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I am Eileen Wiesmann

Entrepreneur in cooperation with Dr. Mark Hosak

Usui Reiki, Qigong and meditation master

Trainings for more happiness, well-being and ease in life – online and on site at the Shingon Institute

Specialist in high sensitivity

Emotional coach for increasing your self-esteem

Try it with – feeling


Eileen Wiesmann Profilbild
Eileen Wiesmann Reiki Mentalheilung

May all beings be happy – 

my wish and my vision

As a historian, I think that spiritual wisdom teachings are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. For me, science and spirituality belong together.

My goal is,

To give young, creative and highly sensitive people access to spirituality so that they can develop, grow and fully develop.

Healing through Reiki in Reiki Magazine 4/20

Eileen Wiesmann

In this article I am sharing my very own Reiki story with you

  • How I came to Reiki after an operation with a near death experience
  • How Shingon Reiki gave me strength when conventional medicine could no longer help me
  • How I received wonderful support and how I got my life back bit by bit

In the last few months I have received a lot of support and I would like to pass this on to other people as a future Reiki master.

Eileen Reiki Magazin
Reiki in der therapeutischen Praxis

What’s going on right now

Current projects and training

Advanced training

  • to become a Shingon Reiki master
  • in Buddhist healing arts and bodywork
  • to the wolf shaman
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