How Reiki self healing is activated

Experience has shown that in many situations Reiki can be utilized for problems of the body, soul and mind. Reiki supports and activates self-healing. This means that Reiki helps the body and mind to activate the inherent powers for their own self healing. Therefore, it is not Reiki which heals, and it is not the Reiki practitioner that heals, but the healing is done through the natural healing ability of the receiver which is strengthened and activated by Reiki.

Anyone having chronic and acute diseases, cannot be healed through Reiki nor the Reiki
practitioner. Of course the practitioner uses Reiki to achieve results, however this is only to activate the self-healing powers of the body. But what is meant by the self-healing powers? Through studies of Reiki it could be determined that Reiki promotes relaxation. This leads to a possible relief of pain, regeneration and strengthening of the immune system. By the flow of Reiki, the force of energy does more that just relaxing like any other relaxation exercises. The body is supported to fight disease easier and recover faster. Therefore, Reiki can also be used as a preventative to activate the self-healing powers before the body weakens and gets sick.

At the mental and spiritual level, Reiki has a calming effectiveness and also promotes relaxation of the body. You will find that with Reiki it is easier to keep a cool head and stay mentally sharp and focused. Reducing the stress, thus counteracting a somatization.

First Aid with Reiki

The Reiki energy is ideal to apply as a form of first aid, because the best thing about Reiki is that the user always has his tool there: his hands. Of course, if there is an emergency situation, first aid is provided. Now it is possible to use Reiki, when everything has been done at this level. In addition to the first aid, the hands can then be placed or kept over an area to activate the self-healing powers.

The calming effect is supported and helps the body and mind to re-balance. There are recurring reports, such as bleeding being stopped, the victim was calmed and pain relieved when Reiki was utilized in a first aid situation, as it has also been demonstrated in studies. Also, more and more studies are being conducted on the effectiveness of Reiki in order to support documentation of the huge wealth of traditional practices from past. However, it is not possible to utilize the documented experiences and studies to make a promise of healing. The reason is that the effectiveness can still be individual and it is not possible to predict what the results will be prior to use and how the body takes in Reiki.

Reiki is obviously not comparable with modern first aid and is not intended to be used in place of this alone. However, the power of Reiki can be a great help in emergencies.

Suppose someone falls and a passerby offers Reiki. This can help to activate the self-healing powers to reduce the usual consequences such as pain or emotional discomfort. The person who has fallen, must be willing to accept Reiki, even if it was in the middle of the sidewalk, while waiting for the ambulance.