Christmastide and Reiki-Rituals

Shingon Reiki and Christmastide

On  21  December was the winter solstice.  It was the longest night and shortest day.  From there on, the days gradually get longer.

On the 25th December the sunf goes through a re-birth. If you compare the light during that day to the days before it, will probably strike you that it is different somehow.

These especially dark nights from 21 to 24 December, also the 12 nights from the 25th December to the 5th January are especially good for two kinds of rituals:

1. Contemplative rituals with candles

The candlelight reflects your inner light. When you light up candles, there is a light with a very special mood, which can not be compared with any artificial light. If you bless the candles with Reiki before lighting, then candles will have a powerfull strength to fulfill your desires,if you light them during the rugged nights and reflect on yourself.
Here are simple instructions for an easy Shingon Reiki candle ritual:
  • Take a white candle and give it Reikii
  • Give the candle a mental healing – the affirmation is your wish
  • Focus on your wish and for best results, receite it out loud. (3x, 9x, 27x oder 108x)
  •  Imagine how the power of your wish transmits into the candle
  • When lighting  the candle please ask for the fulfillment of your wish through the power of the candle
  • Meditate with the lit candle, while you look into the flame and in your heart brightly paint the realization of your wish.
  • Never blow out the candle, but use a candle extinguisher. Imagine with how the candle light appears in your heart.

My Tip: one can also give a gift of such a candle for the rugged nights as well …

2. Purification with burning incense for the rugged nights

Rugged nights (Raunächte) is derived from smoky nights (Rauchnächte). Traditionally it is smoked a lot (burning incence) during this time in houses, apartments and stables. This serves for the cleansing that the old can go and the new come. Burning incense is a good transition into the new year … Here are simple instructions for an easy Shingon Reiki smoke (incence) ritual for the rugged nights

  • Take one or several of the following ingredients: Dragon’s blood, camphor, incense, thyme, laurel, juniper
  • Give Reiki to the ingredients for a while
  • If you want to release something specific, add an additional mental healing. Use an affirmation that describes what you want to purify
  • .Place the mixture on a glowing coal on a fire-resistant vessel or cup and go along on the walls of your rooms waving the smoke on the walls with your hand.
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