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A warm welcome

at the Shingon Institute – Dr. Mark Hosak

Private Institute for Spiritual Wisdom Teachings

Seminars to improve the quality of life

Training to live one’s vocation

Research in Reiki, Meditation and Qigong


Shingon Institute - Mark Hosak
Mark and Eileen - instructors for evening workshops at the Shingon Institute

Lecturer Team

Mark and Eileen

Experts for living spirituality

Specialized in making your hobby your profession

Focused on awakening your talents

Motivated to overcome challenges


Qigong in the office


Live your vocation

as practitioners and teachers

  • Shingon Reiki Master
  • Shingon Zaike Monk
  • Wolf Shamanism
  • Spine Qigong
  • Spiritual Warrior
Shingon-Reiki 1st degree mental healing with Eileen Wiesmann


Improve quality of life

Seminars and online courses

  • Relaxation and well-being
  • Achieve inner peace
  • Learning to heal
  • Increase resilience
  • Regulate mind and emotions
Reiki and Shinto - Shingon Reiki with Mark Hosak


Fathom spirituality

Knowledge and wisdom

  • How does the mind work?
  • Can you measure Reiki?
  • Practical experiments possible?
  • What results do studies show?
  • History of natural healing
Reiki in the therapeutic practice

Reiki in the therapeutic practice

Mark Hosak

The first Reiki book in a medical publishing house

  • Use and effectiveness of Reiki
  • New insights into historical background
  • Techniques to increase the Reiki power
  • Treatment of body areas
  • Special Reiki techniques
  • Reiki treatments for proven indications
  • Self-care of the Reiki practitioner
  • Psychosomatic correlations

Contents written in an understandable way

Step by step instructions for the applications


The Siddham in Japanese Art in Rituals of Healing

Mark Hosak

Doctoral thesis on the origins of the Reiki symbols

  • Ajikan: Meditation of the heart of enlightenment
  • Biography: The monk Kakuban (1095-1143)
  • Religious-historical-political backgrounds
  • Historical Anthropology of Healing in Buddhism
  • The Siddham in the history of Japanese art
  • Meditations, rituals and healing with the Siddham

Introduction to Buddhist Healing

Origin of the Reiki healing method



The new book by Dr. Mark Hosak about the Siddham in Buddhist Healing

The Reiki Gamechanger

The Reiki Gamechanger   Are you a Reiki Gamechanger? How can you tell? See if the following applies to you: You are interested in Reiki? You are spiritual and down to earth at the same time? Also, are you compassionate and have an open heart? You really want to...

The five pillars of Reiki

Reiki explains in five pillars What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese method of natural healing. In the application, the hands are placed on the body and an energy called Reiki that stimulates self-healing is transmitted. The founder Mikao Usui (1865-1926) describes Reiki...

Memorial Stone Translation of Master Usui

The Usui Memorial   New translation (2015) from Japanese to English by Dr. Mark Hosak of the Usui memorial in Saihoji temple. There already exist different translations of the inscription on the memorial. When I (Mark) had a closer look on the inscription, I...

Reiki symposium in honor of Mikao Usui

In 2015, Mikao Usui would be 150 years old. On the occasion of and in his honor, several events took place in 2015. This includes in particular the Reiki symposium in Vienna and Berlin. I was invited to both events and was able to gain many wonderful experiences as a...

New translation of the Usui Precepts by Mark Hosak

Usui Precepts The known Usui rules of life are widely used in a calligraphy text which can be seen in a photo of Mikao Usui. It’s about five sets for the spiritual development with Reiki, which were taught by Mikao Usui since 1917. This means that Mikao Usui taught...

Shingon Reiki Master Schooling

Shingon Reiki Master 1. Dan Training in Shingon Reiki Master 1. Dan – Shingon Reiki Seminar Instructor With the Shingon Reiki Master training you learn to apply Shingon Reiki on the basis of Usui Reiki in sessions, consultations and meditations, for you and for...

Meiji Tenno

The Usui memorial stone and the Meiji Tenno Mikao Usui as stated on his memorial stone, that he was faced and gave in to the Meiji Tenno. This is certainly connected with the fact that Usui was born into a Samurai family. The Samurai saw particularly in the Meiji...
Shingon Reiki Temple Feng Shui - A seminar with Dr. Mark Hosak


Organization & Office

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  • Information on training and other services
  • Appointment

Opening hours

  • Tuesday 8-13 o’clock
  • Thursday 8-13 o’clock
  • Friday 8-13 o’clock


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