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Buddhist spiritual healing

Meditations of the Heart of Enlightenment

Meditations to achieve perfection

  • of inner peace
  • inner peace of mind
  • of purity of mind
  • of the heart of enlightenment
Buddhistische Geistheilung
Der Große Sonnebuddha

Buddhist prayer and discussion

Spiritual healing to awaken the inner healer

  • for recovery
  • to maintain health
  • for relaxation
  • to regulate feelings
  • to regulate thoughts

Buddhist bodywork

Activation of the inner Buddha

  • natural straightening of the spine
  • sit loosely relaxed
  • stand upright relaxed
  • awaken the flow of energies
Buddhistische Geistheilung und Körperarbeit
Buddhistisches Gesundbeten

The Sources of Buddhist Spiritual Healing

  • The monk Kukai and Japanese Shingon Buddhism
  • The Secret of the Three Mysteries of Body, Speech and Heart/Mind
  • The stages of spiritual development

Buddhist initiations

into the three mysteries of Buddhist spiritual healing

  • The Kukai mantra for spreading happiness and blessings
  • The 18-syllable Medicine Buddha Mantra of Healthy Prayer
  • Kannon’s symbol of great compassion
  • The Great Sun Buddha and the symbol of the heart of enlightenment

Einweihungen in die buddhistische Geistheilung
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