaven and earth and nourish the tree of life
  • Five Kings of Wisdom – The secret mantras, mudras and bija to strengthen the spiritual warrior power
  • Spiritual calligraphy – sword magic and secret signs
Kuji-In Ausbildung

Training process

Sequence and implementation of the seminars

  • Kuji Kiri 1 to 9 can be visited one after the other
  • Before Kuji Kiri 6 participation in spinal column qigong and tree of life journeys
    • In the event of time difficulties, private training can be booked (separate billing)
  • The prerequisite for participating in Kuji Kiri 9 is the completion of all other training content, including Silent Qigong.
  • In the case of day seminars, two seminars are always combined in a row.
  • Event dates for the following year are set in autumn for the purpose of planning.

Get started today

Book Kuji Kiri Level 1 and 2 today! 

The courses take place on 14-15. November live online.

  • Both courses take place on a week end
  • You will learn the basics and the Kuji Kiri with the 9 secret finger signs
  • You receive the Buddhist initiations into the mantras, mudras and symbols

Kuji Kiri 1 and 2 in a bundle

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