Buddhist Healing Meditation

The Buddhist healing meditation with Hrih is about an ancient form of a healing path of Buddhist healing, which is still preserved to this day in Japan in the schools of Esoteric Buddhism (Tantric Buddhism).



In the course of his studies and his doctoral thesis, Mark Hosak was able to deeply explore the nature of the Hrih and other Siddham in connection with rituals of Buddhist healing in Japan. Part of this knowledge will be conveyed in theory and practice in this introductory seminar titled Buddhist Healing and Meditation with the Hrih in an easily understandable way.  In this context, many terms and complex facts are dispensed with in order to allow each participant an introduction and experience in the Buddhist healing meditation with the hrih.

Through the initiation Kanjô 灌頂 into Hrih, the sinews of the healing spirits belonging to Hrih and their mantras, result in several variations and effects of the basic Buddhist healing meditation with Hrih. The goal of a Buddhist healing meditation is the dissolution of unfavorable karmic connections, disturbing influences coming from the spirit and external world and recognizing the heart of enlightenment as a state of happiness and a lived inner peace in everyday life.

Through practicing together in the seminar, the Buddhist healing meditation can then be practiced at home alone for ones own development and fulfillment.

.In the sense of an inner vocation and the desire to deepen or even pass on this knowledge, further seminars can be supplemented or advanced training to become a Shingon monk and Buddhist spiritual healer.

In the course of studies, home courses for are also included to  study at home, which can also be booked independently of the training.

Hrih is the forerunner of the mental healing symbol of the Japanese healing method Usui Reiki Ryôhô 井 霊 気 療法 , launched by the monk and Samurai Mikao Usui (1865-1926) in the early 20th century. Usui was a monk of the Japanese Tendai School of Esoteric Buddhism, and from there he started including Hrih and other symbols in his method of natural healing with Reiki. In this context, this seminar is part of the Shingon Reiki master training on the basis of Usui Reiki Ryôhô.