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Shingon Reiki Master practitioner

Your training in Usui Reiki and Buddhist Spiritual Healing

First master level of Shingon Reiki

Does your heart beat for REIKI? Would you like to practice Reiki intensively and fully exploit the possibilities of this wonderful method?

Then you are exactly right here. In the training to become a Shingon Reiki Master Practitioner, I will show you how to master the applications of Usui Reiki, use the sources of Mikao Usui for yourself and thus make your Reiki skills shine.

It is an honor for me to accompany and support you on your Reiki path – Love and light – Mark Hosak

Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker
Der Große Sonnebuddha - Quelle der Reiki-Kraft - Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker

Your benefit as a Shingon Reiki master practitioner

Practice Reiki on a professional level

  • Support yourself and others in mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Use the applications professionally, for example for your Reiki spiritual healer practice or meditation group
  • Use Reiki for your everyday self-care and personal development
  • Awaken your spiritual abilities

Your training content

Seminars und coachings

  • Shingon Reiki 1 – 41 Hand positions, aura chakra cultivation, remote & earth healing (3x)
  • Shingon Reiki 2 – Reiki symbols, spiritual healing with remote contact & mental healing (3x)
  • Shingon Reiki Resilience Training – Advanced Reiki practice, group coaching
  • Shingon Reiki Dream Work – Mastering your dreams, energetic protection, demarcation strategies
  • Shingon Reiki Crystal-Mandalas – The Shingon buddhist two worlds mandalas, Reiki crystal applications
  • Eyes reiki – Holistic eye training
  • Spine Reiki – Spiritual healing for tense muscles and the regulation of the spine
  • Qigong Reiki – Increase in Reiki power, Reiki skills and awareness
  • Reiki und TCM Basics – The possibilities with Reiki and TCM
  • Review of master practitioner skills – Apply the knowledge of a Shingon Reiki master practitioner
  • Shinpiden 3a – Reiki blessings transmitted with the Reiju of Mikao Usui – Mantra of Light Training
  • 5 x individual live coachings – Clarification of personal questions about seminar content in theory and practice
  • 5 x Group coaching live – General questions, in-depth knowledge, case studies and application strategies
Shingon Reiki Level 1 Lotus 1. Grad Shingon Reiki Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker
1. Grad Shingon Reiki - Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker

Final training and certification

Your certification as a Shingon Reiki Master Practitioner

  • Practical review seminar with a Reiki application on a given topic
  • Certification and certificate for Shingon Reiki Master Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master (Shinpiden 3a)

Duration of training and your bonus

Within two years to become a Shingon Reiki master practitioner

  • 15 great seminars on ingeniuos topics
  • 5 individual live coaching
  • 5 group coaching live
  • Online training 

Your free extra bonuses

  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions (value: 600 $)

  • Video-audio training (value: 3000 $)

  • Question-and-answer service (value: $ 1157)

Shinpiden Usuis Erleuchtung auf dem Kurama - Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker
Eileen Wiesmann Reiki Anwendung Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker

Are you interested and would you like to contact us?

Feel free to get in touch. We look forward to you!


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    Your training process

    Sequence and implementation of the seminars

    • If you learn Reiki again, you start with the 1st & 2nd degree Shingon Reiki
    • If you are already initiated into the 2nd degree Reiki, you can start with any seminar
    • You can go through all of the content in 1 – 2 years

    Glockenturm 2. Grad Shingon Reiki 1. Grad Shingon Reiki Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker
    Reiki in der therapeutischen Praxis

    Would you like a preview?

    Here you can get a little insight into the apprenticeship

    Written content easy to understand

    • Effectiveness and use of Reiki
    • Current state of research
    • Historical background
    • Techniques for increased Reiki power and awareness
    • Applications for individual areas of the body
    • Special Reiki techniques
    • Reiki treatments for certain indications
    • Self-care for the Reiki practitioner
    • Psychosomatic connections
    [dipl_fancy_text fancy_text=”The first book on Reiki in a medical specialist publisher” grandient_color_1=”#8300E9″ grandient_color_2=”#0C71C3″ _builder_version=”4.9.4″ _module_preset=”default” title_font=”|700|||||||” title_text_align=”center” body_font=”|||||on|||” body_font_size=”32px” width=”100%” max_width=”100%” module_alignment=”center” filter_saturate=”121%” filter_brightness=”109%” filter_contrast=”112%” animation_style=”zoom” animation_duration=”2000ms” title_text_shadow_style=”preset2″ body_text_shadow_style=”preset3″ body_text_shadow_vertical_length=”0.08em” body_text_shadow_blur_strength=”0.4em” border_radii=”on|12px|12px|12px|12px” border_width_all=”2px” border_color_all=”#0C71C3″ box_shadow_style=”preset2″][/dipl_fancy_text]

    The Buddhist Background

    Doctoral thesis on the origins of the Reiki symbols

    • Meditation of the Heart of Enlightenment
    • Biography: The Monk Kakuban (1095-1143)
    • Religious-historical-political background
    • Historical anthropology of healing in Buddhism
    • The Siddham in the History of Japanese Art
    • Meditations, rituals and healing with the Siddham

    Introduction to the Buddhist Art of Healing

    Origin of the Reiki healing method



    Das neue Buch von Dr. Mark Hosak über die Siddham in der Buddhistischen Heilkunst
    Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker Inhalte

    • Mastering the Usui Reiki applications
    • Further developments in numerous combinations
    • Make full use of the possibilities of the Reiki healing method

    Shingon Reiki is Usui Reiki, Meditation and Qigong

    • Tantric Buddhism
    • Shugendo tradition of the Japanese mountain ascetics
    • Japanese shamanism
    • Onmyôdô – Japanese Daoism and Qigong

    Sources of wisdom and knowledge of Mikao Usui

    • Traditional initiations and symbols in Usui Reiki Ryoho
    • Meditations on the healing of Japanese Shingon Buddhism
    • Elements of applied Daoism of energy transmission


    Usui Reiki uses, symbols and initiations

    Shingon Reiki Master practitioner

    Training for Reiki practitioners

    In Usui Reiki, Meditation and Qigong

    • Holistic healing and self healing
    • Development of psychic abilities
    • Buddhist healing arts and meditation
    • Spiritual and personal development
    Shingon Reiki Meister Praktiker
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