Shingon Reiki Crystal Magic

Shingon Reiki Crystal Magic – Seminar

• Reiki and Mountain Rock crystal applications for improved perception and targeted application
• Crystal rod talismans for revival of the Mercury forces
• Magic rituals with crystals and rods
• Transmit crystal forces with hands like you do with Reiki
• Reiki Crystal-Meditation of the Two Worlds Mandalas
• Mandala force fields

In the Shingon Reiki crystal magic we have, as with all Shingon Reiki seminars synthesis of Usui Reiki Ryôhô, esoteric Buddhism and magic. The magic here is with crystals and/or stones and mandalas of the Diamond world and Mothers-lap world.

The foreground on working with Reiki and crystals is, the development and use of supernatural abilities and meditation. We thereby focus on the spiritual energy work with our hands.

In compiling the content for this seminar in cooperation with the Shingon Reiki Spirits it quickly became clear that the basis of energy healing remains Reiki, otherwise it would not be a Reiki Seminar any more. Even when working with the Siddham, Reiki always flows along with, and the Siddham with their Spirits bring forth a special effect. We bind crystal forces and the magic of Esoteric Buddhism to one, but thereby not replacing Reiki.

In Mark Hosaks dissertation research, the relationship of Reiki, mandalas and crystals within the Esoteric Buddhism came to the foreground. Special emphasis is placed into this seminar, because the power of Mandalas with crystals can be used in Reiki treatments.

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